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Writing a novel? Get advice, tips and plot twists to get that novel done.

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Writing a novel?

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creative writing tips

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creative writing tips

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creative writing tips

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Lacy Blake-Vetter

“The novel you always wanted.”

“Satisfaction and 90,000+ words! First, it is a lot of fun. Second, it provides a blueprint and a structure on how to get the novel written. Third, it isn’t a grind. You will work hard but have fun. There is encouragement to finish, but this isn’t like boot camp where you are thrashed until you are done. And at the end, there is that first draft of the novel you always wanted to write.”

—Walter Smith

Lacy Blake-Vetter


“What does life-changing mean? I could tell, about two weeks after starting the course, that something within me was surfacing and getting stronger. Im becoming a different person, a stronger person, because of this course, getting the story down. It was breathtaking in the best of ways. I’m still reeling.”

—Matti Hicks

Lacy Blake-Vetter

“It has changed my life.”

“I have been a binge writer for over thirty years, committing thousands and thousands of words to projects I never saw through. Then I found The Novelry. WOW, a cornucopia of thought-provoking sessions and exercises that stretched me beyond my comfort zone and resulted in a first draft I never thought I’d ever be able to write. And, just as predicted, I really did quickly start to come to my writing with confidence and joy. It has changed my life because now I really do see myself as a writer and I am eternally thankful that I found The Novelry.”

—Lucy Barker

“All aboard a different kind of writing school.”                                                                       


Irish Times

“Recommended by leading literary agencies.”                                                                 



“The Novelry – from the twinkling of an idea through to a publishing-ready novel.”



“A remarkable world-wide writing school [...] with classes run by tutors including brilliant authors and former editors from Penguin Random House.”                              

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