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Internal and External Conflict in Fiction character development novel writing techniques Jan 29, 2023

Writers working in every genre and for every age group will doubtless hear a lot about the importance of story conflict. After all, conflict drives the story forward, creates satisfying character...

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Juno Dawson: Writer and Juggler guest authors Jan 22, 2023

The writing life brings all kinds of rewards – personal fulfilment, creative exploration, professional freedom, an office that roves wherever your heart desires... But one reward that...

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Writing Competitions 2023 getting published writing competitions Jan 15, 2023

Writing contests are a great way to practice your skills, hone your craft and get your name out there among fellow fiction writers. They’re also fantastic opportunities for those working in...

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Narrative Perspective novel writing techniques starting to write Jan 08, 2023

Few things can alter a story as quickly as shifting the point of view from which it’s told. Think about it: tell the same tale from a first person perspective, and then switch that to a ...

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Writing Tips From Authors novel writing process Jan 01, 2023

We asked over 200 successful published authors what would be their one top tip they would give to other writers – the silver bullet – and were pleased to share them with you for...

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How to Write A Book novel writing process Dec 25, 2022

How do authors write their books? Is there any common approach to penning a bestseller? When it comes to writing fiction, is there a method, or a silver bullet? Is it about inspiration, genius,...

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The Best Writing Podcasts getting published starting to write Dec 18, 2022

As writers, we may not always actually be writing – as much as we (mistakenly) tell ourselves we should be. But even in our downtime, we’re usually thinking about writing. And one of...

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Saga Fiction: Why Should You Read (and Write) It? historical fiction romance Dec 11, 2022

You may – or may not! – have heard the term ‘saga fiction’. You’ve almost certainly seen saga on supermarket bookshelves and the UK bestseller lists – it sells...

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An Interview with Kristin Hannah guest authors Dec 04, 2022

Kristin Hannah has published 24 books that traverse eras and geographies, spanning far beyond California and the Pacific Northwest where she grew up. From occupied France during World War II to the...

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Show, Don’t Tell editing your novel novel writing techniques Nov 27, 2022

‘Show, Don’t Tell.’ It’s a classic piece of writing advice editors love to dish out, particularly to new writers. It’s touted as pretty much the golden rule of fiction...

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A Guide to Story Structure novel writing techniques starting to write Nov 25, 2022

Before we get into the specifics of different story structures, it’s worth considering the importance of having a solid scaffold for your tale. Although structuring your story might seem...

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Alix E. Harrow on Breaking the Writing Rules guest authors Nov 20, 2022

As writers, we’re often confronted with lots of mantras and – dare we say – writing dogma. But if you’re at all familiar with The Novelry, you’ll know we...

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How to Write a Cover Letter for a Book Submission getting published Nov 18, 2022

If you’re wondering how to write a book submission cover letter, first of all: congratulations! You’ve written a whole novel, and edited the completed manuscript so it’s ready to...

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How to Write a Book Series novel writing techniques writing a series of novels Nov 13, 2022

Have you got a story so rich it warrants an entire series? Are your main characters so complex that their character arcs span multiple books? If so, lucky you! The prospect of writing a series is...

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