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Writing Coaching at The Novelry


Our coaching program for our writing courses at The Novelry means that, unlike other courses, you’ll work one-to-one with a well-known, successful author to develop your story.

At The Novelry, our writing coaches are acclaimed and recently published authors who enjoy being part of our writing community, and who positively enjoy working with aspiring authors. They have hit the bestseller lists and been nominated for and won famous awards.

Our book writing coaches are all part of The Novelry in-house team, chosen for their warmth as well as their outstanding publishing record. Between them our writing coaches have extensive experience across the full range of genres of fiction. 

Our writing coaches have been trained in our positive coaching method, and our writing mentor program is a big part of the reason we’re the world’s best-loved creative writing school.


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Why is Writer Coaching Important?

Develop your story within a safe relationship of trust and experience.

Why Do You Need a Writing Coach?

If you’re aiming to get published, you need a good writing mentor to develop your story faster and with more depth. Almost all professionals benefit from a mentoring relationship to develop their skills and in every other walk of life an apprenticeship is considered a wise idea.

In real life, most professional writers learn from other writers. Even writers with extensive experience and strong writing skills can benefit from new ideas from a writing coach and ongoing support.

In the literary world and publishing industry, most well-known published authors have studied with other writers and continue their writing journey with wise feedback from a trusted mentor over the course of their writing career.

A great writing coach is the best way to achieve your writing goals. One-on-one mentoring means you get dedicated help with your own work to go beyond what MFA programs or standard writing courses can offer to progress you with more speed and certainty towards that book deal. Imagine, if you had access to not only one great coach, but the benefits of a coaching team? At The Novelry we work with you one on one, and work collaboratively to ensure we are giving you our combined advice. The writer is at the heart of our offering.

for the solitary journey you need a writing coach
a writing coach who is full time not freelance

What Makes a Good Mentor?

When considering potential mentors, we make it very easy for you to find a writing coach who meets the highest standards. Not all coaches are equal. Do they genuinely want to improve your writing or are they a frustrated writer who considers themselves an instructor and resents working with aspiring writers when they could be developing their own manuscript? A good coach likes coaching!

An aspiring writer will want to consider a potential writing mentor carefully to ensure your writing process benefits from an experienced writer who has navigated the publishing industry successfully, with a proven track record, a professional writer who has standing and recognition in the literary world and the publishing industry.

A good mentor is someone who loves learning and who understands that they too, as a writer, are always learning; that way the one-on-one mentoring relationship becomes a mutually fulfilling and exciting experience, open to new ideas and feedback that flows naturally both ways. 

To choose your potential coach, consider the writing coachs work. Are they a published professional writer? Have they been published recently? Do they write in your genre? Do they understand the book publishing process? Have they got teaching experience? Do they belong to professional organisations? That they belong to a writing community and are willing and able to work with other writers is an important test.

Find a Writing Coach at The Novelry

Online, one to one, warm and personal. Our writing coaches are chosen for their collaborative coaching style. As an experienced writer, each and every one of them has chosen to work with aspiring writers because they enjoy it so much. They love not only to help others start writing but to help them develop their writing skills. 

Unlike other writing courses, we don’t use freelancers. Our team are on-staff, salaried and rewarded for what matters most to us – your writing happiness and success.

Choose a book writing coach on your respect for their published novels, and whether theyre working in a similar genre of writing to yours. Have a look inside the first pages of their books on Amazon or other online book stores. You can read articles written by the individual members of our team at the blog

But dont worry, once we get sight of your book proposal and writing plan, which we will help you put together before you start writing your first draft, we will be sure to give you our advice on the right coach for you.

I remember him saying... that writers were made as well as born... It was a great thing to have happen to me at that period of my life, to have someone who took me seriously enough... I knew something crucial was happening to me, something that mattered. He helped me to see how important it was to say exactly what I wanted to say and nothing else.

—Raymond Carver, on taking a Beginning Fiction Writing Course with John Gardner

The Writing Coach Relationship 

So much more than an instructor, your writing coach at The Novelry will be cheering you on every step of the way, and will be delighted as you tick off your writing goals, develop your skills, complete a first draft, submit your manuscript to literary agents and achieve your ambition to get a book deal. You’ll not only have a mentor you can return to again and again as you enter the book publishing process, you’ll have a friend and cheerleader in the writing community.

At the heart of The Novelry is our positive approach embedded in our open-hearted writing community. We offer a collaborative environment, not a competitive environment. All writers, at all stages of their career, are always learning their craft and developing their skills. We work as equals with writers, side by side. You’ll find your sessions with your writing coach are fun, lively and inspiring. We help you grow as a writer and build your confidence. Well shine a light on what’s working and help you solve problems. We get far better results with our collaborative method.

As a full team we meet on a weekly basis to consult on each and every book idea to give writers our combined best advice. 

The Right Writing Coach For Your Book


Bestselling and Award-Winning Authors Published by Major Publishing Houses Worldwide

Kate Riordan



Kate Riordan is the bestselling author of five novels, a has been a Richard and Judy Book Club choice. Her novels are published by Penguin Random House.


Learn more

Amanda Reynolds

Psychological Thrillers


Amanda Reynolds is the author of three novels, and her thriller Close To Me was a major C4 TV production.


Learn more

Piers Torday

Children’s Fiction


Piers Torday is the award-winning and bestselling author of seven books for children dubbed the new master of children’s fiction by The Times.


Learn more

Katie Khan

Speculative Fiction
Young Adult


Katie Khan is the author of two novels. Her first novel, Hold Back the Stars, was published in the U.K. by Penguin Random House and in the U.S. by Simon & Schuster, and has been translated into twenty-one languages around the world.


Learn more

Anna Mazzola

Historical Fiction
Historical Crime
Ghost and Horror
Legal Thrillers


Anna Mazzola is the Edgar Allan Poe award-winning author of three Gothic historical novels and a ghost novel. She is now also writing legal thrillers.


Learn more

Emylia Hall

Literary Fiction
Reading Group Fiction
Cosy Crime


Emylia Hall is the award-winning author of four novels with her fifth, a cosy crime novel, publishing in 2023. She is a Fellow of the Royal Literary Fund.


Learn more

Tasha Suri

Series, Sagas
Young Adult


Tasha Suri is the award-winning author of The Books of Ambha duology (Empire of Sand and Realm of Ash) and the epic fantasy The Jasmine Throne. Empire of Sand was rated by TIME magazine as one of the best fantasy novels of all time.


Learn more

Mahsuda Snaith

Upmarket Fiction
Women’s Fiction


Mahsuda Snaith’s debut novel The Things We Thought We Knew (Penguin Random House) saw her named an Observer ‘New Face of Fiction’. 


Learn more

Lesley Kara

Psychological Thrillers
Sleuths, Crime Fiction


Lesley Kara is the Sunday Times bestselling author of four novels.


Learn more

Rachel Joyce

Up Lit


Rachel Joyce is the multi-million copy bestselling, award-winning, Booker Prize-listed author of six novels and short stories.


Learn more

Alice Kuipers

Young Adult
Children’s Fiction


Alice is the bestselling, award-winning author of five novels, and six books for younger readers. She has been nominated for the Carnegie Medal. She is also a bestselling ghost writer experienced in writing memoir.


Learn more

Libby Page

Up Lit
Women’s Fiction


Libby Page is the bestselling author of four novels. The Lido became a Sunday Times bestseller within its first week of publication and has been published in more than 23 territories around the world.


Learn more

David Solomons

Children’s Fiction


David is the author of middle-grade children’s novels. His children’s books have won The British Book Industry Best Childrens Book and The Waterstones Childrens Book Prize. 


Learn more

Our Writer Coaching Services


At The Novelry, you can enjoy access to the experience of all of our writing coaching team on your terms in coaching sessions of thirty to forty minutes recorded and sent to you for your reference to keep. We end our calls only when we are assured you are feeling confident and excited about your story!

One of the perks of the coaching provision at The Novelry is that you can choose the writing coach you would like to work with, and you’re not tied to one coach for your entire course program. Feel free to switch and swap to get the right advice for you as your story develops. As a team, overseen by your course director, we’ll be keeping an eye on your progress and our amazing learning platform means each coach gets the benefit of the shared notes and updates on your progress and storyline before you meet for your coaching session.

Our state of the art systems behind the scenes and dedicated in-house team means you can swap writing coaches and every coach will be up to date with your latest progress and storyline before you meet for a smooth handover. You can schedule your personal online coaching sessions at times convenient to you and we operate in all time zones with our writers coming from the USA, Canada, the UK, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. Publishing is global and so are we.

Our writing coaching team work hand in glove with our editorial team and get the latest publishing industry advice from experienced professionals connected to the worlds leading literary agencies, and go to former Big Five publishing editors for their thoughts on your storys success.

When you select our Finished Novel Course, you will work with a writing coach to develop your story and writing style as you raise your word count during the writing of your novel. You can get feedback on your work to 15,000 words from a professional book editor before you get a full editorial assessment of your entire novel or memoir with The Ultimate Manuscript Assessment included in this course plan.

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Writer coaching to finish a novel.


“I found The Novelry at a time when I was ready to give up. I was feeling very low on confidence and knew I’d be my own worst enemy if left to my own devices. The sessions with Emylia, my writing coach, were a real highlight – she always made me feel like she genuinely cared about my novel, and I was constantly amazed at the way she engaged with the story and the creative suggestions she brought forward. The sessions kept me on track and helped me work through plot kinks along the way and I felt like I had a real champion through the whole process.”

—Becky Hunter, now with a major two-book publishing contract in the USA and the UK

Get the encouragement you need at The Novelry.

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