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How To Write A Novel

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Can you learn to write a novel?

Jul 02, 2017

'You can't learn to write.' 

'There's no point in taking a course, you either can or you can't.'

'No one can teach writing.'

Who are these miserable cowards pissing on your parade? Are they published writers? Are they people who have given up? Are they tired of life or something? 

You can and you will. I did and I do every day.

As with everything, you have to want to learn it, you have to love the craft of it, and you have to be prepared to put in time and practice, but yes we all learn to write. Even Hemingway.

Is a carpenter born a carpenter? Do we say about accountants that they were born with a gift for tax codes and cashflow? Do we say to our child when he or she says they want to be a plumber - sorry, you can't learn it mate you either can or you can't. No, we suggest an apprenticeship and they might want to take an interest in pipes and water pressure one day. Like a doctor might like to read a bit about how the human body works you know maybe...

Why are people so...

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