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Publishing Fantasy Fiction fantasy starting to write Jun 07, 2021

This is truly a great era for publishing fantasy fiction. Originality abounds, and boundaries are being pushed in all kinds of new directions. Bestselling author and writing coach Katie Khan...

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Thriller Story Ideas and the Influence of Fairy Tales crime and suspense starting to write May 16, 2021

Are you looking for a story idea for a thriller? Maybe you’ve got an amazing character you want to star in your novel, but you’re not sure exactly what they’ll get up to. Or you...

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Tackling My First Draft starting to write May 09, 2021

In this blog post, Emylia Hall shares her experience of finishing her most recent first draft. It can be a tumultuous experience, with thrilling highs and overwhelming panics about the editing to...

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What Is Story? starting to write Jun 14, 2020

Understanding the intricacies of story is such an essential tool for anyone trying to write a book. All the genres require a solid bedrock of story. Whether you’re writing a factual or...

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Writing the First Chapter of a Novel novel writing techniques starting to write May 17, 2020

If you’re wondering how to write the first chapter of a novel, we can relate. It’s a big question!

After all, the first chapter of a novel needs to do some heavy lifting to start the...

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Creative Writing Genres: Their Driving Force and Impact novel writing process starting to write Mar 01, 2020

Literary genres are decisive when you’re writing fiction. In fact, your literary genre should be one of the first things you consider. It is the first thing an agent assesses on your...

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Best Book Titles starting to write Dec 20, 2019

In my younger and more vulnerable years,” (to borrow from the opening line of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald) an author would write a novel many times over many drafts,...

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First Lines of Famous Novels starting to write Oct 10, 2019

The first lines of novels can, understandably, be stressful for writers. We often feel pressure to start with a bang, or beauty, or unparalleled genius. That’s a lot to ask of...

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How to Outline a Novel starting to write May 19, 2019

Wherever you are with your novel, here's something which could help you see the big picture of plot fast. 

On my fourth draft of a novel, and so mired in the material, I needed a...

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Find Your Voice in Fiction: 5 Steps starting to write Jan 06, 2019

A nebulous but exciting mission you’ll embark on as a writer is the quest to find your voice. We hear much about distinctive authorial voices, and can all recognise our favourites’ in a...

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Book Ideas: What Should You Write About? starting to write Oct 21, 2018

Book ideas don’t often come to you whole and complete, writes founder of The Novelry, Louise Dean. But that doesn’t mean fretting over story ideas should be an obstacle to starting to...

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Novel Writing 101 starting to write Oct 14, 2018

At The Novelry we like to tell our writers that when it comes to novel writing, there are no rules, only tools.

Then we give them the tools. One by one, day-by-day. Use them, try them, pick...

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The Morality Tale and the Premise of Your Story starting to write Apr 28, 2018

Any tale of any kind told to humans by humans is and has ever been a morality tale. Before the novel we had the morality play or allegorical play, with personified virtues and villains exhorting...

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Getting Started as a Writer meet the team starting to write Jul 09, 2017

Our founder, Louise Dean, describes how she got started as a writer and shares the advice she sought in person from the writers she admired.

When I was living in New York in the late 1990's, in my...

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