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The Online Writing Courses With Published Author Tutors

You'll be able to choose your preferred author tutor for your one-to-one video sessions when you sign up for one of our Book in a Year ® plans. Schedule the working sessions to fit into your life. All lessons recorded for you to keep. We'll ensure you get off to a good start and use your time wisely to write in the direction of your ambition. This time, you'll crack it.

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The Online Course With the Onward Path


So much more than online writing courses, our course graduates go on to secure leading literary agents.

We work with world-class literary agencies seeking exciting new writing talent. Recognizing the quality of our graduates' writing, they prioritise our submissions and respond fast – typically within days. We have secured representation for our writers with agencies like United Agents, PF+D, Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency and others. If you mean business as a writer, we can introduce you to the best agents to get you a publishing contract and even license your work for TV and film. 

 “A wonderful organisation for aspiring writers, and we’re thrilled to work with them!”

Madeleine Milburn, Director of Madeleine Milburn Literary TV & Film Agency representing award-winning and bestselling authors of adult and children’s fiction who feature on The Sunday Times, New York Times and international bestseller lists. 

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 “The best course to write your novel.” The Bookfox

Rated "Excellent" on Trustpilot

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Wolrd-class courses. We offer structured, self-paced writing courses online with lessons timed to coincide intuitively with writing your book step-by-step. You'll be inspired and motivated by the interactive course materials. With more five-star reviews than any other writing course online.

An encouraging, non-competitive collaborative environment. Our one-to-one personal approach begins with you and your story. We never lose sight of who you are and what you'd like to achieve.

Choose your bestselling author tutor and enjoy custom coaching in online sessions at times to suit you.

Get feedback on your work with professional publishing editors with experience working with major bestselling authors.

Get published with our planned pathway to submit your work to our leading literary agency partners.

A supportive active writing group. Drop into the weekly writing classes with bestselling authors, literary agents and publishing professionals. You'll be able to work in small workshop groups perfect for your writing in every genre of fiction.

Live the writing life.

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novel writing course beginners
The Book in a Year

Write from the idea to the very end of your book with our 4-step program and complete a novel to publishing standard to get pitched to the world's leading literary agencies.

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novel writing course beginners
The Finished Novel Course

Our alternative to a creative writing MA or MFA. A fully online course with monthly one-to-one feedback sessions with our authors and editors towards a fully edited manuscript.

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novel writing course beginners
✨ NEW: The Big Idea

Get started with the writing course for those in search of a story idea. The course to build your creative writing confidence.

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novel writing course start writing
The Classic Course

Ready to plan a big story? 45 “mind-blowing” lessons from the all-time classic bestsellers to build the world and plot of your story.

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novel writing course
The Ninety Day Novel ® 

Over 100+ lessons and coaching sessions with an author tutor to complete your first draft. For those with a novel ready to write.

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novel writing course complete a novel
The Editing Courses

Expert insights to edit and revise to publishing standard. 50+ lessons. Get feedback at our workshop and from our editorial team.

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Some of Our Writing Course Graduates’ Published Novels

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What do Editors Really Do?

With Editor, Lily Lindon

When I tell someone I’m a book editor, I can see their imagination bubble pop up: me, sitting alone in a dusty reading nook, wearing thick spectacles and a black polo neck, using angry, blood-red ink to scratch out split infinitives and misplaced semicolons. 

Unfortunately, this is not quite true. Writers (understandably) spend a lot of time worrying about whether an editor will publish their book – but they don’t always know what that will entail at the other end. Like many creative industries, publishing can be impenetrable and opaque from the outside (and often from the inside, to be honest). I hope that giving you more information about what editors do will enlighten and empower you in the process of getting your book published – as well as humanise us editors a bit. (...)

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The Writing Group For Serious Writers

(That's a lot of fun!)

Writing Classes with Bestselling Authors
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Forthcoming Online Writing Classes with Authors and Literary Agents

The “Life-Changing” Writing Courses

  Discover why so many writers love The Novelry


novel writing course reviews
“The Novelry has literally saved my life.”

For the first time I feel like I can write and complete and publish a novel and it’s not some desperate pipe dream. The Novelry is not just a warm community of writers helping writers, but also a very detailed, informative, step by step (and I mean that literally) guide to writing a novel from start to finish. And it works! So wherever you are in your writing process, whether your a plotter or a pantser, there’s more than enough material in this course to get you through your writing process right to the very end.”

– Ngozi Amadi

novel writing course reviews

“What does life-changing mean? I could tell, about two weeks after starting the course, that something within me was surfacing and getting stronger. I'm becoming a different person, a stronger person, because of this course, getting the story down. It was breathtaking in the best of ways. I'm still reeling.” 

– Matti Hicks

See Our Reviews
novel writing course reviews
“It has changed my life.”

“I have been a binge writer for over thirty years, committing thousands and thousands of words to projects I never saw through. Then I found The Novelry. I signed up to force myself to finish, thinking I'd done enough writing courses and not expecting to learn much more, but WOW a cornucopia of thought-provoking sessions and exercises that resulted in a first draft I never thought I'd ever be able to write. And, just as predicted, I really did quickly start to come to my writing with confidence and joy. It has changed my life because now I really do see myself as a writer and I am eternally thankful that I found The Novelry.” 

– Lucy Barker

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