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The Elements of Yann Martel’s Writing Life guest authors Mar 19, 2023

Yann Martel is the author of eight published works, including novels, short stories and collected letters – several of which have been New York Times bestsellers. His third...

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How Beth O’Leary Writes Her Bestsellers guest authors romance up lit Mar 05, 2023

If ever an author could distill a big cuddle and a warm cup of tea into book form, it’s Beth O’Leary! The Sunday Times bestselling author of heart-warming and hilarious books including...

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An Interview with Sarah Vaughan, Author of Global Bestsellers crime and suspense guest authors Feb 19, 2023

Sarah Vaughan is the author of five novels, including the instant international bestseller Anatomy of a Scandal, which has been translated into twenty-four languages and adapted into a hit series...

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Juno Dawson: Writer and Juggler fantasy guest authors young adult fiction Jan 22, 2023

The writing life brings all kinds of rewards – personal fulfilment, creative exploration, professional freedom, an office that roves wherever your heart desires... But one reward that...

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An Interview with Kristin Hannah guest authors historical fiction Dec 04, 2022

Kristin Hannah has published 24 books that traverse eras and geographies, spanning far beyond California and the Pacific Northwest where she grew up. From occupied France during World War II to the...

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Alix E. Harrow on Breaking the Writing Rules fantasy guest authors Nov 20, 2022

As writers, we’re often confronted with lots of mantras and – dare we say – writing dogma. But if you’re at all familiar with The Novelry, you’ll know we...

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The First Draft of a Book with Laura Purcell editing your novel guest authors historical fiction Nov 06, 2022

Writing the first draft of a book is not only brave, but hugely exciting. The possibilities are endless at this stage! Plus, when you have a complete first draft in your hands, you know that the ...

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Catriona Ward and the Power of Writing Horror guest authors Oct 02, 2022

Writing horror is a thrilling endeavour, but the genre offers more than spine-tingling fun to authors and readers alike. In this blog post, internationally bestselling author Catriona Ward...

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Samantha Shannon on Language in Fantasy Fiction fantasy guest authors Sep 11, 2022

In a fantasy world, the author has enviable freedom in creating the language their characters speak. From ancient languages to fully fictional languages, the possibilities are exhilarating.

Even if...

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Patrick Gale on Researching Historical Fiction guest authors historical fiction Jun 26, 2022

Research and historical fiction tend to go hand in hand. Before the writer puts pen to paper, they must become familiar with the facts of the period. But how much research is too much research?...

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Writing a Novel without an Outline with Tess Gerritsen guest authors starting to write Jun 19, 2022

The idea of outlining a novel may strike dread, panic or even tedium into a writer’s heart. Are we really expected to have our entire story outlined before we put pen to paper?

It’s all...

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Sophie Kinsella on How to Stay Motivated When Writing a Book guest authors motivation May 22, 2022

The writing process is doubtless a joyful and rewarding one, but it can demand a great deal of motivation and resilience. The first hurdle is often writing inspiration; we wait for some bright...

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A.J. Pearce on Writing a Complex Character character development guest authors Apr 10, 2022

There’s nothing that brings fiction to life like complex characters. To read them is a joy. But to write them… That can be a little trickier. How do you make characters memorable,...

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Clare Mackintosh on Coping with Failure guest authors novel writing process Mar 27, 2022

There are lots of things you can expect from the writing life: excitement, fun, creative freedom, deep rewards, lifelong friends. But another thing you can almost count on is the fact you will,...

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