Tell your story with coaching from an experienced memoir author

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Write a stunning memoir with our specialist team of published memoir writers, and we’ll help you craft your non-fiction proposal to find a literary agent too.

How do you uncover the truth of your story? How does your individual story become a book that others read and relate to? Where do you start when you have an entire life to mine? How much should you share and how do you craft an immersive reading experience while protecting your story?

If you’re beginning to write your memoir or you have a book in progress, our expert memoir department will help you structure and write your story step-by-step. Using prompts and deep dives, alongside tried and tested memoir writing techniques, take your unique experience of the world to share it with readers in a finished book.

The Memoir department

Get coaching and feedback from award-winning authors and editors with experience of the Memoir genre and narrative non-fiction.


Storytelling is possibly more important for Memoir than other genres! Explore our specialist Memoir-based resources as you refine the idea for your story, write and edit your Memoir with our step-by-step program.

Worldwide community

A dedicated online Memoir writing community and weekly classes with author hosts.

Flexible plans

Selfpaced courses and 1-2-1 coaching with installment payment plans.

One-on-one coaching

With experienced and award-winning memoir writers

‘I needed this course to get my bearings and the courage to continue to finish my memoir. I enjoyed the comforting and supportive voice of Louise for the entertaining and informative lessons!’

memoir writing course review

Lydia Caros

‘The Novelry helped me find balance in my life between work and writing. I’ve stopped and started manuscripts for decades, never feeling like I could make it to a finished draft. The gentle encouragement in each lesson, the manageable bits of thinking and writing, and the online community of resources (including the humans!) make me feel supported, energized, curious, and confident that I can accomplish my goal of writing one, two, or more novels!’

Headshot of Jennifer writing course reviews

Jennifer Wolfe

‘I didn’t think I had what it takes (enough natural talent as if it was some elusive thing), but I now know it takes much more than that to be a writer. I finished my first draft and now have confidence that I have what it takes to be a writer. Taking the Finished Novel Course has been incredible. I have finished my first draft, learned how to analyze literature, how to be a student and a writer. I now have the confidence to trust my judgment and the soundness of mind that I don’t have to know everything (although I know much more than when I started this course) before I can write. This has been life-changing. Thank you!’

writing course reviews danielle

Danielle Briers

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From memory to story

Suitable for writers at all stages of their journey, our comprehensive three-step program with a full manuscript read will help you develop the advanced skills you need to discover your voice, refine the story, then write and edit your memoir to publishing standard.

The Finished Novel Course

The complete 5-step program


‘Grateful for the process.’

Rebecca wrote her book with The Ninety Day Novel, then went on to take the Classic class and is now enjoying the Advanced Class.

‘I like to write fast and not look back. A thousand words a day, ideally, written in an hour early on and then put away for my subconscious to mull over. I learned this approach on The Novelry’s course program and it makes excellent sense. At the editing stage you can drop into the flow more easily working on your manuscript, but in the white heat of actual creation, an hour a day is entirely sufficient.’

—Rebecca Ley, now published by Orion Books

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Reach the end of your first draft or finish a publishing-ready novel. Our courses offer various combinations of The Novelry’s five-step writing journey, and provide best value to achieve your ambition.

The Novel Kickstarter Class
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The Novel Kickstarter Course

Come up with the idea and write a first draft

The Novel Development Course

Take a novel in progress to publishing standard

The Finished Novel Course

The complete 5-step program

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