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Writing a novel?

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Second Novel Syndrome

Kirstin Chen on Writing Three Novels, Including Counterfeit

The Blair Partnership: Agents’ Submission Wishlist

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry and the Best Book-to-Screen A...

A. A. Dhand on Writing a Page-Turner

L.R. Lam on Writing Across Genres

Rebecca Ley on Writing The Trip

How to Write a Romance Novel

Worldbuilding: Who, What, Where, Why & How

The Octopus Scheme 2023

How to Start Writing a Book

5 Creative Writing Prompts to Develop Your Craft

What Is Chekhov’s Gun and How Can You Use It?

The Elements of Yann Martel’s Writing Life

Pacing a Novel: Practical Tips

How Beth O’Leary Writes Her Bestsellers

Writing a Novel

The Best Creative Writing Classes

What is UpLit?

Becky Hunter’s Success Story

Writing A Book About Your Life

Trident Media Group Submissions: Ten Tips for a Perfect Package

Internal and External Conflict in Fiction

Juno Dawson: Writer and Juggler

Writing Competitions 2023

Narrative Perspective

Writing Tips From Authors

How to Write a Book

creative writing tips

How to Write Dialogue in Fiction

creative writing tips

Top Twenty Childrens Fiction Books

creative writing tips

How to Open a Novel With Literary Agent Marilia Savvides

creative writing tips

How to Write a Fantasy Series

creative writing tips

The Best Books For Writers

creative writing tips

How To Create Tension With a Moral Dilemma

creative writing tips

How to Write a Synopsis

creative writing tips

Overcoming Doubt With Rachel Joyce

creative writing tips

Writing for Children with Piers Torday

creative writing tips

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers

creative writing tips

How to Introduce a Character

creative writing tips

What Do Editors Do? The Editorial Process.

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