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Write for younger readers with world-famous children’s fiction authors

Our children’s fiction program

Awarded Best Course for Children’s Literature Worldwide by Intelligent

If you’re looking for inspiration to create stories or already have an idea for a children’s book, and want to write with the guidance of world-renowned children’s authors to get published, our team will help you shape and improve your book writing.

Our children’s book writing program is rated best in the world by Intelligent – with five-star reviews from writers too. It’s the program recommended by the world’s leading literary agents who specialize in children’s fiction.

When you join us for The Finished Novel Course , you’ll enjoy dedicated children’s fiction coaching, special children’s fiction workshops and classes and a thriving, close-knit children’s writing community. Your program begins with our famous Classic Storytelling class which will give you a solid foundation to write books for children at all age levels, exploring books known for their place at the very top of the roster of the classic children’s books.

Our children’s fiction team

With award-winning children’s fiction authors and a dedicated children’s and young adult fiction editorial team.

The 3-step program

Begin with the Classic, our storytelling foundation, suited to those starting to write a children’s book, with follow-on classes to write and complete your book.

The community

Enjoy the company of your children’s and young adult writing group, with online readings and workshops.

Flexible payments

A year’s access to the course and easy extension plans.

‘Utterly brilliant. Do this program!’

The children’s fiction program with rave reviews from writers

‘Thank you for reigniting my desire to write for children. The gentle journey of the course fooled me into thinking I was just ambling along when at the end I realised I had a lot more written and developed than I thought I had. It made me think more in my free time about my story. It reignited my buried desire to write for children by remembering the child I was and how some stories shaped me as I read them. And how we all can bring that hidden child out to write alongside us because they may have a story worth telling.’

Marisa O’Mahoney

‘A deep dive into the key ingredients of the recipe to create a children’s classic. I feel like I lucked out. I appreciate very much the balance you strike between high quality and commercial viability. MFA programs often only teach literary writing, at the expense of the crafting of plot. Other online resources are often too “pulpy” for my taste. I think writers with the ambition to write for a large audience, but also to write to a high literary standard, would find it very rewarding, particularly if they’re writing middle-grade or YA.’

Sean Miller

‘I’ve come up with an idea that I love and have an outline for my novel as well as planning on chapters, characters and the way my magical world works. The course gave me confidence to write my novel, excitement and joy in planning and writing, a new twist on an old idea. I never thought much about writing a children’s fantasy book but realised it’s what I’ve always wanted to do. I found it really inspiring and it really opened me up. I managed to keep up with the lessons and looked forward to doing them each day.’

Alex Weber

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Your 3-step program begins with a special class for children’s fiction

The Finished Novel Course begins with the Classic to show you how to create wonderment in fiction for younger readers.

The Finished Novel Course

The complete 5-step program


‘I waited 66 years to get published, and it was worth it.’

The Novelry submitted Susie’s book to our literary agency partner Peters, Fraser and Dunlop, and Susie was offered representation. She went on to secure a two-book publishing contract with Pushkin Books.

‘I joined an amazing online writing community called The Novelry. Up until then, I’d only written full-length fiction for adults but had got to the point where I’d lost momentum and couldn’t finish anything. I wailed to Louise at The Novelry that I had no ideas and she assured me that after the first week of The Novelry’s Classic class, I’d have something. She was right.’

— Susie Bower

Join us today

Reach the end of your first draft or finish a publishing-ready novel. Our courses offer various combinations of The Novelry’s five-step writing journey, and provide best value to achieve your ambition.

The Novel Kickstarter Class
The Novel Development Course Dome
The Finished Novel Dome

The Novel Kickstarter Course

Come up with the idea and write a first draft

The Novel Development Course

Take a novel in progress to publishing standard

The Finished Novel Course

The complete 5-step program

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