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Meet Katie Khan meet the team May 24, 2020

Katie Khan is an author of speculative fiction novels, where science fiction meets romance, and a writing coach at The Novelry. Here Katie Khan tells us about her writing journey. 



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Writing the First Chapter of a Novel novel writing techniques starting to write May 17, 2020

If you’re wondering how to write the first chapter of a novel, we can relate. It’s a big question!

After all, the first chapter of a novel needs to do some heavy lifting to start the...

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Louise Doughty on Writing crime and suspense guest authors Apr 19, 2020

Bestselling author Louise Doughty describes the strange lure of station platforms that inspired her to write the wonderful suspense thriller, her latest book, Platform Seven, published by Faber...

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The Driving Force of Genre novel writing process starting to write Mar 01, 2020

Genre is important when you're writing fiction. It should be one of the first things you consider. It's the first thing an agent assesses on your submissions letter as they start to consider...

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The 21st Century Title novel writing process the title Jan 26, 2020

In the first blog of the series, we took a look at why you should start your novel writing plan with your title rather than pick and mix as you go or pin a tail on the donkey at...

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Book Titles of the Later Twentieth Century novel writing process the title Jan 19, 2020

In the first blog of the series, we saw the dominant form for the novel title prior to the twentieth century was the eponym - or the name of the main character of the story. In the...

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Book Titles of the Twentieth Century. How They Work. the title Jan 12, 2020

In the last blog, we saw the dominant form for the novel title prior to the twentieth century was the eponym - or the name of the main character of the story. To an extent, this is reflective...

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Book Titles. How They Work. novel writing process the title Jan 05, 2020

Welcome to Titology, or the study of titles. In this short series of blogs on the origins of novel titles, I will perform a rude taxonomy to classify the species. For my roll...

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The Title of Your Novel. (Why You Should Start Here.) novel writing process the title Dec 29, 2019

 "In my younger and more vulnerable years," (to borrow from the opening line of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald) I would write a novel, many times over many drafts, discarding huge...

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Orwell's Writing Style novel writing process Nov 10, 2019

In this special blog, we will delve into George Orwell's own development as a writer to greatness.

How did Orwell make the leap from The Clergyman's Daughter to works like Animal Farm and 1984,...

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How to Write a Book About Yourself Oct 19, 2019

Can you write a book about yourself and your own experience? Its one of the questions we get asked the most. You may feel stumped by the question of how to write a book about your life.


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The First Lines of Famous Novels starting to write Oct 10, 2019

The first lines of novels can, understandably, be stressful for writers. We often feel pressure to start with a bang, or beauty, or unparalleled genius. That’s a lot to ask of...

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How To Write a Fantasy Novel - The Battle Scene. fantasy Oct 06, 2019

To the Battle!

The battle in the classics of Tolkien and others is often a bit of a let down.

There’s a long walk, a lot of fine talk, plenty of awe then either the human hero finds an...

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Writing Conflict Between Good and Evil novel writing techniques Sep 29, 2019

It's crucial to invest in the groundwork of story before going on to potter in prose if you mean business (i.e, to sell books.)

Our storytelling foundation course - the Classic course, ...

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