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How to Write a Romance Novel romance Apr 23, 2023

Ever wondered how to write a romance novel? We’ve all daydreamed about – or even lived – our own love story, and writing romance can be almost as thrilling. Still, to borrow from...

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How Beth O’Leary Writes Her Bestsellers guest authors romance up lit Mar 05, 2023

If ever an author could distill a big cuddle and a warm cup of tea into book form, it’s Beth O’Leary! The Sunday Times bestselling author of heart-warming and hilarious books including...

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Saga Fiction: Why Should You Read (and Write) It? historical fiction romance Dec 11, 2022

You may – or may not! – have heard the term ‘saga fiction’. You’ve almost certainly seen saga on supermarket bookshelves and the UK bestseller lists – it sells...

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How to Write a Love Story: 5 Top Tips (For Every Genre!) novel writing techniques romance Jul 10, 2022

Given both love and storytelling are as old as time, it’s no wonder the question of how to write a love story has so absorbed us.

And it’s possible that this question is only becoming...

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Katie Fforde on Getting Familiar with Her Stories guest authors novel writing process romance Oct 17, 2021

Katie Fforde is the author of 4 number one bestsellers. Published since 1995, her romance novels are set in modern-day England. She lives in the Cotswold countryside with her family. Each...

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Veronica Henry on Trusting the Process guest authors novel writing process romance Apr 11, 2021

Veronica Henry is the bestselling author of romance novels and a journalist whose first novel was published in 2002. Her novel A Night on the Orient Express won The Romantic Novel of the Year...

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Falling in Love with a Setting novel writing techniques romance Feb 14, 2021

Writing about passion and romance can be great fun, and produce passages that move readers in meaningful ways. Of course, writing about love isn’t limited to the romance genre! There are lots...

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