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If you’re writing you’ll need good advice at some point to help you skip a few abandoned manuscripts and a fair bit of frustration. Writing is better when you have structure, support and know where you’re going with your story. We're here to help you every step of the way.

Structure. Support. Success.

Can I write?  

Writers often come to us asking: can I write? But the question you should be asking is: have I got a good story? 

Your storyline is very much at the heart of what you can achieve as an author.

The very first question we’ll ask in your one-to-one author tutor session is 'What do you want to achieve?' Whether it’s to finally finish a book to share with friends and family, to self-publish, or 'all the way to a literary agent and a publishing deal, please,' we’ll make a plan to get you there and ensure you're writing the right story, the right way, to achieve your ambition.

We'll help you structure it to its best advantage right from the outset. Shapely stories (almost) write themselves.

We’ll support you with pain-free plotting, bringing narrative confidence to your writing to shape the direction of your story. 

Let's get that story straight from the start.

Advanced storytelling skills

Our Book in a Year ® plans are structured to take you step-by-step through creating your book from the ground of the story idea up, day by day. You’ll discover our unique methodology including the Hero Book, The Five Fs of story structure, and exciting advanced prose techniques such as our Lucid Compression® method.

Our courses work. Our writers complete their books and our leading literary agency partners are keen to see them.

The Book in a Year Plans

One-to-one support 


You’ll find a very warm welcome waiting for you at our thriving online community with writing classes online every week. 

We celebrate our writers' achievements at every stage of their writing journey. 

A little accountability can be a great thing for a writer and we keep an eye on your progress with our amazing intuitive systems and you will be able to check in regularly with your tutor and enjoy writing alongside others at your stage of their writing.

Celebrating each small step in good company will help keep you complete your book for sure this time and find greater pleasure in your writing, seeing every page for the achievement it is.

All published authors take good advice from professionals at some point. Better sooner than later.

Get on track, stay on track.

The writing courses created by an award-winning author

Founded in 2017 by Louise Dean.

We’ve come together at The Novelry to indulge our hearty appetites for storytelling. As a small crack team of authors and editors, we meet every week to put our heads together on your storylines. You’ll work with one of our bestselling and award-winning authors, the author of your choice, and meet regularly to discuss your writing. One thing you’ll find we all have in common is a sense of humour, and a passion for getting our writers published.

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Positive coaching method for motivation

When it comes to you and your writing, we’ll shine a light on what’s good and say Yes! More like that, please! We know how to grow writers with positive encouragement and motivational support. We’ll keep track of where you're at in your course and your book. We'll offer ideas, solutions and fabulous fixes to troubleshoot your writing problems and get you back on track. 

This is the online writing course where you'll work with your own dedicated author tutor, someone who cares about your story as much as you. You can schedule your sessions with any of our team entirely at your convenience no matter which time zone you're in.

Our encouraging approach has earned us more independent five-star reviews on Trustpilot than any other online writing course in the world.

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Our online writing courses

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1. Beginning Your Story

If you're a beginner or a writer in need of fresh inspiration, and you'd like to write a page-turning story, start with the Big Idea Course.

Learn more

2. Building Your Story

To develop your storytelling skills, pack a powerful plot and build the world of your story join our powerful storytelling course, the Classic Course.

Learn more

3. Writing Your Novel

If you're ready to write or have work in progress and need structure and support, take the Ninety Day Novel Course.

Learn more

4. Idea to Book in a Year

All the courses, coaching and community at your pace and one-to-one author sessions and editorial feedback with a Book in a Year ® plan.

Learn more

The writing courses recommended by literary agencies

Our partner literary agencies are world-leaders in publishing who know what publishers and readers want from books. They represent bestselling and award-winning authors like Philip Pullman, Michael Ondaatje, Marilynne Robinson, Madeleine Miller, Celeste Ng, Gail Honeyman, Richard Osman, Paula Hawkins, J.M Coetzee, Jacqueline Wilson... The list is long.

And one day your name might well be on it.

Our literary agency partners

We submit our course graduates' work to the world's leading literary agencies.

The writing courses with the exciting guest author tutors

A lively program of online events for you to enjoy

Our members enjoy weekly live online workshops and special group sessions for crime fiction, science fiction and fantasy fiction, historical fiction, children's fiction and more. We offer a weekly drop-in Story Clinic to troubleshoot your writing problems with our author tutors and Sunday evening sessions with our founder. You'll enjoy our online worldwide open-all-hours community with a host of exciting interactive features, our daily news, a writers' feedback workshop, book club and competitions. You'll make some great connections and make new writer friends.

With regular celebrity and bestselling author guest sessions live and recorded for you to view as a box set with Catch Up TV only at The Novelry. 

Enjoy the writing life


We don’t peddle academic literary theory, textbook teaching or cribbed coursework created elsewhere. We’ll give you tools, not rules. You’ll get some fancy new equipment for your writer’s toolkit based on insights into the craft techniques of famous and bestselling authors, the greats and contemporary writers too, and a fresh solution for every problem. The content of our writing course lessons was developed by our founder and course director, a Booker-listed award-winning author, Louise Dean, to share more than twenty years of writing experience with you. You can find out more about us and read our story here.

The next chapter of your life


A story is driven by change, as are our lives. The magic of writing is that what we write changes us too. As we start putting one word after another, we begin to consider our theme, our values, the roads taken and the roads not taken. We become a new version of ourselves by getting other versions down on the page. It’s fascinating not only what goes onto the page, but what doesn’t – who you are when you stand up after writing can be mysteriously different from who you were when you sat down. 

Writing a book begins a new chapter of your life. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover your story, and more, too, about who you are and who you want to be.

Our writers describe their experience at The Novelry as ‘life-changing’.

You’re a writer the moment you join us. 

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