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Our romance writing course program

Want to write a love story that sweeps your readers off their feet? Whether you’re interested in penning a rom-com, romantasy, literary or historical romance, we will guide you on how to write a marketable romance and help you find a literary agent too.

What makes your main character and love interest feel equally complex and believable? How do you write chemistry that sizzles? How do you develop subplots that add to your story without taking away from the central romance? And how do you come up with a fresh way to make two characters fall in love and keep the reader guessing as to whether they will end up together until that final page?

If you have an idea for a romantic novel or have a manuscript in progress, our romance team will help you through the process of writing, structuring and polishing your novel until you have a story that readers will fall in love with.

The Romance and Up Lit department

Get coaching and feedback from global bestselling and award-winning Romance authors and the Romance fiction editorial team.

The Classic Storytelling Class

Your course begins with the big storytelling moves of the best-loved novels of all time.

Worldwide community

A dedicated online Romance and Up Lit writing community with weekly classes and special small group genre workshops.

Flexible plans

Self-paced courses and 1-2-1 coaching with installment payment plans.

One-on-one coaching

With bestselling romance and Up Lit authors

‘I am so grateful to everyone at The Novelry for their exceptional guidance throughout the writing process of my debut novel. I felt fortunate to have their brilliant, enthusiastic, and inspiring coaches and editors by my side. Their insightful feedback allowed me to grow as a writer, and their unwavering support and encouragement made this entire process a true joy.’

Headshot of Brisa writing course reviews

Brisa Carleton

‘It has been an incredible learning experience that got me writing when I didn't know where to start. I have an understanding how story works, knowing I can write every day, even on the worst days. I'm developing a belief that I can be a writer. I wish I'd found it years ago.’

Headshot of Maeve writing course reviews

Maeve Henry

‘First of all, the quality was EXCELLENT. I loved the combination of the video material, the lecture content, the activities, the To Do lists, the downloads. Really top-notch! I’ve never taken a course that was more professional or delivered in a better format. There was just so much terrific content. I’m still digesting and thinking about it.’

writing course review catherine

Catherine Greer

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From meet-cute to the happy ending

Suitable for writers at all stages of their journey, our comprehensive three-step program with a full manuscript read will help you develop the advanced skills you need to discover your voice and find your big idea, then write and edit a complete work of fiction to publishing standard.

The Finished Novel Course

The complete 5-step program


‘A very worthwhile investment!’

‘I found The Novelry at a time when I was ready to give up, having had several knock-backs and ‘near misses’ with my writing. I was feeling very low on confidence. Signing up to The Novelry’s Finished Novel Course was just the thing I needed – it provided me with structure, support and encouragement. I was inspired to get writing and keep going, and the course made me think more deeply about plot and character, so that I had a finished manuscript that needed relatively little editorial change when I got to the end. The coaching sessions kept me on track and helped me work through plot kinks along the way and I felt like I had a real champion through the whole process. Overall, a very worthwhile investment in my writing career!’

— Becky Hunter. US rights for One Moment were sold to Grand Central in significant six-figure two-book deal.

Join us today

Reach the end of your first draft or finish a publishing-ready novel. Our courses offer various combinations of The Novelry’s five-step writing journey, and provide best value to achieve your ambition.

The Novel Kickstarter Class
The Novel Development Course Dome
The Finished Novel Dome

The Novel Kickstarter Course

Come up with the idea and write a first draft

The Novel Development Course

Take a novel in progress to publishing standard

The Finished Novel Course

The complete 5-step program

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