Historical Fiction

Bring the past to life with bestselling authors

Our historical fiction course program

Writing great historical fiction is about creating a convincing and immersive world for a reader to lose themselves in, and our expert team are on hand to guide you through the common challenges of writing in the past.

Have you been itching to tell your ancestor’s story, indulge in some high Victorian gothic, or write a Second World War spy thriller?

We can work with you to navigate well-trodden ground and find a new area of interest or fresh perspective. We can also show you how to balance historical fact with the liberation of storytelling, so that your novel feels as gripping as it does authentic.

Want to push your story to the next level? Let us help you create a past that subtly illuminates the present for a modern audience. Embarking on a historical novel can feel daunting, or maybe you’ve got stuck in the weeds of an idea that won’t leave you alone. Our historical coaches and editors will work with you find the long-lost story you’ve always wanted to tell.

The Historical Fiction department

Get coaching and feedback from global bestselling authors and experienced editors of novels set in the past.

The 3-step program

Follow the path to create the world of your story, understand how and when to research as you write, nail the detail and master dual timelines and more.

Worldwide community

Write with a dedicated Historical Fiction group and enjoy weekly classes and small-group workshops to raise your questions and learn with others.

Flexible plans

Self-paced courses and 1-2-1 coaching with installment payment plans.

One-on-one coaching

With bestselling and award-winning historical fiction writers

‘The Novelry is not just an amazing writing course, it is so much more. It is also a community of ambitious writers, authors, mentors, editors, and all-round lovely people who will be with you on your writing journey.’

Headshot of Talitha

Talitha McQueen

‘This is a quality course, with both practical writing advice and deeper insights into the author’s process. The support given is invaluable. I simply “feel” more like a writer. I’m so glad I found The Novelry. It feels like home.’

Headshot of Ruth writing course reviews

Ruth Barrett

‘I have much more confidence that I could actually write this, finish it, edit it and even try to get it published. I read a lot of books! And it was a bit like taking a course on reading a novel at the same time, which I enjoyed. I overcame my fear of dialogue because I could not avoid writing it for 90 days! I have a morning writing habit, I have changed the way I think about a book and how it works. It’s great motivation and full of things to think about. I’d absolutely recommend it.’

writing course reviews dublin juliana headshot

Juliana Adelman

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From the beginning to ‘The End’

Suitable for writers at all stages of their journey, our comprehensive three-step program with a full manuscript read will help you develop the advanced skills you need to discover your voice and find your big idea, then write and edit a complete work of fiction to publishing standard.

The Finished Novel Course

The complete 5-step program


‘It has changed my life.’

‘I was a binge writer for over thirty years, committing thousands and thousands of words to projects I never saw through. Then I found The Novelry.

WOW, a cornucopia of thought-provoking sessions and exercises that stretched me beyond my comfort zone and resulted in a first draft I never thought I'd ever be able to write. And, just as predicted, I really did quickly start to come to my writing with confidence and joy.

I am eternally thankful that I found The Novelry.’

— Lucy Barker

Join us today

Reach the end of your first draft or finish a publishing-ready novel. Our courses offer various combinations of The Novelry’s five-step writing journey, and provide best value to achieve your ambition.

The Novel Kickstarter Class
The Novel Development Course Dome
The Finished Novel Dome

The Novel Kickstarter Course

Come up with the idea and write a first draft

The Novel Development Course

Take a novel in progress to publishing standard

The Finished Novel Course

The complete 5-step program

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