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Success Stories

We love being part of your story.


Your success on your terms

If you’re aiming to get published, youve come to the right place. But not everyone writing considers success in terms of becoming published.

Many of us find the achievement of completing a novel satisfying and rewarding in itself. As most published authors know, its the writing itself – the daily pleasure of putting pen to paper, or following the twists and turns of our heros journey – that gives us a reliable and deeply satisfying creative outlet in an uncertain world.

Writing a novel transforms our daily experience. We get to eavesdrop, beg, borrow and steal from the things we see, and recycle our days and ways, spinning gold from dust. Writing a novel is deeply therapeutic in an unusual way. It’s not so much that we get to vent, (be careful, I’ll put you in my novel!), its more that we give a problem that might defy or confound us to a complete stranger to handle and we watch how they approach it as we conjure scenes and develop the story. In that sense, we overcome, or surmount the difficulties of life.

As an author, you get to play god. In this one small but special part of your life, you are in control. Its a mysterious and magical process, and you’ll find that a novel writes you, as much as you write the novel. You’ll discover page by page what it is that you truly hold dear. Write first and foremost for yourself. Indulge yourself, make yourself smile, and stay playful. Write for pleasure at The Novelry and you’ll be rewarded with far more than you ever imagined.

At The Novelry, your coaching journey begins with one simple but important question: what do you want to achieve?

Your success, on your terms, is very much at the heart of what we offer, and we never lose sight of it. So whether youre writing for you, for your family, to leave something behind or to be published, we will make a plan to get you there. 

Some of our published success stories

Our writers go on to secure publishing contracts with the imprints of major publishing houses, including the Big Five publishers: Penguin Random House, Macmillan, Hachette, HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster.

Monica Vuu

Pan Macmillan


Pan Macmillan has published the debut novel from our course graduate Monica Vuu this summer.

When One of Us Hurts is described as ‘small-town crime fiction at its shocking best.  Monica Vuu has crafted a memorable debut full of macabre surprises.’


The Ninety Day Novel
The Big Edit


Lucy Barker

Fourth Estate


Fourth Estate has scooped the debut novel from our course graduate Lucy Barker in a ‘significant’ two-book deal.

Katie Bowden, editorial director, secured UK and Commonwealth rights to The Other Side of Mrs Wood. US rights were sold to Millicent Bennett at HarperCollins, and published in June 2023.

The Other Side of Mrs Wood is described as ‘an irresistible historical comedy about two warring mediums in Victorian London, inspired by the real-life rivalry between famous spiritualists Agnes Guppy and Florence Cook in the 1870s.’


The Ninety Day Novel
The Big Edit


Becky Hunter



Atlantic imprint Corvus has signed One Moment, the ‘heart-wrenching and uplifting’ debut novel by Becky Hunter.

Publishing director Sarah Hodgson acquired UK and Commonwealth rights as part of a two-book deal. US rights were sold to Grand Central in a significant six-figure two-book pre-empt while German rights have gone to Droemer Knaur in a four-way auction and Romanian rights have been pre-empted by Nemira.

The Finished Novel


Kate Gray



Welbeck has landed two books by Kate Gray in a six-figure deal following a four-way auction.

Rosa Schierenberg, editorial director, bought UK and Commonwealth rights to The Honeymoon and one other from Juliet Mushens at Mushens Entertainment. It was a lead hardback for Welbeck in July 2023.

Gray has previously published six commercial women’s fiction novels with HQ as Katy Colins. This is her first psychological thriller.


The Classic
The Ninety Day Novel
The Big Edit


Hannah Dolby

Head of Zeus


Aria, the popular fiction imprint of Head of Zeus, has pre-empted the ‘effortlessly funny’ debut novel from Comedy Women in Print shortlistee Hannah Dolby.

Rachel Faulkner-Willcocks, editorial director, secured world English rights to No Life For a Lady and one further novel from Diana Beaumont at Marjacq. No Life for a Lady was published in hardback, e-book and audio as a lead debut in March 2023.

The publisher describes Dolby’s book as a ‘smart, funny and life-affirming’ historical novel that follows the story of Violet Hamilton as she searches for her missing mother, the beautiful Lily Hamilton, who vanished from Hastings Pier 10 years earlier.


The Ninety Day Novel
The Big Edit


Jennifer Sadera

CamCat Books USA


Jennifer Sadera’s I Know She Was There has been acquired by Sue Arroyo at CamCat Books for publication fall 2024.

Working with The Novelry was one of the most enjoyable editing experiences I’ve had in my twelve years of full-time novel writing. After reading the many positive reviews about The Novelry’s Ultimate Manuscript Assessment, I decided to submit my finished manuscript for feedback.

I’m thrilled I made that decision. Tash Barsby guided me through edits to a manuscript I’d thought was ready to go, but soon realized needed the touch of an expert. From minor tweaks to thought-provoking suggestions, Tash covered everything: Insightful observations about pacing, plot, and character development, the importance of tangible triggers, and paring down the query letter. My Publisher’s Marketplace announcement even contains her suggestions.’


The Ultimate Manuscript Assessment


Nazima Pathan

Simon & Schuster
Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency


Simon & Schuster Children’s Books has signed Dream Hunters, a middle-grade adventure series by The Novelry graduate Nazima Pathan. Fiction editorial director Michelle Misra pre-empted world rights for the series in her first acquisition for S&S Children’s Books, along with senior editor Arub Ahmed. They bought two titles from Chloe Seager at Madeleine Milburn Agency. The first book will be out in August 2024, followed by the second in August 2025. Nazima was introduced to Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency by The Novelry. 

The Ninety Day Novel
The Big Edit
The Ultimate Manuscript Assessment


Rebecca Ley

Orion Books


Rebecca Ley is the author of two novels.

‘Wonderfully assured.’ —The Times
‘Pass the tissues...’
 —Evening Standard
‘Lovely novel. Highly recommend.’ —
Jenni Murray
‘Beautifully written.’
‘Prepare for heartbreak.’
 —Woman & Home
‘Brilliant.’ —


The Classic
The Ninety Day Novel


Tracey Emerson

Boldwood Books


Tracey Emerson is the author of three novels.

‘Tense, daring and totally addictive.’ —Emma Christie
‘This taut, elegant thriller thrums with dark menace and dread. I couldn’t look away.’ —Kate Riordan
‘The last time I had this sort of reaction to a character was when I read The Talented Mr Ripley. —Mark Wightman
‘A gripping, atmospheric and addictive read.’ —Lesley Glaister
‘Original, surprising and absolutely brimming with menace.’ —Amanda Block


The Classic
The Ninety Day Novel
The Big Edit


Rashmi Sirdeshpande

Puffin Books


Rashmi Sirdeshpande is the author of eight books for children. Shortlisted for the Blue Peter Book Awards 2022, and voted one of The Times Best Books of 2020.

‘Rashmi Sirdeshpande is a lawyer who became a children’s author and she has a talent for taking the big subjects and making them accessible to young readers.’ —BookBag Blog
‘Essential reading for young people.’ —


The Classic
The Ninety Day Novel


Susie Bower

Pushkin Books


Susie Bower is the author of three children’s fiction novels. Voted one of the Independent’s Top Ten novels for children, summer 2019.

‘Thoroughly charming and endlessly intriguing, Bower’s accomplished debut combines a magical mystery with a heartfelt account of adoption and trying to fit in. Written with grace and flair, School for Nobodies exerts a luminous hold on the imagination from start to finish.’ —Waterstones
‘Another enchanting fantasy.’ —Telegraph

The Classic
The Ninety Day Novel
The Big Edit


Karina Robles Bahrin

Epigram Books

Karina Robles Bahrin was announced as the winner of the Epigram Books Fiction Prize for The Accidental Malay.

‘Desire, religion and politics collide in this delicious début by Karina Robles Bahrin. Slick, sharp and full of the frustrations and joys of modern urban Malaysia, The Accidental Malay is a joy to read.’ —Tash Aw


The Classic
The Ninety Day Novel
The Big Edit
The Advanced Course

Literary agency submissions

Our round up of the latest wins from The Novelry’s literary agency submissions process.

Brisa Carleton

Jane Rotrosen Agency

Introduced by The Novelry, and now represented by Rebecca Scherer.

Champagne Problems is a romantic comedy perfect for fans of Emily Henry. With her father’s legendary New York champagne bar failing, Nic is shocked when his dying wish is for her to visit her estranged family’s French vineyard – but will her past be the key to her sparkling future? 


The Finished Novel Course


Clare Barnett Huerta

Aevitas Creative Management New York

Introduced by The Novelry, and now represented by Chris Bucci at Aevitas Creative Management.

Clare says: ‘The Ninety Day Novel and The Big Edit courses gave me the structure, motivation, and confidence to complete my manuscript. Having the support and guidance of accomplished publishing professionals was invaluable at every step. Writing coaches Emylia and Anna gave me insightful feedback on plotting and characters. Editors Tash and Josie helped my submission package shine and introduced me to my agent. I’d recommend the Novelry to any novelist pursuing traditional publishing.’

The Ninety Day Novel
The Big Edit 

Helena Echlin

Janklow & Nesbit
Pamela Dorman Books/ Penguin

Introduced by The Novelry and now represented by Emma Leong in the UK and Chad Luibl in the USA.

Clever Little Thing is a taut psychological thriller about a woman convinced her daughter has been possessed by her former babysitter; comparable to Ashley Audrain’s The Push and Zoje Stage’s Baby Teeth. Now sold to Pamela Dorman Books/ Penguin Random House and Penguin Canada, Grijalbo (Spain) and Nord (Italy).


The Big Edit

Brooke Hardwick

A.M. Heath

Introduced by The Novelry, and now represented by Euan Thorneycroft.


The Ninety Day Novel
The Big Edit
The Ultimate Manuscript Assessment


Shylashri Shankar

Watson Little

Introduced by The Novelry and now represented by James Wills. 


The Ninety Day Novel
The Big Edit
The Ultimate Manuscript Assessment


Cate Guthleben

United Agents

Introduced by The Novelry, and now represented by Millie Hoskins.


The Classic
The Ninety Day Novel
The Big Edit 

Course graduates’ news

Nikki Allen

Blake Friedmann Literary Agency

Represented by Blake Friedmann Literary Agency, Nikki Allen is the author of psychological suspense fiction.

Nikki says: ‘Since joining The Novelry in early 2022 with nothing but a spark of an idea and the determination to (somehow!) turn it into a novel, I have been blown away by Louise Dean’s course materials, the author coaching, the community of writers and the incredible support from editors to boot. I am beyond thrilled with how far I’ve come, both with my writing and signing with such a top-notch agent, and am so excited for my future writing career. Thank you, The Novelry!’


The Classic
The Ninety Day Novel
The Big Edit


Nisha Lamsam Ligon

Bradford Literary Agency USA

Nisha Ligon has signed with agent Kaitlyn Sanchez at Bradford Literary Agency in the US to represent Nishas middle-grade science fiction novel, Angani: The Starsnake Files, along with a number of picture books.

The Starsnake Files follows Dao, a 12-year-old loner desperate to find her long-lost astronaut mother, who in 2251 competes to qualify for Angani Space Academy. But as she learns to use her unique strengths, and begins to uncover the secrets of her past, Dao must choose between rocketing off to her dreams or protecting what she already has right here on Earth.

Nisha is taking The Finished Novel Course with us and we’re so thrilled for her success.

Nisha says: ‘The Novelry has given me the structure and guidance I needed to finally write a novel, and an understanding of the long road of novel-writing. Even more importantly, it’s provided an incredible community of writers and tutors who I feel constantly connected with, so the process isn’t so lonely. I love this community!’


The Finished Novel Course

Holly Race

Orbit Books, Little Brown

Orbit has acquired Holly Race’s adult debut novel Six Wild Crowns, described as ‘a beautiful fantasy reimagining of Henry VIII’s wives from the perspective of Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour’. 

Holly says: ‘I took The Novelry’s Ninety Day Novel course as a way of breaking out of my comfort zone and elevating my craft after my YA fantasy trilogy was published. I was keen to explore other genres and markets, but lacked the confidence to do so without some external guidance. The Novelry offers an incredibly thoughtful and intelligent approach to writing, and I still have some of the course’s advice stuck to the wall above my desk as a constant reminder! I received feedback from both Katie Khan and Tasha Suri as I worked through two novels, one of which was Six Wild Crowns. They offered the kind of knowledgeable, honest and kind feedback that left me feeling fired up and certain of my next steps. I’ll be forever grateful to them and to The Novelry.’


The Ninety Day Novel

Moyette Gibbons

LBA Books

Represented by Hannah Schofield at LBA Books, Moyette is the author of contemporary women’s fiction.


The Big Edit


Mona Tewari

Azantian Literary Agency

Represented by Jennifer Azantian, Mona Tewari is an author of high fantasy fiction featuring elemental magic in a world inspired by her Indian heritage.

Mona says: ‘Working with The Novelry has been such a joy. I have always loved writing and storytelling, but The Novelry taught me how to approach it professionally. The lessons provided a strong scaffolding, and my sessions with Tasha Suri and Craig Leyenaar always pushed me to better understand and explore both my characters and the world I was creating. Add to that the fabulous and supportive community, and it’s easy to see why I highly recommend The Novelry.’


The Finished Novel


Seema Punwani

The Rights Factory

Born in Spain, raised in Mumbai Seema Punwani is a single mother now living in Singapore. Her debut novel Cross Connection was launched at the Pune International Literary Festival in India in 2018 and she has recently signed with Claire Cavanagh of The Rights Factory for her second novel. 

The Big Edit
The Ultimate Manuscript Assessment
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