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How to Write Dialogue in Fiction novel writing techniques Feb 20, 2022

Have you ever read a book with a fantastic story, only to wish the dialogue was – well, a little better written?

‘The characters all sounded the same.’

‘Nobody talks like...

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How to Create Tension in a Story: The Moral Dilemma crime and suspense novel writing techniques Jan 09, 2022

As you set about writing – or editing – a gripping novel, you might come up against the question of how to add tension to your story. Maybe you’ve got a great idea that packs in...

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How to Write Villains for Children’s Books character development novel writing techniques writing for children Apr 18, 2021

The villains in children’s books are often what make stories come alive. Good baddies (if you will) capture the imagination – especially of a child. They’re who kids most...

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Falling in Love with a Setting novel writing techniques romance Feb 14, 2021

Writing about passion and romance can be great fun, and produce passages that move readers in meaningful ways. Of course, writing about love isn’t limited to the romance genre! There are lots...

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Writing Dystopian Fiction novel writing techniques science fiction Feb 07, 2021

We can find much inspiration in writing dystopian fiction, and a writer’s dystopian world is a great place to exorcise fears and test solutions to our society’s crises. In short, if you...

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How to Write a Bestseller with Paula Hawkins crime and suspense guest authors novel writing techniques Nov 01, 2020

If anyone knows how to write a bestseller, it’s Paula Hawkins. The Sunday Times and New York Times No.1 bestselling author of Into the Water and A Slow Fire Burning, her debut novel The Girl...

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Close Encounters: the Narrative Point of View novel writing techniques Sep 20, 2020

There are many choices to make when you begin writing a novel, and the narrative point of view is a pretty fundamental one. 

Some of a writer’s options could be laid out on a starter...

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Uncovering Your Writer’s Voice with Clare Pooley guest authors novel writing techniques up lit Sep 13, 2020

One of the biggest concerns many people have when they delve into creative writing is untapping – and maintaining – their writer’s voice. While concerns like fitting in a certain...

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Writing Dual Timeline Books dual timelines novel writing techniques Aug 16, 2020

Writing a dual timeline book brings up many questions. Should you write one story first, then the other and weave them together? Or should you write in chronological sequence? 

You might be...

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Atmosphere of a Story: Set Your Mood novel writing techniques Aug 09, 2020

There’s no denying the importance of atmosphere, particularly in the opening chapters of a story. At the start of a novel, we really need to focus on drawing the reader in and setting the...

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How to Create a Clean Writing Style novel writing techniques Jul 26, 2020

When we start writing, most of us are hoping for a good, clean writing style. That being said, it’s easy to venture into long sentences, purple prose, and other tell-tale signs of...

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Writing the First Chapter of a Novel novel writing techniques starting to write May 17, 2020

If you’re wondering how to write the first chapter of a novel, we can relate. It’s a big question!

After all, the first chapter of a novel needs to do some heavy lifting to start the...

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How to Write a Book About Yourself novel writing techniques Oct 20, 2019

Can you write a book about yourself and your own life story? It’s one of the questions we get asked the most, and a natural one when you start writing. After all, we’ve had the mantra...

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Writing a Fantasy Battle Scene fantasy novel writing techniques Oct 06, 2019

Writing a battle scene is undoubtedly a thrilling prospect for a fantasy writer. Whether it’s the climactic battle that seals your main characters’ final fate, a muted fight scene that...

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