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Write your novel with award-winning literary fiction authors

Our literary fiction writing course program

If you’re an avid reader of the Pulitzer and Booker Prize shortlists and want to pen your own award-winning literary fiction novel, write your story with the expert advice from our specialist team—and we’ll help you find a literary agent too.

With daily lessons created by a Booker Prize-listed author which take a deep-dive into the fiction of Nobel Prize-winning writers, one-on-one coaching from literary fiction authors, and expert guidance from publishing editors, your literary fiction novel will come to life on the page.

How does your character travel along their own moral journey? What is the necessary balance between beautiful prose and narrative arc? How do you use lucid description to bring to life the themes of your novel? And just how much plot does your story really need?

If you’re beginning to write in the literary fiction genre or you have novel in progress, our expert literary fiction department will help you structure, write, edit, and finish your manuscript. With exceptional author coaching, and guest tutors sessions with writers including Booker Prize winners, our program will help create a brilliant reading experience—and, we hope, a future award-winner.

The Literary Fiction department

Get coaching and feedback from global bestselling authors of award-winning novels and editors with Literary Fiction expertise.

Recorded masterclasses

Watch recorded writing craft deep-dives with famous writers like Booker Prize winning author Yann Martel, Sarah Winman and Diana Evans.

Worldwide community

A dedicated online Literary Fiction group with special workshops exploring the technical skills and story structure of the great works of Literary Fiction from Kazuo Ishiguro to Claire Keegan.

Flexible plans

Self-paced courses and 1-2-1 coaching with installment payment plans.

One-on-one coaching

With award-winning literary fiction authors

‘Following this course made me question why universities do not offer such programs. This is the best education for novelists for a reason. Community, joy, and inspiration due to meeting new ‘voices of the world,’ as I call our fellow writers. I wish I had had this eighteen years ago, as the course of my life would have been different. Pure gold.’

Headshot of Dina

Dina-Perla Portnaar

‘Life-changing! What does life-changing mean? I could tell, about two weeks after starting the course that something within me was surfacing and getting stronger. I’m becoming a different person, a stronger person, because of this course, getting the story down. It was breathtaking in the best of ways. I’m still reeling.’

writing course reviews matt

Matti Hicks

‘I’ve never quite taken a course like this. You look at award-winning novels with a fine-toothed comb, and compare them to what you’re doing. How did the writer accomplish that? How can I accomplish it? It requires you to step up to the plate, to take a hard look at what you’re doing. Are you serious about this? Are you going to work for it? Also, the course allows you to decide, for yourself, what kind of writer you’ll be. It gives you permission to be yourself. And, of course, support is always there, which is immensely comforting.’

elissa headshot writing course review

Elissa Elliott

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Take your prose to pitch-perfect

Suitable for writers at all stages of their journey, our comprehensive three-step program with a full manuscript read will help you develop the advanced skills you need to discover your voice and find your big idea, then write and edit a complete work of fiction to the highest standard.

The Finished Novel Course

The 3-step program + manuscript assessment


‘The Novelry made my induction into the fiction-writing world joyful.’

‘Signing up for a course at The Novelry is one of my best decisions. I was 100% green; it was my first foray into writing. There was no way to know then, but the positive experience set the tone for my ongoing writing journey. This is a safe space for inexperienced writers to come and play. With the daily lessons and the supportive community, The Novelry made my induction into the fiction-writing world joyful.’

—Monica Vuu, now published by Pan Macmillan

Join us today

Reach the end of your first draft or finish a publishing-ready novel. Our courses offer various combinations of The Novelry’s three-step writing journey, and provide best value to achieve your ambition.

The Novel Kickstarter Class
The Novel Development Course Dome
The Finished Novel Dome

The Novel Kickstarter Course

Come up with the idea and write a first draft

The Novel Development Course

Take a novel in progress to publishing standard

The Finished Novel Course

The 3-step program + manuscript assessment

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