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How to Write a Book Pitch (and Why it Matters)

Five Reasons Why You Need a Writing Community

How to be a Good Storyteller: 5 Tips to Take You from Idea to Story

Rooting for the Bad Guy: The Definition of an Antihero

What is Dramatic Irony?

Exposition in a Story

What is a Literary Agent?

How Many Words in a Novel? Word Counts by Genre

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How to Get a Book Published: 10 Steps

How to Write a Mystery: 10 Tips From Robin Stevens

How To Write Supporting Characters That Readers Love

Kate Gray’s Success Story

Seven Best Fantasy Settings For Your Novel

S J Watson Is Serialising A Novel on Substack

Emylia Hall’s Journey to Happy Writing

Are You Ready? When To Query Agents

Jennifer Saint on Greek Myth Retellings

Sarah Pearse on Writing The Sanatorium

Second Novel Syndrome

Kirstin Chen on Writing Three Novels, Including Counterfeit

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry and the Best Book-to-Screen A...

A. A. Dhand on Writing a Page-Turner

L.R. Lam on Writing Across Genres

Rebecca Ley on Writing The Trip

How to Write a Romance Novel

Worldbuilding: Who, What, Where, Why & How

The Octopus Scheme 2023

How to Start Writing a Book

creative writing tips

How to Write Dialogue in Fiction

creative writing tips

Top Twenty Childrens Fiction Books

creative writing tips

How to Open a Novel With Literary Agent Marilia Savvides

creative writing tips

How to Write a Fantasy Series

creative writing tips

The Best Books For Writers

creative writing tips

How To Create Tension With a Moral Dilemma

creative writing tips

How to Write a Synopsis

creative writing tips

Overcoming Doubt With Rachel Joyce

creative writing tips

Writing for Children with Piers Torday

creative writing tips

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers

creative writing tips

How to Introduce a Character

creative writing tips

What Do Editors Do? The Editorial Process.

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