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Our Writing Course Program

Only The Novelry offers the step-by-step creative writing pathway with personal coaching and guidance from bestselling author mentors and publishing editors from The Big Five publishing houses to keep you motivated and on-track towards becoming a published author. Get the one-to-one support you need, whether youre writing a childrens book, a memoir or a novel for adults or young adults in any fiction genre. Beginners warmly welcomed. Don’t miss your chance to finally hold that book in your hands.


Wherever you are in your writing journey, we’ve got the creative writing course plan for you. Our carefully designed plans guide writers through the writing journey. We offer a 3-stage writing course program which follows the creative writing path of published authors. Our most popular plan is – The Finished Novel – for the entire 3-stage program culminating in a full manuscript read with The Ultimate Manuscript Assessment, a report from our publishing editor team to prepare you for our bespoke submission service to literary agencies to enter the publishing process. 

1. Create your story

Learn the art of storytelling and create the world of your story with The Classic Course

2. Write your novel

Write a first draft of your novel all the way to The End with personal coaching with The Ninety Day Novel Course

3. Edit your book

Achieve publishing standards with editorial guidance with The Big Edit Course

Our Writing Course Plans

The combined plans offer a structured year-long program to meet your needs with lessons you can take at your own pace and flexible private coaching you can schedule to suit your busy lifestyle. All plans include access for a year and membership with over 40 live writing classes a month.

The Novel Kickstarter is best suited to those beginning their creative writing journey or writing a new novel and includes the first 2 stages of our 3–stage program.


The Novel Development Plan is suited to those who have begun writing a novel and stalled or got stuck, or those with some chapters they are keen to develop to publishing standards. It includes the last 2 stages of our 3stage program.

For those keen to take the entire 3–stage program with a full assessment from our editorial team, we recommend The Finished Novel. It is suitable for complete beginners and more experienced writers seeking to reach publishing standards.

The Novel Kickstarter

Start writing your novel. Come up with an idea, create the world of your story and write a first draft of a novel.

The Classic Course, The Ninety Day Novel Course, Coaching, Membership.

$1699 / £1399 ($169 / £139 monthly)

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The Novel Development Plan

Complete a first draft and edit to publishing standards.

The Ninety Day Novel Course, The Big Edit, Coaching, Membership.

$1865 / £1550 ($175 / £149 monthly)

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The Finished Novel 

The complete writer career path from start to finish. 

Create, write and finish a novel to publishing standards for our submission to literary agents.

The Classic Course, The Ninety Day Novel Course, The Big Edit, The Ultimate Manuscript Assessment, Coaching, Membership.

$3349 / £2750 ($299 / £239 monthly)

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Our most popular plans.

The Individual Courses

Our individual writing courses are self-paced with step-by-step guidance in lessons and videos delivered on a beautiful online learning platform and personal coaching.

All courses include a years access.


Our courses include membership of our worldwide writing community with live weekly writing classes for a year, after which it’s easy and affordable to extend your access to your plan to stay with us.

1. The Classic Course

Membership (1 year)
55 lessons
Coaching Session

A foundation in the art of storytelling.

$599 / £499

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2. The Ninety Day Novel Course

Membership (1 year)
100 lessons
6 Coaching Sessions

Write a novel with personal coaching sessions. 

Three payments of $399 / £333

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3. The Big Edit

Membership (1 year)
50 lessons
2 Editorial Sessions

With professional publishing editors. 

$999 / £799

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Next Steps For Your Career Path

If you’re seeking to secure a literary agent and embark on a writing career as a published author, our services can take you all the way to achieving your ambition. With guidance and support on the publishing process, giving you all you need to polish your novel to pitch-perfect and enter our submissions process to present your work to our world-class literary agency partners.


If you are a seasoned writer, wanting to make the very best start on your next novel, avoiding some pitfalls, playing to your strengths and aiming for literary and commercial success, plan your next novel with The Advanced Course. Consider The Ultimate Manuscript Assessment if you have a novel you have drafted and re-drafted and are now seeking professional guidance to prepare to enter the publishing process.

The Advanced Course 

One year access.

To prepare and outline your next best novel with expert guidance from a Booker-listed author. Includes a years membership and writing classes. Available with personal coaching sessions too.

$499 / £399

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The Ultimate Manuscript Assessment

An in-depth assessment of your manuscript with a comprehensive report, a marked-up manuscript and a 45-minute live session from professional editors with experience at major publishing houses. 

$1825 / £1499

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What makes The Novelry different?

Look inside The Novelry and youll see we offer so much more than a writing course.

We are the worlds premier specialist novel writing school, recommended by leading literary agencies in recognition of the quality of our graduates high writing standards.

With live writing classes and a warm and welcoming online community, we offer the full campus experience, online and at home. No other course offers the level of personal coaching and feedback from successful current bestselling authors and publishing professionals. Start a new chapter of your life at The Novelry. 

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