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“I write to be happy.”

Orhan Pamuk, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, 2006.


The Author Tutor for Your Book.

When you join us for any of the Book in a Year plans you will be able to choose your tutor to guide you through completing your book. From the story plan through the finished novel step by step. You'll get the personal guidance you need for your novel with one-to-one sessions for all time zones, and we work unsociable hours - evenings and weekends - because we know you do too. Schedule your working sessions at your convenience. Confidence-building support from your author mentor at every stage of your writing. A working friendship.

Write a Book in Good Company.

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 Take each part of the course at your own speed. Relax. Plenty of time, plenty of support. Our team will follow your progress and help you stay on track. You can schedule your working sessions at your convenience and all calls and reports are recorded and yours to keep. We work across all time zones. You'll be working one-to-one with brilliant minds – bestselling authors and experienced professional editors from the 'Big Five' publishing houses.

If you're seeking the equivalent of a Creative Writing MA or MFA, you should opt for The Finished Novel course. More details here.

You're in safe hands with wise kind professionals who are rooting for your success. 

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Write Your Book With Our Three-Step Process.


For a Stirring Story, Boldly Told.

1. PLAN. First, with the Classic course of 45 'mind-blowing' lessons we start work on the story (and plot) showing you how big stories work. We pair your unique experiences, emotional attachments and desires with the bolder elements of great storytelling. You'll create a unique and original idea expanding the vision for your story daily. A solid foundation for an outstanding story. 

2. WRITE. Then, in the Novel course, we finesse and fine-tune the storyline to check it meets your ambitions. You won’t start writing until you’ve had your first working session with your tutor to check all the bases. We'll keep you on track every step with 100+ daily lessons and regular tutor sessions, every two weeks during your writing or as you prefer. You'll find this a magical and heady period of your life and be delighted with your progress. We'll get that novel done. With joy.

3. REVISE. The Big Edit is a killer course of 50+ lessons to drill that storyline to make it bigger and better than you ever imagined before you refine and revise it line by line. Here's where it becomes 'art'. Working with our editors from the 'Big Five' publishing houses you'll be guided in detail how to raise your manuscript to publishing standard. When we all agree your book is ready, we will pitch your work to our leading global literary agent partners in the UK and the USA on your behalf. We'll get you there, step-by-step. We love to watch your radical and often breathtaking leaps of progress to a 'real book' that can sit proudly on any bookshelf.

ENJOY every phase of this magical year in the company of our worldwide writers' group with weekly writing classes and famous guest author sessions. You'll love your new writing life. Most writers stay with us as members after their year is up and we're here for you, a home from home, for your writing life. 

Writers Love The Novelry.

Warm-hearted. Encouraging. Fun. (We Get That Novel Done!)

Choose your author tutor at The Novelry. Stephen King learnt from John Gould. Ian McEwan, Kazuo Ishiguro, Anne Enright, Gillian Flynn and Tracy Chevalier all took classes with authors. The list is long. Learn from a bestselling author and publishing professionals.  Make a sound investment. Enjoy a great working friendship. Write with confidence happily ever after.


“It has been a revelation. All my life I have wanted to write a novel, but it seemed like an impossible task. How on earth would my tiny brain tell a story that big? I've written countless short stories, radio and TV scripts (all gathering dust in a drawer) but a novel, it was like the equivalent of an ultra marathon and I didn't have the legs for it. Turns out, I did! I have rediscovered the joy of writing, I am kinder to myself (mostly!) and I love being part of a writing community. The one-to-one sessions were invaluable and my tutor gently stopped me from racing down the wrong path at high speed and helped me to identify the heart of my novel. So now, when people ask 'What did you do during lockdown?', I say 'I wrote a novel' and that feels good!” 

Sally Brockway

“Exciting, stimulating and life-changing.”

“Yes, yes, yes! The course makes you search your mind and feelings, and reveals the mental worlds of some of our greatest writers. Most writing courses I have learned about seem to focus on punctuation, presentation and pleasing agents. I cannot recommend it more highly.” 

Elizabeth Holley.

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“Just go for it!”

“If like me you have been coming up with a story or character ideas for years and haven't get found the place to set them free - you need look no further! When I found The Novelry I couldn't believe my luck. The courses are produced in such an engaging, contemporary style that you really feel in safe hands. The course content is clear, fun and inspiring and you won't believe where it takes your imagination to fine-tune your ideas or come up with new ones. There are lots of tools that are used to help you glean information from your own life to use in your idea and this I really enjoyed. Don't question it. Just jump in!”

Laura McFadden.

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