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The Finished Novel Writing Course

Comprehensive care with feedback towards a finished manuscript.

Prepare to get published with our feedback on your writing as you develop your work and a full read of your finished novel. The fully supportive career path perfect for beginners.



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The Novel Writing Course To Get a Book Published

The professional career path with structured course content, writer coaching, intensive feedback and a full manuscript assessment.

Writers find it hard to understand the world of publishing, or how they can access routes beyond self-publishing. Many can write but few get published. You may be asking yourself: why? The answer is usually story, story, story.

With The Finished Novel Course, you’ll develop the advanced creative writing skills you need to complete a work of fiction to get published, step by step, in safe hands, even if you’re a complete beginner.

We’ll take you from the initial idea for a story through to a finished draft, teaching creative writing techniques and skills along the way. You’ll work with a professional editor to complete a novel or memoir to publishing industry standards.

What’s more we’ll open the closed doors of the publishing world to you and you’ll see, as we do, that it’s open to debut authors selling their first novel – if they understand how stories work and present their work with professional flair.

The Finished Novel Course is a carefully structured, fully supportive pathway to publishing that students can take at their own pace.

Along with its creative writing classes, it includes constructive feedback on your work in progress from professional editors to achieve your ambition to get published.

Our creative writing courses are suitable for all, from returning students to those new to writing fiction. It’s certainly the right course for those who are keen to secure a traditional publishing deal. The Finished Novel Course offers so much more than other courses, including Masters in Creative Writing. We move beyond writing tasks; our online writing course is focused on a practical outcome: a finished manuscript of a standard that will enable you to enter the publishing process.

The Novelry is here to help you fast-track your journey to a traditional publishing deal. We offer affordable instalment payment plans for students worldwide available in every currency.

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The Finished Novel Course

The complete career path to becoming a published author combines course materials from our world-famous, flexible online novel writing courses to help you progress and develop as you write a novel.

Our fully-structured and supported package includes a manuscript assessment with professional publishing editors.

Diagram shaped like a pen to show the structure of our creative writing courses
An image of a snowglobe containing an open book, a globe and other bric a brac representing our Classic creative writing course

1. The Classic Course

A great story begins here. Most writers can write, but few are naturals at storytelling.

Our foundation online course will ensure your plot includes the building blocks of successful novels with our secret storytelling code. We’ll help you create book ideas for all genre fiction, including literary fiction, young adult and children’s fiction.

When you begin the next stage, before you start writing, we’ll guide you to prepare the book proposal that’s most likely to get a book published and onto the bookstore shelves. 1–2 months.

2. The Ninety Day Novel Course

You’ll forge a personal connection with writing mentors who are themselves award winning authors. They will not only guide you on creative writing practice, but keep you motivated as you write a novel.

You’ll also have wise guidance from the daily writing classes and a supportive community of fellow writers as you complete a first draft of your work in progress by learning to make writing time a part of your daily routine.

You’ll discover how to meet the requirements for writing genre fiction or literary fiction for the big publishing houses. 3–4 months.

Image of a snowglobe containing a home office representing our ninety day novel writing course
Image of a home office and studio contained within a snowglobe representing our editing classes

3. The Big Edit

After you write a novel, you can revise and edit your own writing with the cool, clear logic of the Big Edit course. It guides you on everything from the story structure of your plot to character development techniques for truly memorable characters.

Develop an understanding of your target audience and hear what beta readers think about your sample chapters in our workshop. Get instructor feedback on your plan for revision from editors who have an expert understanding of the current market. They’ll help you prepare your query letter, synopsis and pitch package to meet the submission guidelines of most agents. 2–6 months.

4. Author Coaching and Editor Feedback

Throughout The Finished Novel Course, you’ll get coaching from successful authors to help you stay on track. Find out more about our bestselling writing coaches here.

Additionally, you’ll receive feedback on your written work, in three chunks of 5000 words from our team of editors, each of whom has experience with more than one publisher comprising almost every publishing company: Penguin Random House, Pan Macmillan, Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins, Bloomsbury and many more famous publishing houses.

Photos of the writing coaches from our novel writing courses accompanied by book covers of their bestsellers
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5. The Ultimate Manuscript Assessment

The editorial team at our creative writing school has acquired novels from most of the world’s leading literary agencies.

Your editor knows first-hand how to get a book published and will evaluate every aspect of your story and writing: from the overall narrative arc of your plot to each character, from pace and momentum to prose and dialogue.

You will receive a fully marked-up manuscript and a comprehensive report that looks at your work, sentence by sentence, with clear guidance for final touches, as well as a pitch-perfect synopsis and query letter.

6. Literary Agents

The Novelry is partnered with the world’s leading literary agents who present writers’ novels to acquiring editors at major publishing companies.

Our literary agency partners are keen to see the high standard of debut authors publishing their first novels after graduating from The Novelry.

A great agent can get you a traditional publishing deal, as well as TV and film rights too.

An image of the logos of the literary agencies that partner with us and represent members of our creative writing courses
Images of the bestselling authors that join live sessions for our novel writing courses, accompanied by book covers

7. Community

Weekly live writing classes, also available to you as a recorded box set, are taught by bestsellers from around the world. Our guests have written in all genres, from science fiction to children’s fiction, from romance to crime fiction. We’ve had authors like Val McDermid, Paula Hawkins, Sophie Kinsella, Meg Rosoff, Jessie Burton, David Nicholls and more. 

They’ll talk to you about writing a novel and getting it published, from the query letter that got their foot in the door of the publishing industry to the ins and outs of working with a traditional publisher, from book title to book cover to royalties, rights, public relations and intellectual property. 

8. Certificate

You’ll have a certificate of completion for your courses and all the skills they’ve imparted, as overseen by our founder and course director, Louise Dean. Louise Dean is a bestselling author who has won The Society of Authors Betty Trask Prize, Le Prince Maurice Prize, been nominated for The Guardian First Book Prize, longlisted for the Dublin International Literary Award and The Booker Prize. Her own books have been deemed the top books of their year by the Guardian, the Observer and Publishers Weekly. Her fourth novel was an Oprah Book Club pick. She was a finalist for the Costa Coffee 2020 Short Story Award. She has been widely praised as a writer from the Wall Street Journal to the Sunday Times and by the Nobel Laureate for Literature J. M. Coetzee.

Image of the certificate of completion we award for our novel writing course

Sign up for the writing course to becoming a published author today.

Simply choose the level of support and guidance you’d like to accompany your course. All courses, coaching and access to our community of other writers are yours for 12 months. We make it easy and affordable to extend your access to the plan thereafter on an annual or monthly basis.

You can select from our instalment payment plans here.


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The Finished Novel Course


  • The Classic Course
  • The Ninety Day Novel Course
  • 6 Coaching Sessions
  • 3 Feedback Sessions
  • The Big Edit
  • The Ultimate Manuscript Assessment
  • Membership

The Finished Novel Course


  • The Classic Course
  • The Novel Course
  • 6 Coaching Sessions
  • 3 Feedback Sessions
  • The Big Edit
  • The Ultimate Manuscript Assessment
  • Membership
See payment plans from £275 or $330/m.

Our Novel  Writing Course Reviews


Lacy Blake-Vetter

“The Novelry’s writing courses are unique – intelligent, surprising, more than a little magical – and I can’t recommend them highly enough. The result was my debut novel, For When I’m Gone, which was published by Orion Fiction.”

—Rebecca Ley

Lacy Blake-Vetter

“A wonderful organisation for aspiring writers, and we’re thrilled to work with them!”

—Madeleine Milburn, Director of Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency

See our reviews
Lacy Blake-Vetter

“It took me 66 years to get an agent. And it’s been worth the wait. I joined an amazing online writing community called The Novelry. Up until then, I’d got to the point where I’d lost momentum and couldn’t finish anything. I wailed to Louise at The Novelry that I had no ideas and she assured me that after the first week of the course, I’d have something. She was right.”

—Susie Bower ‘Accomplished’ Independent (Top Ten Children’s Books)

“These novel writing courses have changed my writing life and I can’t recommend them highly enough.”


“Within a short time of starting the lessons, I had my idea sorted and 90 days later I had my first draft. After taking the editing course and taking advantage of all the wonderful author chats and workshops offered by The Novelry, I secured a two book deal and it has been optioned for development into a six-part TV series.” 

—Tracey Emerson

“These courses have changed my writing life and I can’t recommend them highly enough.”


“Within a short time of starting the lessons, I had my idea sorted and 90 days later I had my first draft. After taking the editing course and taking advantage of all the wonderful author chats and workshops offered by The Novelry, I secured a two book deal and it has been optioned for development into a six-part TV series.” 

— Tracey Emerson

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