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Game-changing courses to fast track your story.

creative writing courses online

Bestselling Authors

Dedicated one-to-one live tutor sessions online.

creative writing courses online


The writers' group with live classes open 24/7. 

creative writing courses online

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With leading global agencies in the USA and the UK.

creative writing courses online

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World-Class Writing Courses.

With Bestselling Authors.

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The Creative Writing Courses With Dedicated Author Tutors.

Choose your tutor to guide you through completing your book when you sign up for our most popular online creative writing course  – The Book in a Year Plan. Experienced authors and brilliant tutors trained to give you the personal guidance you need for writing your novel with one-to-one sessions online for all time zones.

We are committed to your success. We love what we do!


Story, Story, Story.

From the idea to the last draft.

Publishers want stories. Readers want stories. 

A good story (almost) writes itself.

We'll get your story straight from the start. 


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 “The best course to write your novel.” The Bookfox. 

“A place for writers to develop their work quickly.”  The Bookseller.

“The ultimate productivity hack.” Forbes Magazine.

“One of the top ten creative writing holidays in the world.” The Telegraph.

Rated "Excellent" on Trustpilot. Read our reviews on GoogleFacebook and Trustpilot.

Creative Writing Classes and a Worldwide Writing Group.

Think like an author. Learn from the best. Enjoy the online community groups. Find your tribe. 

The world's most exciting authors share their working process, inspirations (and how many drafts that novel really took them) in a program of regular online events for members. But there's more! Group sessions and our closed secure membership community that never sleeps! Build your confidence with regular warm-hearted sessions to support your writing journey. We're open 24/7 worldwide. With a workshop for fast, friendly feedback on your writing. So much more than an online creative writing course, it's the home from home for your writing life.

In Association with Global Literary Agencies.

The writing school with the onward journey to success. The Novelry pitches your work to global literary agencies. Our managed process will encourage, nurture, develop you and push your creative writing to new heights of accomplishment.

The Novelry offers the fast track to getting published.

Our agency friends look forward to reading manuscripts from writers of The Novelry due to the high standard of work from our course graduates.  Join us and achieve your ambition.

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The “Life-Changing” Writing Courses.

Most serious writers take courses or apprenticeships with published authors. 

Stephen King learnt from John Gould. Ian McEwan, Kazuo Ishiguro, Anne Enright, Gillian Flynn and Tracy Chevalier all took classes. The list is long. Few are the authors who didn't study their craft. Learn from an acclaimed author. Write with new confidence.

“It has changed my life.”

“I have been a binge writer for over thirty years, committing thousands and thousands of words to projects I never saw through. Then I found The Novelry. I signed up to force myself to finish, thinking I'd done enough writing courses and not expecting to learn much more, but WOW a cornucopia of thought-provoking sessions and exercises that resulted in a first draft I never thought I'd ever be able to write. And, just as predicted, I really did quickly start to come to my writing with confidence and joy. It has changed my life because now I really do see myself as a writer and I am eternally thankful that I found The Novelry.” 

Lucy Barker.


“What does life-changing mean? I could tell, about two weeks after starting the course, that something within me was surfacing and getting stronger. I'm becoming a different person, a stronger person, because of this course, getting the story down. It was breathtaking in the best of ways. I'm still reeling.” 

Matti Hicks.

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“Truly life-changing.”

“I didn’t think I had a story in me. I now have a 90,000-word first draft that I can actually see becoming a book some day. The course delivers on its promise and more. The daily lessons helped me establish a writing practice; the sense of belonging to the community made me feel less alone, and my meetings with my mentor helped me breathe life into my story. It was pure joy.”

Lesley Erickson.

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