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The fast track to publishing

A comprehensive appraisal with Big Five editors.

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Those with a finished manuscript
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Writers seeking to get published

The Ultimate Manuscript Assessment

The service with editors formerly of the major publishers and direct submission to literary agents.

We grow book deals

With publishing professionals

Achieve your ambition to get published with a manuscript assessment from our team of professional editors from the major publishing houses: Penguin Random House, Hachette, Macmillan, and HarperCollins.

Our editorial team will evaluate every aspect of your story and writing: from the overall narrative arc to each character, from pace and momentum to prose and dialogue, and will provide a marked-up manuscript and a detailed, in-depth report. Enjoy an online meeting with your editor to discuss the next steps to achieve your ambition to get published.

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manuscript assessment editors

Get professional insights

Taken your novel as far as you can? Feeling word blind? It’s time for fresh eyes and expert advice.

The best investment you will ever make

Editors from the major publishers

Our editorial team are professionals with experience at the most famous publishers—Penguin Random House, Macmillan, Hachette, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, and Titan Books—where they have overseen many bestselling and award-winning novels published to acclaim.

You will get the undivided attention of an experienced publishing editor to help you get your manuscript over the finishing line.

The value of your manuscript

Our editorial team know what gets publishers’ (and literary agents’) hearts racing. They will offer expert insights to help you raise your game from pitch to page to ensure your manuscript excites the industry as a potential bestseller, whatever genre of fiction you’re writing. This could be the best investment you make.

Go to publishing ready

What does it take for a manuscript to scoop a literary agent and a publishing contract? What are the true hallmarks of outstanding merit and talent in fiction? Discover what to leave in and what to leave out to establish yourself as an author with an exciting career ahead of you.

The fast track

This year alone, over 60% of our submissions were successful. And typically, we receive replies within days. Our literary agent friends trust and enjoy working with The Novelry because they’ve come to expect brilliant manuscripts from our writers.

But we neither ask for nor accept commission; it’s all part of our service to you.

The Novelry is the writing school trusted by leading literary agencies.

Take the fast track


With expert insights and our world-class contacts among leading literary agents, your investment in the best assessment available can help you find the right literary agent for you at lightning speed. Over two-thirds of our submissions were successful in the last year. Our recommendation is trusted by literary agencies worldwide.

‘For a debut writer, it’s so competitive out there. I needed to know that if I made changes to my manuscript, it would be not just different but better. The Novelry gave me that confidence. Not only did they pick up the niggly little errors that annoy readers, they looked at structure, believability and character development. I didn’t have to undertake a massive rewrite but I was able to seriously sharpen an otherwise flabby draft. They were an absolute pleasure to work with, champions of my writing. And now I have an amazing agent!’

Headshot of Anne

Anne Gilchrist

‘Extremely generous, positive and beautifully put, just spot on. Clarity and bang-on recommendations for improvement from someone I quickly trusted to have the book’s best interests at heart. The editorial team’s notes were thoughtful, thought-provoking but also I felt they came from a place of honesty and a genuine desire to make it a better book. I go back to them before I start any editing. You might think this manuscript assessment service is more expensive than others but the depth and breadth of their professional feedback makes it worth its weight in gold. Plus, if they like your work, they’ll introduce you to agents.’

Chloe Fowler

‘Working with The Novelry was one of the most enjoyable editing experiences I’ve had in my 12 years of full-time novel writing. After reading the many positive reviews about The Novelry’s Ultimate Manuscript Assessment, I decided to submit my finished manuscript for feedback. I’m thrilled I made that decision. Tash Barsby guided me through edits to a manuscript I’d thought was ready to go, but soon realized needed the touch of an expert. From minor tweaks to thought-provoking suggestions, Tash covered everything: insightful observations about pacing, plot, and character development, the importance of tangible triggers, and paring down the query letter. My Publisher’s Marketplace announcement even contains her suggestions.’ (Jennifer Sadera’s novel has been acquired by CamCat Books for publication in 2024.)

Jennifer Sadera

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The Ultimate Manuscript Assessment

Includes Membership

One year’s access to all the perks, and time for a fully-supported submission process.

You’ve got time and support

A year’s membership is included for you to take last steps on the writing journey to publishing with our support toward submission every step of the way.

Should you need to make changes, you will still have a year to incorporate feedback and qualify for our submission as a member.

You have a team of serious fiction authors and editors, right by your side.

Live the writing life

Immerse yourself in our writer-to-author community while you wait.

Enjoy every moment

Join workshops, live classes and events with your fellow members of The Novelry, some of whom are published authors and can give you thoughts and advice.

Even better, sign up for special guest events with literary agents and publishers to help you learn more about what’s hot in the market right now and maybe even find your dream agent or editor.

The best value

We never aim to be the cheapest, we aim to be the best.

A comprehensive report

We leave no stone unturned. That’s why this is the ultimate manuscript assessment.

Invest in your writing with a complete and thorough review of your work that goes beyond any other available. You will get an in-depth assessment from former acquiring editors, who know the market.

Not cheap, but priceless.

Access to Big Five publishing editors

Add further paid feedback sessions when you need them, as a member.

Invested in your success

Our team are not freelance or part-time. They are in-house and dedicated to the fortunes of our writers!

Our goal is to see you get published, and we will do all we can to get you there. So if you’re not quite there yet, we will show you what’s needed and you can book as many further Paid Feedback Sessions as you wish to work with your editor while you’re a member.

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40+ workshops a month

In addition to your manuscript assessment.

Write in good company

Guided, group-based workshops with fellow writers, bestselling authors and publishing professionals. Offered live online, but also recorded, so you can easily catch up if you miss one.

You’ll get advice and writing prompts, genre-specific challenges and exercises to help you develop your writing and deepen your craft. And of course, you’ll have a community of like-minded spirits, cheering you on as you reach each milestone on your journey.

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Genre expertise

Our editorial director will ensure you are matched with an editor with proper experience and expertise.

For every genre of fiction and memoir

Our team cover each and every genre of fiction and memoir between them in terms of experience and expertise.

Not only will you be working with an editor who knows how your story should work to fulfill the requirements of the genre, so crucial to publishers and their sales and marketing teams, you will enjoy guidance from your own small-group genre cohort in the community led by bestselling authors working in your genre right now.

Video masterclasses

From the likes of Kristin Hannah, Tayari Jones and Yann Martel, and advice from publishing professionals and literary agents.

Catch Up TV for storytellers

(Binge-watch the series.)

Over 100 classes with famous bestselling writers, publishing experts and leading literary agents for you to explore in your own time.

Find out how your best-loved authors (really) write their books, from Tess Gerritsen, Paula Hawkins, Sophie Kinsella and Val McDermid, to Lucy Foley, Katherine Rundell, Samantha Shannon, Steven Erikson and (so) many more.

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A supportive writing community

Find your tribe of writers on the same career path.

Come for the course. Stay for the people.

We’re the largest online writing community exclusively for novelists and authors of memoir. This group offers you a safe space to share the ins and outs and ups and downs of the creative writing life.

It’s ad-free and bound by the terms of confidentiality, allowing you to be yourself as a writer among industry professionals, trusted new friends, and like-minded people.

What’s more, our annual U.S. and U.K. parties and networking events offer the perfect opportunity to mingle and celebrate your work. Cheers to that!

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More 5-star reviews

From independent writers.

We’re the home of happy writing  

When choosing your writing course, always make sure to look for these things:

  • An inspiring program with a kind and encouraging creative philosophy and approach.
  • Expertise from experienced professionals vouched for and trusted by leading literary agencies.
  • Independent rave reviews from real people giving their names.


A clear path to publishing

We will guide you every step of the way.

With you all the way

We’re trusted by the world’s leading literary agents, and our graduates go on to secure major contracts from Big Five publishers in the U.S.A., the U.K. and worldwide.

But it doesn’t end there. We stay in contact with your agent and will follow your progress to publishing alongside them.

As a community, we will support your author marketing across our entire platform and network to publicize and share your good news!

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Created by a Booker Prize-listed author

We don’t just talk the talk.

‘Louise Dean is a significant voice in fiction’

The Observer

When it comes to writing, and writing success, Founder and Course Director Louise Dean knows a thing or two about a thing or two.

Booker Prize-listed, winner of the Betty Trask Prize and the Le Prince Maurice Prize, finalist for the Costa Coffee 2020 Short Story Award, longlisted for the Dublin International Literary Award, and nominated for the Guardian First Book Prize (among others), Louise has earned plaudits from the Nobel Laureate for Literature, no less. Her books have been praised by the New York Times, the Guardian, the Observer and the Sunday Times.

Louise shares her (award-winning) wordsmithery secrets in the courses and classes and draws on a lifetime and love of reading fiction and the techniques of the greats.

Meet Louise

A collaborative relationship

Your editor is your first serious reader. A good editor will love your story as much as you do. A phenomenal editor can take your novel to the next level.

The fast track to a career

Join the pathway to becoming a published author at The Novelry.

Have you completed at least two drafts of your manuscript?

Have you taken our courses or classes with coaching?

Have you taken The Big Edit?

If not, apply for our free pre-qualification service

Sure you can do no more? Submit for The Ultimate Manuscript Assessment

‘Such insightful and powerful professional feedback that gave me a clear sense of the road ahead. It was plain that my editor was not only an expert in her field, but heartfelt and authentic. She truly understood my manuscript. The written report was accessible, in-depth and instructive. It clarified the intangible, to help me make the story more robust moving forward. The entire experience was energizing. I emerged hopeful and laser-focused!’

Brooke Hardwick, now represented by A.M. Heath Literary Agency after we successfully submitted on her behalf.
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The Ultimate Manuscript Assessment

The last step to publishing.

Congratulations on coming so far.
Invest in the best service to achieve your ambitions.

Time: 6–8 weeks
Apply: by email
Members are pre-qualified*

The Pitch

Structural Development

A Marked-Up Manuscript

Meeting with the Editor

Next Steps Toward Publishing

‘The submissions we receive from The Novelry are of such a high quality, we always want to drop everything and get reading as soon as they arrive.’

—Rowan Lawton, The Soho Agency

Toward publishing

With expert insights and world-class contacts
Sign up or apply below

The Ultimate Manuscript Assessment

Prepare for the publishing process
  • A Full Editorial Report
  • The Pitch
  • Structural Development
  • Marked-Up Manuscript
  • Meeting with an Editor
  • Membership (1 year)

* For those who have not taken our courses with coaching, we offer a free pre-qualification service for our manuscript assessment. To apply, please send your title, genre and one-line pitch to hello@thenovelry.com with a 500-word synopsis (including spoilers) and the first 500 words of your first chapter.

Or, take the Novel Development Course to qualify


For those who have not taken our courses or coaching, we offer a free pre-qualification service for our manuscript assessment. To apply, please send a one-page synopsis of your novel/memoir and the first 500 words of your first chapter to hello@thenovelry.com in advance of purchase. (See our guide on how to write a synopsis here at our blog.)

How long will it take to receive my assessment?

We aim to provide an assessment within 6–8 weeks but we cannot guarantee this as our service is very much in demand. You may be asked to join a waitlist and we will keep you informed of timings. Thank you for your understanding and please be assured our service is worth waiting for as the next step in your writing career.

Who will be my editor?

Our Editorial Director will review the work and assign the best editor appropriate to the genre you’re writing. If you have a preference, please let us know in your cover note.

You’ll get to meet and discuss your work with one of our professional publishing editors.

Is submission guaranteed?

We cannot promise submission. We have an outstanding reputation with literary agencies thanks to the high standards of our submissions. If we think you are ready to submit, the chances of securing representation with an agent are typically over 60 per cent.

If the manuscript needs more work, don’t worry, we will offer our guidance and advice and, as a member for a year, you will have time to incorporate the feedback.

Because the service includes membership of The Novelry, you can book Paid Feedback Sessions with any one of our published authors or our team of editors.

We want you to be one of our success stories, and we’re rooting for you!

What if my manuscript is over 100,000 words?

For novels or memoirs over 100,000 words, email us and we’ll charge pro-rata fairly and proportionately.

Does the Ultimate Manuscript Assessment include line-by-line notes?

We offer a very thorough and detailed developmental edit with some line-by-line feedback on your manuscript (for example, areas where the dialogue might benefit from some further thought or great sentences that showcase your talent!). We don’t offer a formal line edit, but your report will provide plenty of guidance to help you improve your prose where necessary.

What happens after the manuscript assessment service?

When you have had a chance to explore and apply the notes, your year’s membership included with the service will allow you to book any further Paid Feedback Sessions with the editorial team, as well as having full access to our resources.

Our follow-up plan means you will get the support you need to further your career toward getting published.

Do you take commission on successful submissions?

No. If and when we submit your work on your behalf to literary agents, it will be with your prior agreement and approval. Most literary consultancies take a 10% commission on your publishing contract. Add that to the 15% a literary agent receives, and simply because of your purchase of a single paid service, you have given away 25% of your hard-won income as a writer in royalties! Yikes.

We would not dream of it. We are all published authors and professional editors at The Novelry. We know how far you have come, and we value the emotional and financial investment you have made. Please check the small print at other publishing coaching companies and literary consultancies. If they are not transparent about their pricing or commission, that should be a red flag. And please, never pay anyone to be published.