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What is Dramatic Irony? novel writing techniques Sep 03, 2023

What is dramatic irony? And how does it work to create tension in your writing?

We hear literary terms like ‘dramatic irony’ being thrown around all the time, but what does it...

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Exposition in a Story editing your novel novel writing techniques Aug 27, 2023

What is exposition in a story? And how do you add backstory while keeping the reader engaged?

We’ve all heard about the dangers of including too much (or too little!) exposition in our...

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5 Creative Writing Prompts to Develop Your Craft novel writing techniques starting to write Apr 02, 2023

While writing inspiration can strike at any time in your everyday life, there are many things we can do to get our creative juices flowing or stir up some story ideas when the dreaded...

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What Is Chekhov’s Gun and How Can You Use It? editing your novel novel writing techniques Mar 26, 2023

You may have heard the term ‘Chekhov’s gun’ thrown around in conversations about effective writing and plot development – particularly if you’re writing crime and ...

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Pacing a Novel: Practical Tips editing your novel novel writing techniques Mar 12, 2023

Whatever genre you’re writing in, the pace at which your story moves is incredibly important. In fact, pacing isn’t just for novels; if you’re working on a short story, a...

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Internal and External Conflict in Fiction character development novel writing techniques Jan 29, 2023

Writers working in every genre and for every age group will doubtless hear a lot about the importance of story conflict. After all, conflict drives the story forward, creates satisfying character...

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Narrative Perspective novel writing techniques starting to write Jan 08, 2023

Few things can alter a story as quickly as shifting the point of view from which it’s told. Think about it: tell the same tale from a first person perspective, and then switch that to a ...

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Show, Don’t Tell editing your novel novel writing techniques Nov 27, 2022

‘Show, Don’t Tell.’ It’s a classic piece of writing advice editors love to dish out, particularly to new writers. It’s touted as pretty much the golden rule of fiction...

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A Guide to Story Structure novel writing techniques starting to write Nov 25, 2022

Before we get into the specifics of different story structures, it’s worth considering the importance of having a solid scaffold for your tale. Although structuring your story might seem...

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How to Write a Book Series novel writing techniques writing a series of novels Nov 13, 2022

Have you got a story so rich it warrants an entire series? Are your main characters so complex that their character arcs span multiple books? If so, lucky you! The prospect of writing a series is...

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Ten Tips for Writing Gothic Fiction and Ghost Stories 👻 novel writing techniques Oct 30, 2022

Halloween is here and in the spirit of the spooky season, we’ve been thinking about gothic literature and how we can write gothic fiction that sends shivers down our readers’ spines....

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How to Structure a Scene novel writing techniques Sep 18, 2022

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the enormity of a task – for instance, writing a book? Well here’s your handy guide to breaking it down into manageable chunks that you’ll...

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How to Write a Love Story: 5 Top Tips (For Every Genre!) novel writing techniques romance Jul 10, 2022

Given both love and storytelling are as old as time, it’s no wonder the question of how to write a love story has so absorbed us.

And it’s possible that this question is only becoming...

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5 Top Tips for How to Write a Murder Mystery crime and suspense novel writing techniques Jun 12, 2022

Are you curious about how to write a murder mystery? The endeavour can be baffling and thrilling in equal measure. If you want to try your hand at murder mysteries, try these five top tips...

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