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Main Characters in Children’s Books and YA Novels character development Sep 04, 2022

Have you ever encountered a main character in a children’s book or YA fiction that sticks in the mind and refuses to budge long after you’ve closed the pages of the book? What about a...

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Character Agency and Why It Matters character development Aug 21, 2022

‘Character agency’ in fiction is used to describe the ability a character has to take action to affect the events of the story. 

It’s often used in a negative sense....

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3 Character Development Exercises character development Aug 14, 2022

So you’re writing a novel and you want to create compelling and believable characters. We’ve got just the thing! Here are three original and fun character development exercises created...

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How to Write a Three-Dimensional Character Using Psychology with Dr Stephanie Carty character development Aug 07, 2022

Nothing enlivens a story like a three-dimensional character, but creating one isn’t always easy. Dr Stephanie Carty, clinical psychologist and writer of fiction and non-fiction, joined us at...

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Character Development in Novels character development Jul 31, 2022

Character development is essential to any great novel. In any genre of fiction – from action studded with high-speed chases to philosophical contemplations of the human condition –...

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AJ Pearce on Writing a Complex Character character development guest authors Apr 10, 2022

There’s nothing that brings fiction to life like complex characters. To read them is a joy. But to write them… That can be a little trickier. How do you make characters memorable,...

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Character Flaws in Fiction character development Jun 27, 2021

Character flaws are one of the most important ingredients for a gripping story and a memorable protagonist. Whether they’re honourable, ethical good guys, or down-and-out criminals with a...

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Character Mapping and Relationships In Novel Writing character development novel writing process May 23, 2021

How do you make the important decisions when it comes to casting your novel? In this article taken from one of the 100+ lessons of our Ninety Day Novel Course, our Founder and Course Director...

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How to Write Villains for Children’s Books character development novel writing techniques Apr 18, 2021

The villains in children’s books are often what make stories come alive. Good baddies (if you will) capture the imagination – especially of a child. They’re who kids most...

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Rebecca - the Wrong Woman character development hero books Oct 18, 2020

Described by Sarah Waters as one of the most influential novels of all time, the famous opening line of Rebecca (1939) has wooed millions of readers. A bestseller which has never gone out of...

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