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Our Fiction Writing Courses and Packages

The Novelry offers a range of fiction writing courses. Wherever you are in your writing journey, we’ve got the online creative writing course for you.

Our carefully designed online courses guide writers through the complete career path to becoming a published author. They have been rated the best online writing courses by independent bodies like The BookFox and Intelligent and are the fiction writing courses most recommended by writers with five-star reviews. Youre in safe hands.

Unlike other courses, our in person coaching on our novel writing course allows you to customise your course so that whether youre writing a childrens book, a memoir or a novel for adults or young adults in any fiction genre, you can write with a successful published author writing in your area.

We offer genre-specific online workshops to work with other writers, a buzzing and warm-hearted community of fellow students, an online community for sharing work for constructive feedback and plenty of online resources at your fingertips for an active and rewarding writing life.


So whether you’re ready to commit to the complete journey or want to take the short courses individually, we’ve got you covered with a range of exciting and inspiring options available for all currencies worldwide. (While we show UK£ and USD $, all currencies are accepted and converted at checkout without extra fees.)

Our program is really simple. It’s a 3-step process, beginning with building a great story to get your creative juices flowing (with The Classic Course), followed by writing the first full draft fast with our full support (The Ninety Day Novel Course) and concluding with revising that draft to publishing standards (with The Big Edit).

Most writers choose to combine our writing courses with a discounted plan and save money on the price of the individual courses when purchased separately and enjoy the instalment payment plans too. Plus with our plans, you will get access to all course lessons to take at your own pace immediately. 

Our fully online fiction writing courses all come with access for a year, after which it’s easy and affordable to extend your access to the course and membership from just £19.99 or $29.99 a month.


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Creative Writing Courses for Beginners

If you’re uncertain where to start, you’re just beginning and want to develop your fiction writing skills, or you’re a reader who’d like to learn about how authors write their books, we’ve got tailored creative writing courses for you. 

As well as moving beyond a basic understanding of the building blocks of a great story, you can enjoy the benefits of a writing community and lively group discussions and writing classes every week.

snowglobe with books and writing objects inside to represent our classic online writing class

The Classic Course

The online writing classes in our Classic Course explore the secrets of the all-time bestselling novels to help you craft your own story as you get started with fiction writing. A variety of writing tasks develop the focus and motivation you need to progress your idea into a brilliant story.

Just add membership to join the world’s favourite writing group for more creative writing tips and an online writing community!

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Once Upon a Time to The End

You’ve always wanted to write a book but you were always too busy. There’s never a good time to write a book, but now there’s a good place, and you can take it at your own pace.

In these online creative writing courses, you’ll not only learn creative writing techniques and find your unique voice, but get the support and structure you need to write your happy ending. Don’t miss your chance to finally hold that book in your hands.

You will have full access for a year after which you can extend your access affordably on a special graduates rate for monthly or annual basis.

a snowglobe with a miniature lounge within representing our Book in a Year online creative writing course

The Book in a Year ®

Get access to our three-step program with our core online creative writing courses, coaching and community with The Book in a Year ® plan and save money with this combined package also available in instalment payment plans.

You’ll enjoy structured writing assignments and coaching from established writers and editors as you progress through our three courses step by step. It all comes together to form a fully guided pathway through the writing process, from initial inspiration to a completed book.

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a snowglobe with a red seat placed in front of a library of books

The Finished Novel Course

The career path for authors. Our 3-step program to ensure you create, write and finish your first novel or memoir to publishing standards with coaching from a successful writer, in-depth and extensive feedback on your work as you write, and a full manuscript assessment from professional editors. Of our creative writing courses this is the most supportive, perfect for beginners and for seasoned writers who want to take their stories to literary agents to kickstart a writing career as a published author.

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Getting That Novel Done!

It’s time. You’ve got your idea, you’ve started on your novel and now you need confidence, motivation and structure to develop memorable characters, pace your plot and get your novel finished. 

These online writing courses are perfect for those with some experience of writing who are looking for that final push and a welcoming online writing community of fellow writers. Writers with a novel they have started or a first draft they still wish to develop will choose The Novel Development Plan. 

A snowglobe with a domestic interior representing our Ninety Day Novel fiction writing classes

The Ninety Day Novel ®

This online course has over 100 creative writing classes and author coaching covering a broad range of course materials. From plot structure to character development, it covers the whole writing process.

Here, you’ll  get your first draft done and dusted. The End.

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A snowglobe with an interior split into two distinct halves with domestic interiors representing our novel development online fiction writing course

Novel Development Plan

This creative writing course is designed to see you finish what you’ve started. Many courses taught on creative writing stop at the first finished draft, but this one supports you as you edit your novel and take it to publishing standard with professional publishing editors.

It combines course materials from The Ninety Day Novel Course and The Big Edit to get you to your last draft.

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Becoming a Published Author

If you’re seeking a writing career as a published author, these are the best online writing courses to take you all the way to literary agents and a publishing contract.

They provide guidance and support on the publishing process, giving you all you need on your journey to finding a literary agent and getting published.

featured image for the Big Edit a snowglobe with an image of a dining lounge within it

The Big Edit

These online writing classes are perfect for creative writers who’ve got a first draft fully completed and need to edit their own writing to publishing standards with editorial guidance. The lessons allow for a flexible schedule. Youll work with professional publishing editors and enjoy feedback on your work from our team and at the advanced workshop from other students.

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an image of a pill with the top half red and the bottom half transparent and filled with books representing our manuscript assessment online fiction writing instruction

Ultimate Manuscript Assessment

An in-depth assessment of your novel from professional publishing editors. Includes time with one of our editorial team formerly from famous publishing houses such as Penguin Random House.

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The Advanced Creative Writing Course

The Advanced Creative Writing Course is designed to help experienced writers write their best book yet – whether this is their second novel or their sixth. Make sure to pick the perfect pitch, craft the perfect hook, and write to your highest potential with expert fast-track insights for a page-turning new novel.

The advanced fiction writing course is represented by a gold-tinged snowglobe with two gold books inside and spotlights shining on them

The Advanced Writing Course

Get ready to write your best novel yet with 30 ‘insider’ lessons and writing exercises from a Booker Prize-listed writer coach.

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Compare the course plans

We offer 3 courses in our 3-step program from a foundation in storytelling to develop a powerful idea through to publishing standards with The Classic Course, followed by The Ninety Day Novel and The Big Edit.

You can combine the courses to suit your needs, and save up to 20% on individual course prices when you buy a bundled package or plan. Plus you have access to all lessons, and coaching, immediately with a plan.

Our more comprehensive plans, for those taking the complete journey to a finished novel, are available in instalment payment plans of 3 payments or monthly payments to help you spread the cost.

All plans include membership and a year of access after which you can continue membership for just $29.99 or £19.99 a month. Or you can retain access to your entire plan, keeping any unused coaching sessions too for just $50 or £45 a month or less.

Take a look inside our courses

Your self-paced courses are served on a beautiful online platform with video, texts, interactive tools and downloads. 

Plus, you get access to an online writing group for fiction writers that’s like Facebook, without the Facebook! We offer a safe, secure, closed space where writers can be themselves, share their writing journey and make new friends. Easy to use, even for the less technical, you’ll love coming home to the wonderful world of The Novelry.

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