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The Novel Writing Course.

Write a first draft of your novel with The Ninety Day Novel ®

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Write a Novel in Ninety Days 

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The World-Class Novel Writing Course

Develop the skills of a professional novelist in just ninety days. Check the foundations of your novel are good before you start to write -  or rewrite - your novel. You'll get a set of shiny writing tools, and bespoke guidance to write your story in your genre from your tutor, you'll have a novel manuscript you can't wait to refine and polish for sucess.

Knowing this is the first draft gives you the permission to take risks, explore unexpected twists and turns and have fun. Because writing is fun, and creative mischief is essential as you'll discover in our unique course.

Enjoy the company of our worldwide novelists' group with weekly novel writing classes and famous guest author sessions. You'll have access to the novel course and membership for a year. 

1. Inspiration and Preparation. Where motivation meets method. Ten lessons to take at your own pace to get prepared to write your first draft. We'll share with you our highly effective one-hour-a-day method to write your novel. A complete mindset reboot and cleanse. This is the course for busy people to achieve their ambition to write a novel and hold down a day job too.

2. The Construction Phase. An intense two-week period to get the groundwork prepared for writing your novel. We'll begin with the agent of change, the character flaw, and how your setting and cast serve your story's theme and you'll discover the one-word secret to create an exciting drama. You'll prepare a simple but deadly one-pager story plan that includes elements you may never have considered previously, essential to story success for readers, publishers and agents. You'll meet your tutor to work through the story plan together, get creative inspiration for story development, check the plot and get a big thumbs up. 

3. The Swim Phase. We build your writing confidence counterintuitively perhaps by asking you to go slow while you're putting the vital organs of your story onto the page. We'll consider who is telling the story, from what perspective, and how, the matter of 'voice' and how the location or world of your novel affects the events unfolding in your plot. You'll be introduced to some of the great writers and learn new techniques to make your writing sharper and smarter. 

4. The Heat Phase. Now you're really cooking, knowing what's working, and staying on track and checking in with your tutor. Your daily word count will increase as you get deeper into the story and raise the stakes in your plot. Some fierce and fabulous lessons to power you through the middle of your novel.

5. The Enlightenment Phase. Game-changing insights as you approach the ending. We'll focus on the nuts and bolts of one of the greatest novels of all time to consider how to be both poet and programmer as you code your novel with sensational ideas, immersive detail and true-to-life dialogue that will make it a page-turner. 

6. The Home Phase. This is where we hunker down towards the ending with advice on how to bring the elements of your novel together for a resounding, unexpected yet satisfying conclusion, with  'weatherproofing', 'ornamentation' and borrowing from the larder of backstory. In these last two weeks, we'll show you how to bring the magic and message of your novel's story home for readers. 


“For many years I thought that having enough time was the major impediment. I now know that was the least of it.”

A graduate of our Ninety Day Novel Writing Course

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You can schedule your author tutor working sessions at your convenience. We work across all time zones. All 30-minute tutor calls are recorded and yours to keep. The 45-minute feedback sessions also include a written report on your work. We review up to 2500 words at a time (but you can upgrade to include a longer section when booking). You’ll get a year’s access to your course but we'd be happy to offer no-fuss, low-cost extensions. Once you have completed this course, you’ll be ready for The Big Edit.

If you're seeking more feedback or the equivalent of a Creative Writing MA or MFA, you should opt for The Finished Novel course.

Choose Your Novelist Tutor

When you join us for the Novel Course you will be able to choose your novelist mentor to guide you through writing your novel. Choose the level of support you'd like with your plan. Schedule your online Zoom sessions at your convenience. Write with a novelist at your side who loves your novel as much as you do and will see you through to 'The End'

The Novel You've Always Wanted To Write
  Writers Love The Novelry


“It’s been a life-giving, powerful experience.”

“If you are thinking of signing up, don’t think twice. It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. After six years of labouring on my book, I ended up with a first draft and a story that still blows my mind when I think about it. My tutor is not only an expert on the craft of writing, she is also incredibly smart, witty, creative and an absolute joy to work with. Her feedback was honest, yet always supportive. The Novelry is my favourite place on the internet, and I think it might become yours too.” 

– Anna Brandt

“Hell yes!”

“I already had an MFA in creative writing; I thought I should be able write a novel by myself. This course - with its combination of support, advice, and community - taught me so much about the novel form while I wrote one of my own. From this course I am taking a number of habits that I can't imagine not having in the future.” 

– Jeff Becker, Creative Writing Professor

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“It is the best course I have ever done.”

“It has been an absolute pleasure from start to finish. I loved establishing the daily routine. I found the course material very stimulating and thought-provoking. Loved reading the recommended books. Loved the online workshops. I felt supported. I finished my novel. To anyone thinking of signing up, do it. It has been such a positive, enriching and productive experience for me and I have achieved more in these 90 days than in many years before.”

– Carla Jenkins, now represented by Madeline Milburn Literary Agency

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