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The creative writing courses created by an award-winning author. Our mission is to make it possible for you to write a novel to publishing standard whatever you do, wherever you are. 



From an Idea to the Literary Agent’s Desk.

Our creative writing courses are suitable for writers of any experience.

Most writers joining The Novelry can write, but few understand how stories work. Begin by planning your story with The Classic course based on exciting insights into the essential ingredients of the all-time bestsellers.

Write your novel at a good, steady pace with our famous Ninety Day Novel ® course. We begin with a solid base of good habits, and build your confidence as you write your novel to a very high standard.

Our writers are mothered all the way to our literary agency partners’ desks. Time to start a new chapter of your life as an author?

How the big stories work

Meet the Author.

Louise Dean is the author of four novels and has been published globally by Penguin and Simon & Schuster amongst others. Louise has won the Society of Authors Betty Trask Prize and Le Prince Maurice Prize, and been nominated for The Guardian First Book Prize, and longlisted for Dublin International Literary Award and The Man Booker Prize.

One-to-one coaching calls from an experienced novelist, and creative and constructive problem-solving, allows you to indulge in the mystery of creation.

“Louise’s support is amazing, and her insights phenomenal.” Marg Scown, Australia.

You’re in safe hands.

About your tutor

Learn from the Best Authors.

Inspired daily lessons, drawn from the techniques of the great writers, perfectly paced to coincide with the writing of your novel to guide you while you write that novel.

Discover the methods and techniques of Hemingway, JM Coetzee, Raymond Carver, Jack Kerouac, Doris Lessing, Muriel Spark all the way through to Sally Rooney. Understand the layers of work that go into writing a novel, that it’s more a question of willpower than genius, and breathe a sigh of relief as you see how.

A host of fabulous ideas to help you write with new purpose. Character-driven writing. Pain-free plotting. Find yourself immersed in something like a love affair, and relax knowing your coach has made sure you’ve got your story straight.

Happy writing transforms daily life. It makes life a little bit more magical.



(How writers describe The Novelry.)

Five Star Reviews.

We are the home of happy writing.

Writing a novel is a wonderful experience, as our many writers attest. Read what they say at our testimonials page.

“I just don't think I’d have written a novel without this course, and doing so has been a dream since I was a tiny kid. Louise and The Novelry has given me something to go to every day to combat the terror of the blank page. It’s been an absolute joy, and even though I’m over the moon to be done, I’m tempted to start another just for the pure joy of the discovery. Thank you.” Andrea Holck.

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And the Winner is ...

Our graduate Louise Tucker has won the inaugural Lost the Plot Work in Progress Prize for her “tender, moving, beautifully drawn” novel, The Last Field.

The Last Field is described as a “touching tale of aging, grief, and self-discovery” about main character George, whose day of celebration turns into one of misery.

Louise Tucker said: “I am so delighted to win the Lost the Plot Work in Progress Prize. The main character, George, has been in my head for a long time, and, when I finally wrote his story, I was hoping that people would love him too. It is wonderful to discover that they do.”


All the Way to the Literary Agent.

We hothouse writing talent. We work with leading global literary agencies who represent authors in every country. Our agents are members of the AAA or AAR. We VIP fast track our writers to our partner agents who respond within two weeks of our submission on your behalf. No slush pile for our graduates! We ask for no commission from either author or agency. It’s a love story with a happy ending.

Choose Your Creative Writing Course.

Writers come to The Novelry to refresh their craft skills, hone the story and lean on the support and accountability that will take them all the way to ‘The End’. Courses are available in all currencies. Your course starts when you sign up.

novel course

1. Find The Big Story.

The Classic Course will lead you through the magical process of creating a big book based on the vital ingredients of the all-time best sellers using the methods of writers like JK Rowling, JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis. Find the story you’re meant to write. From £129 or $165. 

Create the story
novel course

2. Write Your Novel to the End.

Get guidance and coaching from a Man Booker listed novelist. Our famous Ninety Day Novel ® online course will guide you daily, step-by-step, through the writing of your novel all the way to ‘The End’. One-to-one tutor sessions online. From £199 or $250. Available in all currencies. 

Complete a novel
novel writing

3. Prepare for Success.

Where page-turning plot meets pitch-perfect prose. The Big Edit will put your story through its paces. You’ll have expert personal advice. With over 30 lessons and direction and stewardship through to the literary agent’s desk - we pitch to leading agents on your behalf. £399 or $499.

Revise and pitch

“One of the Top Ten Best Creative Writing Holidays in the World.”

“A week-long novel-writing course includes an inspirational mix of morning lessons, one-to-one sessions and after-dinner readings, plus plenty of free time for personal reflection and composition.” The Telegraph.

Luxurious writers retreats

Tips to Write Your Novel.

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How to write a novel

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Memberships, Awards, Recognition.

The Novelry won ‘Best Course to Write Your Novel’ and ‘Best Editing Course’ at The BookFox 2019. The founder of The Novelry, Louise Dean, is a member of the National Association of Writers in Education, and Member of The Society of Authors. Louise Dean was winner of the 2016 IDPE Best Newcomer for Independent Development Professionals in Education.

Our Literary Agency Partners.

Online Reviews.

From our writers - both aspiring and published authors. Whether it’s your first novel or your fifth, you’re in good company.

For Visually Impaired, Dyslexic and Non-Native English Speakers.

We believe in digital inclusion - where life stage, visual impairment, dyslexia or dis/ability aren’t barriers to learning to write a novel.

Our content can be read aloud in multiple languages using the most natural and engaging voice to transform the user’s reading experience. We offer our pages in 99 languages; with speak-aloud translated text in 40 languages. Welcome home.

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