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Lacy Blake-Vetter

‘It has changed my life.’

‘I have been a binge writer for over thirty years, committing thousands and thousands of words to projects I never saw through. Then I found The Novelry. WOW, a cornucopia of thought-provoking sessions and exercises that stretched me beyond my comfort zone and resulted in a first draft I never thought I’d ever be able to write. And, just as predicted, I really did quickly start to come to my writing with confidence and joy. It has changed my life because now I really do see myself as a writer and I am eternally thankful that I found The Novelry.’

—Lucy Barker

Lacy Blake-Vetter


‘What does life-changing mean? I could tell, about two weeks after starting the course that something within me was surfacing and getting stronger. Im becoming a different person, a stronger person, because of this course, getting the story down. It was breathtaking in the best of ways. I’m still reeling.’

—Matti Hicks

Lacy Blake-Vetter

‘Life-changing learnings.’

‘I feel empowered to move forward in a definite, sustainable way - both writing actual fiction, which is motivating to me, and improving the craft of writing, which is important because there’s a lot of MFA-type material contained in these courses. Seriously - this material is dense. If you work through it, you will absolutely be a better writer than you were when you started (that is, you will emerge as someone who produces higher-quality work, more consistently, with considerably less stress/heartburn than previously was your experience).’

—Hilary Bee

‘All aboard a different kind of writing school.’                                                                     


The Irish Times

‘Recommended by leading literary agencies.’                                                               



‘The Novelry – from the twinkling of an idea through to a publishing-ready novel.’


The Guardian

‘A remarkable world-wide writing school [...] with classes run by tutors including brilliant authors and former editors from Penguin Random House.’                              

Harpers Bazaar

The home of happy writing


When you’re choosing a writing course, make sure to look for these things:

1. Rave reviews from real people giving their names.

2. Published writing coaches who have had success with awards or bestsellers. Is the Course Director a well-regarded writer?

3. One-to-one coaching focussed on your story and your writing. (Don’t spend your precious time reading other writers’ work!).

4. A professional path to getting published with links to a range of literary agencies.

5. An inspiring writers group with a kind and encouraging ethos.

6. A course thats highly rated on an independent review site like Trustpilot.

Lacy Blake-Vetter

‘The best thing I have ever done for my writing.’

‘Joining The Novelry is the best thing I have ever done for my writing. The courses are quality, the support both warm and effective. My novel is now in editing before submission to agents and I have learned so much. Highly recommend.’

Verity McLellan

Lacy Blake-Vetter

‘I’ve never quite taken a course like this.’

‘You look at award-winning novels with a fine-toothed comb, and compare them to what you’re doing. How did the writer accomplish that? How can I accomplish it? It requires you to step up to the plate, to take a hard look at what you’re doing. Are you serious about this? Are you going to work for it? Also, the course allows you to decide, for yourself, what kind of writer you’ll be. It gives you permission to be yourself. And, of course, support is always there, which is immensely comforting.’

Elissa Elliott

Lacy Blake-Vetter

‘The course quality was amazing. A wonderful course.’

‘First of all, the quality was EXCELLENT. I loved the combination of the video material, the lecture content, the activities, the To Do lists, the downloads. Really top-notch! I’ve never taken a course that was more professional or delivered in a better format. There was just so much terrific content. I’m still digesting and thinking about it.’

—Catherine Greer

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‘I’m paying #tiktok tribute to the incredible people who mentored me to write a killer novel and introduced me to my rather wonderful agent. Thank you!’

– Brooke Hardwick

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Lacy Blake-Vetter

‘The novel you always wanted.’

‘Satisfaction and 90,000+ words! First, it is a lot of fun. Second, it provides a blueprint and a structure on how to get the novel written. Third, it isn’t a grind. You will work hard but have fun. There is encouragement to finish, but this isn’t like boot camp where you are thrashed until you are done. And at the end, there is that first draft of the novel you always wanted to write.’

—Walter Smith

Lacy Blake-Vetter


‘The Novelry gives you the confidence to write the book. To build your world and develop it on the blank page. The Novelry literally takes your hand and walks you through each stage of how to write a book. From the idea, right to the last chapter. The difficult bits you find hard are brought to life, through excellent videos, and fabulous reading material.’

—Nicola Berry

Lacy Blake-Vetter

‘A new lease of life’

‘Writing is my first love, but I’ve never given myself permission to concentrate on it. I’ve been looking for practical help and a kind of forward motion that I’d been missing. I had tactical questions about plot in particular; I can string a sentence together and evoke a room, but telling a story in the way I wanted to was a frightening prospect. This course has given me the confidence, the tools, and the energy to try. It feels like a new lease of life.’

—Ben Werdmuller

Lacy Blake-Vetter

‘Each lesson left me reeling.’

‘The Novelry is the right combination of theory and practical advice, thought experiments and practical exercises. Ever wish you could have your favourite writer walk you through how to write and publish a book? Well, you can’t have that...but The Novelry may just be better!’

—Sharat Buddhavarapu

Lacy Blake-Vetter

‘I’d absolutely recommend it.’

‘I have much more confidence that I could actually write this, finish it, edit it and even try to get it published. I read a lot of books! And it was a bit like taking a course on reading a novel at the same time, which I enjoyed. I overcame my fear of dialogue because I could not avoid writing it for 90 days! I have a morning writing habit, I have changed the way I think about a book and how it works. It’s great motivation and full of things to think about.’

—Juliana Adelman

Lacy Blake-Vetter

‘Hell yes!’

‘I already had an MFA in creative writing; I thought I should be able write a novel by myself. This course – with its combination of support, advice, and community – taught me so much about the novel form while I wrote one of my own. From this course I am taking a number of habits that I can’t imagine not having in the future.’

—Jeff Becker

“The Novelry has been the best thing I decided to do for myself this year.”


“The course as well as the fabulously inspiring and upbeat tutor kept me inspired and motivated and most of all allowed me to believe in myself as a writer. At the end of the course I have a full first draft of my novel and an exceptional kit of writer’s tools going forwards.”

—Erika Banerji, London

‘The Novelry has been the best thing I decided to do for myself this year.’


‘The course as well as the fabulously inspiring and upbeat tutor kept me inspired and motivated, and most of all allowed me to believe in myself as a writer. At the end of the course I have a full first draft of my novel and an exceptional kit of writer’s tools going forwards.’

—Erika Banerji

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