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Louise Doughty Last Class

Bestselling Author

Millie Hoskins Q&A

Literary Agent at United Agents

Kate Riordan Q&A

Bestselling Author

Jessie Burton Q&A

Bestselling Author

David Nicholls Q&A

Bestselling Author

Ruth Hogan Q&A

Bestselling author

Nikesh Shukla Q&A

Author of The Good Immigrant

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Louise Dean

  • Literary Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • 'Up Lit'
  • Humour/Comedy
  • Suspense/Gothic
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Katie Khan

  • Young Adult Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi (Science Fiction)
  • Speculative
  • Suspense
Emylia Hall

Emylia Hall

  • Literary Fiction
  • Commercial Fiction
  • Reading Group Fiction
  • Romance
  • Murder Mystery

Kate Riordan

  • Psychological Suspense
  • Thrillers
  • Gothic and Mystery
  • Historical (Commercial)
  • Women's Fiction

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