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Our Structured and Supportive Book Writing Course

Our three-stage fiction writing program will see you write your own book in a year with the online writing courses created by a Booker Prize-listed author.

Most writers can write, but so many struggle with storytelling. Successful writers understand that to get published you'll need to start with a great book idea, one that presents both the reader and writer with an exciting challenge, stimulating enough to engage you both to keep coming back to your book day in, day out.

A story usually begins when someone gifted, fortunate or unfortunate, wants something they can’t have. The more urgent or unattainable their desire, the better your story.

We’re here to help you create the idea for your book and to help you stay on track with the ultimate accountability partner of The Novelry where our triple action program of courses, coaching and community will ensure you write your book.

Here’s your opportunity to develop storytelling skills with writing tools that will change the way you write and move you step-by-step towards getting your book published. This time next year, after many years of hoping against hope, to find the right time or space to write, you could be holding your book in your hands. 

The Book in a Year plan offers online writing course materials you can take at your own pace, a year’s worth of support from a personal writing coach, live online writing classes to keep you focused, sessions with bestselling authors, and a friendly community of fellow writers.

If you’re a first time writer whos always wanted to write a book but you don’t know where to start, or you’re struggling to complete your book and you want structure, dedicated support and expert guidance, this is the writing course for you. Find the mental space to define your writing process and develop good habits and a professional fiction writing style. Embrace the writing life with a fierce and fabulous writing community at your side, wherever you are.

Our amazing course will guide you from building the world of your story, outlining your book idea and strengthening the plot, to writing the first draft and editing it with expert guidance from our professional editors. It has everything you need to take your story from your first  draft to ‘The End’. 

We look forward to giving you a very warm welcome to The Novelry.

The course at a glance


6 personal writer coaching sessions and 2 editorial sessions devoted to you and your story.

Three Courses

Our step-by-step program with The Classic Course, The Ninety Day Novel and The Big Edit courses.

Writing Classes

The writing group for novelists with weekly online live writing classes and special guest events.

A Years Access

A self-paced program with easy annual or monthly extension thereafter at special members' rates.

The Book in a Year ®

Our 3-stage online writing course program.

This structured and supportive program takes you through our three online creative writing courses on our online learning platform with one-to-one coaching with a published author. We’ll help your write a book, step by step, to a professional publishing industry standard in the company of your fellow writers from all over the world with live online classes every week. Our writing courses have more five star reviews from writers than any other creative writing courses.

Diagram shaped like a pen illustrating how our online courses help you write a book
Featured image for the first of our award winning online creative writing courses

1. The Classic Course

This is the foundation stage for our online writing courses, giving you the ingredients to prepare for the writing process.

Take a deep dive into spellbinding fiction to learn the secret storytelling code of the classic bestselling books of all time. You’ll learn to combine the familiar with the unfamiliar to develop a story idea that’s uniquely and powerfully yours. Think of this first course as the incubator for your ideas. You’ll find that storytelling is about the way we engage the reader in a suspension of belief, to lure them sentence by sentence into an alternative parallel universe where fiction beats reality.

Delve into the dark arts of storytelling and discover why writing fiction is about so much more than your use of the written word. (Which is why Stephen King outsells Mr Nabokov any day of the week.) Your very first class begins with the three features of a powerful story.

By the end, you’ll have your idea and all you need to start to write your book.

Suggested 1-2 months. 

2. The Ninety Day Novel Course

It’s time to start writing.

You’ll develop your writing process with achievable daily writing tasks, developing the outline and plot structure to write your first book in the same way a published author would. The online learning platform will drip-feed you a lesson a day for to spur you on from first chapter to final chapter, enriching your character development, banishing writer’s block, and elevating your writing style with perfectly timed guidance. Don’t worry, you'll have the very best accountability partner with regular one-to-one author coaching sessions to keep you focused in your writing, as week by week, you get your story down on paper. Received wisdom says it takes three months – or ninety days – to form a habit. We’ll make sitting down to write feel like a magical slice of time in the day that’s only for you. Rather than giving you a strict daily word count goal, we recommend writing for one hour a day. Using insider novel writing techniques and interactive tools like our one page planning method, you’ll watch everything you imagine become words on the page as you write chapter after chapter. Making writing time a part of your daily routine is where a writing career starts and in just ninety days you could have a complete draft of your novel.

Suggested 3 months.

Image of a snowglobe containing a home office representing one of our online writing courses
A snowglobe containing a home studio representing one of our online writing courses

3. The Big Edit

Take your manuscript to a professional publishing standard with the carefully structured course for writers who are ready to turn a first draft into a first book through our guided editing process. The course is overseen by our editorial services team who will get your story into shape before you revise it. Theyll take a look at the outline for the entire book, and start by rebooting the pitch to re-structure for page-turning plot prowess.

The lessons in this writing course will help you further finesse the plot, binding character development to theme and nailing the midpoint. We cover the book writing skills that produce the best stories – from our own narrative structure The Five Fs ® to our powerful prose method Lucid Compression ®. We’ll show you how to elevate your prose one sentence at a time, delving into minutiae from chapter titles to adjective use, drilling down to the words to revise your book week by week over this third and final stage of our creative writing program. You’ll enjoy feedback on your chapters from other writers at our online workshop. Our editors will familiarise you with the publishing process and help you prepare a killer pitch, a streamlined synopsis, a thrilling first chapter (and three stand-out chapters) for a submissions package that will impress agents and publishers.

Suggested 6 months.

4. Literary Agents

Get ready to get published! If your heart is set on a published book, ours are the best online courses to help you achieve your ambition.

The Novelry is partnered with the world’s leading literary agents who present books to acquiring editors at major publishing companies.  The way publishers consider a book depends very much on where it comes from and they look favorably upon submissions from the leading literary agencies.

Our literary agency partners have come to expect a high standard of writing from debut authors who have graduated from our writing courses at The Novelry.

A great agent can get you a traditional publishing deal for book sales as well as TV and film rights too.

Find out more about our literary agency partners here.

Image containing logos of the literary agencies that partner with our book writing course
Photos of each personal writing coach on our book writing course

5. Coaching

Before you start writing your book, you’ll be invited to sign up for coaching with a published author of your choice. Writing a book is much easier when you have a co-pilot!

Our coaching program makes this one of the best online writing courses in the world, with a personal writing coach dedicated to you and your story, digging deep into your character development, your storyline and plot structure and helping you develop technical writing skills to overcome problems fast.

Our writing coaches are experienced writers, award winning and bestselling authors in a broad range of fiction writing genres who have been chosen for their warm and encouraging teaching style. Regular writing coaching sessions will help you manage self doubt and writer’s block and you’ll be able to check in with your writing coach at times convenient to you.

Schedule your writing coaching sessions to fit into your life, to stay motivated to complete your book.

Find out more about writing coaches here.

6. Community

A major perk of our online creative writing courses is without doubt the chance to write alongside other students, aspiring authors like you, as you work from first draft towards a finished novel. As a member, you’ll enjoy the support of our thriving and active worldwide online community, interaction with fellow students at weekly online writing classes, author guest sessions and Q&As with literary agents and publishing professionals.

You’ll be able to join specialist genre writing groups and live writing workshops from historical fiction to science fiction, from romance to crime, from psychological suspense to fantasy. You’ll make close friends with other writers writing in your own genre and others at the same stage of their book writing process as you too. Our members are mostly in the USA and the UK, writing fiction for adults, young adults and children’s books too. You’ll get access to our amazing library of recorded classes with bestselling authors.

We offer a phenomenal selection of resources and recorded writing classes covering everything from writing techniques to in depth insider knowledge of the publishing industry, catering to writers of every genre of fiction, creative nonfiction and memoir.

Find out more about our membership community and writing group here.

Photos of bestselling authors who join us for live sessions
Image of the certificate of completion for those self publishing or aiming to get published

7. Writing Course Certificates

Our course director will oversee your novel writing progress and ensure you achieve your ambition. Whether you’re intending to become a traditionally published author or to self publish, you’ll have a testament to creative writing skills of a high standard with our certificate of completion from our Founder.

Our creative writing courses were created by Louise Dean, the award winning author of novels and short stories. Louise Dean has won The Society of Authors Betty Trask Prize, Le Prince Maurice Prize, been nominated for The Guardian First Book Prize, longlisted for the Dublin International Literary Award and The Booker Prize. Her own novels have been deemed the top books of their year by The GuardianThe Observer and Publishers Weekly. Her fourth novel was an Oprah Book Club pick. She was a finalist for the Costa Coffee 2020 Short Story Award. She has been widely praised as an author from the Wall Street Journal to the Sunday Times and by the Novel Laureate for Literature J. M. Coetzee.

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We make it easy and affordable to extend your access to the plan thereafter on an annual or monthly basis for just £45 pcm ($50 US pcm.)

Start writing today!You can select from our instalment payment plans for The Book in a Year plan here or for The Complete Book in a Year plan here.

(The Complete Book in a Year Plan includes 3 feedback sessions with editors reporting on 5000 words of your work at a time. A great way to check your writing style and voice as you write.)

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  • 6 Coaching Sessions
  • The Big Edit
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  • The Classic Course
  • The Ninety Day Novel Course
  • 6 Coaching Sessions
  • 3 Feedback Sessions
  • The Big Edit
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The Book in a Year


  • The Classic Course
  • The Novel Course
  • 6 Coaching Sessions
  • The Big Edit
  • Membership

The Complete Book in a Year


  • The Classic Course
  • The Novel Course
  • 6 Coaching Sessions
  • 3 Feedback Sessions
  • The Big Edit
  • Membership
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Book in a Year payment plans
Complete Book in a Year payment plans

Reviews of Our Online Writing Courses

With more five star reviews, we’re considered one of the world’s best online writing courses.

creative writing classes review from successful author

“I started writing my book with The Novelry in May, and by March I had signed with a literary agent. I would never have progressed so quickly without The Novelry, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fast track to mastering the essentials of creative writing. I took all three courses in The Book in a Year plan. I loved the idea of the daily writing practice, the insightful tutor chats, and the combination of high literary ideals and genre awareness. In fact, I loved the course so much that I'm using it to draft my second book – while I’ve dabbled in many techniques, I feel most comfortable coming back to The Novelry.

— Olesya Lyuzna, now represented by Aevitas Creative Management

creative writing classes review from MFA professor

“Hell yes! I already had an MFA in creative writing; I thought I should be able write a book by myself. This course – with its combination of support, advice, and community – taught me so much about the novel form while I wrote one of my own. From this course I am taking a number of habits that I can’t imagine not having in the future.”

— Jeff Becker, Creative Writing Professor USA

See our reviews
creative writing review

“It’s been a life-giving, powerful experience, and I cannot shut up about it. If you are thinking of signing up, don’t think twice. It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. After six years of labouring on my book, I ended up with a first draft and a story that still blows my mind when I think about it. My coach is not only an expert on the craft, she is also incredibly smart, witty, creative and an absolute joy to work with. Her feedback was honest, yet always supportive. The Novelry is my favourite place on the internet, and I think it might become yours too.”

— Anna Verena Brandt

“Utterly brilliant. Life-changing, in fact.”


“The course, the community and the guide, are the best things that have ever happened to the author in me. If you really want to write your novel, don’t let it roll about for 10 years. Write it in a season, while it’s fresh and you’re on fire. DO THIS COURSE! I challenge you not to fall in love with it.”

Rashmi Sirdeshpande

“Utterly brilliant. Life-changing, in fact.”


“The course, the community and the guide, are the best things that have ever happened to the writer in me. If you’re serious about writing a novel, don’t let it roll about for 10 years. Write it in a season, while it’s fresh and you’re on fire. DO THIS COURSE! I challenge you not to fall in love with it.”

— Rashmi Sirdeshpande

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