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Novel writing course London
“A fantastic mentor in Louise, whose encouragement has been absolutely brilliant.”

“Taking the Ninety Day novel writing course with The Novelry course has been genuinely transformative for me. The course is encouraging, brilliantly conceived, the daily lessons forge good habits, and Louise is a fantastic coach I completed my first draft on time, surprised myself that I could rise early every single day to write, and genuinely looked forward to the daily lessons. I would recommend it to all fledgeling novelists - thank you Louise!” Judith Wilson, London.

Creative writing course Australia
“The confidence to take my novel to the next level.”

“Whether by chance or design, I completed my novel on the 90th day after beginning the course. Without this course I have no doubt the work would be significantly poorer, and only half completed.  Louise demonstrates an uncanny ability to provide material at the precise moment roadblocks and concerns emerge in the writing. The course is not only full of great writing advice, it delivers not just theory but a real novel at the end of it.” Geoff Parkes, Australia.

Creative writing course London
“The Novelry has been the best thing I decided to do for myself this year.”

“The course as well as the fabulously inspiring and upbeat Louise Dean kept me inspired and motivated and most of all allowed me to believe in myself as a writer. At the end of the course I have a full first draft of my novel and an exceptional kit of writer’s tools going forwards.” Erika Banerji, London.

Creative writing course South London
“I've tried many courses and this is the only one that has given me a novel (that has won awards!) It is probably the greatest investment of time and money I have ever made.”

I have been thinking about, or trying to write, a novel, for most of my adult life. I have never got beyond the all or nothing approach: leave a job, write all day, earn nothing, fail, give it up for a year or six, dream, start again. I have never managed to make it a regular part of my life until now. I would encourage anyone who wants to write a book to try The Novelry” Louise Tucker, UK. (Winner Agora Books Prize, shortlisted Bath Novel Prize.)

Creative writing course London
“It's been ninety amazing days.”

“I always knew I could rely on Louise and/or our online community for support as well as practical tips on how to get re-energised and writing again. Above all the ninety days have got me into a good routine of carving out that all-important writing hour. I will definitely take this with me into the future - after all, it's helped me begin the first draft of a novel I'd been wanting to write for the past thirty years!” Jackie Mendoza, Brighton.

Creative writing course Ireland
“The Novelry has changed my life and given me license to be a writer.”

“The Novelry has exceeded every expectation I had. It has taught me the discipline and the craft of writing and persevering, it has opened my eyes to writing techniques I was not conscious of, and it has made the whole process of writing with all its accompanying self-doubt less lonely and more bearable. I started on this course knowing that I had to do something, just anything, to kick-start my writing, and I never expected it to be this fabulous and life-changing.” Elena Cheah, Berlin.

Creative writing course Surrey.

“I wrote a first draft. Still can’t believe it. Realizing that I could find an hour a day to write, and that a novel can be built in 90 days, was empowering. I have gained confidence in writing. I feel so happy to be writing again and doing something for myself. I feel I have a new support network. I wish I’d done it ages ago and I’d like to spread the love! I’m proud to be part of this incredible community of writers.” Lucy Coles, UK.

Creative writing course America
“I have wonderful support from Louise herself in our one-on-ones - they are like giant, virtual hugs.”

“The lessons are extremely fun and engaging, as is the community built around them. Louise always seems to get me ‘unstuck’ with her advice and suggestions. The formula she’s created to get your novel onto the page is a simple one, and if followed, it really works. If you have a novel in you that’s trying to get out, I highly recommend Louise Dean and The Novelry.” Lauren Vosbein, USA.

Creative writing course UK
“It’s amazing.”

“The Novelry is a thoughtfully structured course that provides excellent support for writers working on a novel. Louise’s advice comes from a place of experience and heart. She instils confidence in people. I have come further with this new manuscript in the past two months than I would have thought possible.” Alison Powell, UK.

Creative writing course Ireland
“It really is the best thing I’ve done for my novel.”

“I began with an idea in mind, but watching that idea evolve and take its life into its own hands has been a mystical experience to say the least. This course is just as much about the personal experience of the writing as it is about the novel itself, and that’s something new for me, and the crucial difference between this and other courses. When I think not only about the end-product, but also about day-to-day writing experience it sparks a curiosity that goes well beyond what the characters are up to. It’s a personal exploration as well, and the course is as much about that as it is about craft (which it is also very much about!)” Andrea Holck, UK.

Creative writing course Brisbane
“Louise’s support is amazing, and her insights phenomenal.”

“I highly recommend The Novelry! It has stopped my procrastination (in this it has been worth every cent). Plus, I feel it has given me permission to take myself seriously as a writer. Louise’s support is amazing, and her insights phenomenal. It has been exactly what I’ve needed.” Marg Scown, Australia.

Creative writing course Ireland
“You will work hard, but have fun.”

“Satisfaction and 90,000+ words! First, it is a lot of fun. Second, it provides a blueprint and a structure on how to get the novel written. Third, it isn’t a grind. There is encouragement to finish, but this isn’t like boot camp where you are thrashed until you are done. And at the end, there is that first draft of the novel you always wanted to write.” Walter Smith, USA.

Creative writing course Ireland
“The Ninety Day Novel course went far beyond being the top-rated, novel-writing ‘course’. It’s a course, as in life-altering."

“The ninety-day concept and the daily drip ensured that I showed up every single day. And I did. Best of all, I looked forward to it. As a first-time fiction writer, it's given me confidence that I can be a novelist.” Noel Gama, India.

Creative writing course
“The Novelry is unlike any other writing course.”

“Yes it is disciplined, the content is great and the standard of teaching, high. But the magic is that there is a kindness here that makes you want to get up and bring your best self to the page every day.” Vanessa Zampiga, UK.

Creative writing course
“I love The Novelry.”

“Having a first draft under my belt now is a wonderful thing. I recommend the 90-day novel course highly - for the high quality of instruction, for its practical focus, and for its inspiring, nurturing environment (coupled with healthy doses of fun and humor). If you’re serious about writing (and finishing!) your novel, this is the one for you. It’s given me the tools I needed to finish a first draft and move my work forward. I feel much more confident about the whole writing enterprise now!” Anna Hewitt, USA.

Creative writing course
“A wonderful course!”

“I have loved every minute of it. You gave me permission to write and the tools to do it. Thank you! After mulling my novel idea over in my head (and occasionally on paper) over the previous six years, I am finally writing it. I have a finished first draft and a plan to go forward. The support of Louise and the other writers, makes the whole process so enjoyable.” Ruth Husain, UK.

Creative writing course
“The Ninety Day Novel course has given me the knowledge, inspiration and support I need to put pen to paper day after day.”

“I didn't know where or how to begin writing a novel when I began the course. But I knew I had a story inside me. And being part of a community of writers has been absolutely amazing. The video diaries from Louise were fantastic as they gave me the practical knowledge I needed every step of the way. I’ve now written over two thirds of my book and am racing towards the finishing line! If you’re serious about writing a novel and getting published I can’t recommend the Novel in Ninety enough.” Myfanwy Milward, UK.

Creative writing course
“Louise Dean has created something quite extraordinary.”

“A dynamic, online writing course that engages the head and the heart, builds community, and helps this easily distracted writer stay on course.” Shelley Motz, Canada.

Creative writing course Ireland
“Your advice comes from real talent and experience.”

“With The Novelry you have personal guidance from a successful published author. There is a huge amount of very helpful material coming daily from this site. This is a course that will get you writing every day.” Linda Griffin, Dublin.

Creative writing course
“I highly recommend”

“If you love writing, The Novelry course helps you immerse yourself in your imaginary world. It provides you with the tools, structure and guidance to capture your ideas and translate them into a book readers will pick up. The Novelry welcomed me into a wonderful community where you can share work and give and receive feedback. The one-to-one chat with Louise helped me focus, provided me with a much needed confidence boost and gave me a plan. Louise works relentlessly to provide exciting outlets and opportunities to showcase work whether it is competitions or the chance of a VIP fast track to the top of her partner agents’ submission piles.” Emily Grice, UK.

Creative writing course Ireland
“It’s honest and supportive and Louise will get you through.”

“I recommend this course to every writer who has ever struggled to just get on with it. Louise has a deep understanding of those everyday issues that can make a beginning novelist feel they aren’t cut out for it. The truth is that many successful novelists have experienced the same issues and this course not only addresses the writing itself, but the many things that can hold back the beginning novelist back.” Jacqui Putnam, UK.

Creative writing course Ireland
“The Novelry has given a huge boost to my writing.”

“From encouraging me to taking myself seriously as a writer to helping me extract my novel out of my head and onto the page. It is a course that provides nourishment for writers - that intriguing combination of support, motivation and inspiration which allows every fragile, self-doubting writer to fly.” Hannah Dolby, UK.

Creative writing course
“Before The Novelry...I didn't believe in myself.”

“Before The Novelry, I must have started writing six or seven novels. I abandoned them all. I didn’t believe in myself, I could not focus my thoughts, and I second-guessed every decision I made, even in the first draft. Louise has taught me the value of patience and giving myself a break. She’s taught me how to plot, plan, and make use of every Eureka moment I have during my first draft. And she’s introduced me to other writers and made my journey less lonely. Thank you.” Adam Langley, UK.

Creative writing course Ireland
“Joining The Novelry community has been an uplifting, life-changing experience. I'm planning on sticking around.”

“I researched several online courses and spoke to friends who had done this or that course. I reckon The Novelry is the best value for money, Louise’s experience and her honesty is great; and there’s this community spirit...I feel like I’m part of a family.” Lily Rosetta Jones, UK.

Creative writing course London
“Utterly brilliant. Life-changing, in fact.”

“The course, the community and the guide, Louise, are the best things that have ever happened to the writer in me. If you’re serious about writing a novel, don’t let it roll about for 10 years. Write it in a season, while it’s fresh and you’re on fire. DO THIS COURSE! I challenge you not to fall in love with it.” Rashmi Sirdeshpande, UK.

Creative writing course Leeds
“Extremely enlightening.”

“Having the curtain pulled back regarding how a novel is crafted and why is taking me to new and great places.” Sean Agnew, USA.

Creative writing course review Europe
“It’s been a life-giving, powerful experience, and I cannot shut up about it”

“If you are thinking of signing up, don’t think twice. It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. After six years of labouring on my book, I ended up with a first draft and a story that still blows my mind when I think about it. Louise is not only an expert on the craft of writing, she is also incredibly smart, witty, creative and an absolute joy to work with. Her feedback was honest, yet always supportive. The Novelry is my favourite place on the internet, and I think it might become yours too.” Anna Verena Brandt, Norway.

Creative writing course Cardiff Wales
“Life-changing. Game-changing. Me-changing.”

“I learned to write with joy and conviction, without censoring or second guessing myself. The course keeps you accountable and constantly moving forward. You don’t feel like you have to compete with others. Someone else’s success does not steal bread from your mouth but rather shows you where the bakery is. It delivers so much more than you ever hoped for. Not just a novel in 90 days but the belief that there is so much to come when the 90 days is up. The whole experience has been life affirming and life changing.” Alex Ireson, UK.

Creative writing course Cambridge
“I know it sounds a bit crazy but doing this course really has changed my life.”

“It’s given me the confidence to get on and do what I’ve always wanted to do. I am so pleased I did this course; it really is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have completed the first draft of a novel. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Louise is a supportive and insightful tutor and the daily lessons brim with enthusiasm, knowledge, and years of experience. Louise shares her own writing journey throughout the ninety days, which makes this a really special course. If you want to write a novel then sign up, follow the course, and you will get it done.” Jo Martin, UK.

“The Novelry has literally saved my life.”

“For the first time I feel like I can write and complete and publish a novel and it’s not some desperate pipe dream. The Novelry is not just a warm community of writers helping writers, but also a very detailed, informative, step by step (and I mean that literally) guide to writing a novel from start to finish. And it works! So wherever you are in your writing process, whether your a plotter or a pantser, there’s more than enough material in this course to get you through your writing process right to the very end.” Ngozi Amadi, Nigeria.

Creative writing course Edinburgh
“I can't recommend The Novelry highly enough.”

“After getting a publishing deal for my debut novel, I found myself feeling burnt out and uncertain which of my novel ideas to pursue next. I needed to shake my writing process up and put the fun and joy back into it. I needed to allow myself to be imperfect again, after a long process of fine-tuning my previous novel. A month into the Ninety Day Plan and I am back in love with writing! So for anyone thinking of taking the plunge - do it! Louise is a fantastic guide and teacher and she really has brought something new to the creative writing course scene.” Tracey Emerson, UK.

“A Wonderful Tonic.”

“The Ninety Day Novel course helped spur me to complete my second published novel on time and to deadline... as well as the motivation to actually push on to type 'The End.' The Novelry is a wonderful (and educational!) tonic.” Katie Khan, London.

“The moral encouragement that I just hadn't found on any other course I'd taken.”

“Louise is so supportive and encouraging. I joined the course with slumped shoulders, feeling so miserable about the fact that I couldn’t make the novel I was writing work. Louise is honest, firm and very kind and generous with her time. I’m a much better writer having completed the course and, most importantly, gained the confidence I needed to ditch the work in progress and begin work on a new novel that I really care about. I’d recommend the course to anyone.” Clare Rees, UK.

Creative writing course review Europe
“Louise is a fantastic and inspiring teacher - and working alongside her brings a whole next level to the teaching that is really engaging.”

“I had a total lack of faith in my ability to write fiction and a feeling that I didn’t have time for writing before I took the course. The constant reminders of how other writers work - and struggle to write - was so motivating. It shows you it is possible to fit it in. I loved the general community atmosphere and personal feel to the course. The vlogs and daily lessons were so well pitched to where I was at almost every time. It’s an excellent course and I’ve evangelised about it to lots of friends.” Kate Burt, UK.

“A tremendous asset to me.”

“The Novelry has been a tremendous asset to me as I embark on writing my first novel. The teaching from Louise is warm, engaging and relevant and having the support of the other members really makes you feel part of a writing community.” Vicki Clark, UK.

Creative writing course Ireland
“It’s an amazing resource for an aspiring writer to ‘belong’ to something like The Novelry.”

“I came to this course with one, finished, novel. I was unsure if it was of any value, and no-one had read it. I took a chance, and started something completely new with Louise, finding a new genre and a completely new direction. Even if I am never published, I now value what I write.” David Eastwood, UK.

creative writing course

“For anyone who loves writing or perhaps wants to give it a go, this is the course for you. Compared to many writing courses, it’s great value - and it works! For the first time ever, I have a first draft of 72,000 words in my hands. And, just as good, I have a group of clever, funny people that I can write alongside. There’s no feeling like getting up each day and feeling the ideas come to you as fast as you can get them on the page.” Jane Tingle, UK.

Creative writing course Arizona
“Louise Dean has developed a program that will fit writing into your life.”

“It is simple, fun and educational. Her tech is top notch, which makes a big difference to me. I look forward to doing the lessons every morning. Best of all, the focus is entirely on writing your novel, and Louise’s ‘crew’ provide great support and entertainment.” Kelly O’Connor, USA.

Creative writing course UK
“This course absolutely grabs you by the horns and gives you permission to write.”

“The Novelry has planted the seeds to a new way of life for me. I would still be talking about my book now if it wasn’t for Louise and the whole support network of the members. It’s happening. I am even referring to myself as a writer now. No quote marks required!” Niki Hamilton, UK.

Creative writing course Leeds
“Oh the joy!”

“I found the vlogs brilliant and reassuring. The support and love I’ve received from Louise and the members has been phenomenal. As for confidence in my writing, I know I am a much better writer than I was three months ago. I have a novel, an actual manuscript that I can work into a publishable piece of fiction. I do not function well without routine so establishing one for writing has been a wonderful, enlightening, uplifting, humbling, exciting, magical experience. I have loved it and I am very much looking forward to doing it again. And again. And again.” Anna Pye, UK.

Creative writing course London
“It works! I wrote a first draft of nearly 70,000 words!”

“And it’s a usable first draft, with a solid structure and theme that I can build on. Knowing there was new material every day really encouraged me to show up daily and to produce work. I have a great sense of achievement. I’m a great believer in instant gratification, and this course gets you producing work straight away. No stopping to edit for critique like on more formal courses, and no need to spend time critiquing others until you are ready to. Just a wonderful smooth and steady progress towards producing your own work.” Cate Guthleben, UK.

Creative writing course Blackpool
“Joining The Novelry was just the move I needed to make.”

“It provides quick clear guidance and confidence to actually get on with what you promised yourself you would do. Write a book. Louise has been there and done that, and she knows what you are experiencing every step of the way. It’s like writing with your own little group of supportive fans who are behind you all the way. If you need that push to get going, ‘The Ninety Day Novel’ is a great step to take.” David Hogarth, UK.

Creative writing course Preston
“I’m so glad I found Louise’ course, it was exactly what I needed to enable me to stay motivated and get my novel finished.”

“I love the daily posts and it’s interesting watching an established author such as Louise going through the process of getting her next novel down at the same time as her students. With Louise, you have a fabulous tutor, mentor and friend all in one, and I’d highly recommend anyone struggling to get their novel finished to check out the course.” Janice Cumberlidge, UK.

Creative writing course London N1
“I am thrilled to have written my novel in 90 days. In fact it was 82 days.”

“It was highly motivating to be part of a literary movement whose promise was to not let anything stand in our way. Thanks to Louise and the rest of the crew for their ongoing support.” Babar Javed, UK.

Creative writing course Scotland.
“Best writing course ever!”

“The course itself offers advice and guidance that is practical, down to earth and based on solid research and experience. I have learnt so much about myself as a writer in the last few months and gained so much in confidence. Cannot praise The Novelry highly enough. I looked forward to seeing the posts each day and they not only offered great advice and steps to follow but reminded me that I’m a writer who writes... daily. Wow! Louise is a gifted facilitator. This course has made me really think about what I want to achieve with this book and has given me the confidence to stretch myself far more than I thought possible.” Sara Bailey, UK.

Creative writing course Surrey.
“A welcome home for writers. It works.”

“The daily support and your personal guidance and encouragement make The Novelry a unique place. It helps me believe I will get that novel written.” Helena Rasenberg, Italy.

Creative writing course Surrey.
“This journey is first class travel.”

“Your travel companions become your kinfolk. The surroundings are plush and beautifully designed. The view every morning is new, your energy is high, you travel fast, trust the voyage to reveal what it needs to and leave behind the voices that have held you back. I managed to leave the inner critic behind very early in the process. That’s down to Louise. I don’t know how she did it, but it’s the first time ever.” Sam Hudson, UK.

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