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Use of AI In Fiction

AI-Generated Content

AI-generated work cannot benefit from the protections offered by Intellectual Property Law. Authors who use AI may be in breach of standard publishing contract terms that require them to wholly own any rights they assign or license.

We are aware that some major publishing companies are now including a clause in their contracts asking authors to warrant they have not used AI to generate content.

Please note, per our terms and conditions, that AI-generated content may not be copyrighted and is therefore not suitable for submission towards the traditional publishing process. If we detect your content has been created using AI we may decline to submit your manuscript to our literary agency partners.

We Decline to Use AI Generative Tools.

We do not use AI generative tools as a company and have opted out of such services with suppliers such as Zoom for example per their policy here.

The Society of Authors Advice

We would refer all writers to the advice given by the Society of Authors here.

The Creators Right Alliance

We stand with their position on fairness of use of AI as articulated here, specifically:

  • Creators should be protected and recognised for the copyright and moral rights that exist in their work. Copyright is given to works of human originality and skill and labour. AI-generated works with no human input should not attract copyright protection.
  • There should be no erosion of copyright protections for individuals, businesses and those who are using AI tools to assist with the creation of their own original work.

Our advice

When you join us at The Novelry, you agree to our terms of confidentiality. We take the value of your work seriously and we ask every member to agree to protect the copyright of each others' work.

  • Not to share the ideas or content of anything you read at The Novelry outside of our websites
  • To be very careful where you share your valuable written work
  • Do not use AI to create content

AI is open-source data, and it works by harvesting data shared publicly on the internet. We advise you do not post your work into AI like ChatGPT so that it becomes available to all. (However tempting it may be, please do not post your entire manuscript into open source to get a synopsis, as you have given away your copyrighted work in so doing.)

You should take all steps to defend your copyright and you may be assured we take steps to protect your data and information too.

We follow the Creators Rights Alliance advice and ask you not to use AI to generate written content if you are aiming to develop your skills as an author, and establish your brand and copyright.

As for developing your content, no AI-generated content can match the ingenuity, moral impulses and judgment or emotional depth of human-generated content. What's more, we don’t create by proxy and hope to get the creative benefits either deep personal therapy, enjoyment or payment.

Further, as creative artists, we do not plagiarize. We don’t publish or share written material pretending it is our own work when it is not. We don’t pass off the work of others as our own; that’s plagiarism (a theft of a kind). Just as helping ourselves to the work of others and passing it off as our own is false representation, so using a machine to create a combination of words, whether as a sentence, paragraph or more of text, is legally indefensible. You cannot reasonably claim it as your work.

Happily, in almost every jurisdiction in the world, the minute you put something into a document, you establish copyright. Guard it and defend it. Your work is worth the world to you. Write happy and stay safe.