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Book Ideas: What Should You Write About? starting to write Oct 21, 2018

Book ideas don’t often come to you whole and complete, writes founder of The Novelry, Louise Dean. But that doesn’t mean fretting over story ideas should be an obstacle to starting to...

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Novel Writing 101 starting to write Oct 14, 2018

At The Novelry we like to tell our writers that when it comes to novel writing, there are no rules, only tools.

Then we give them the tools. One by one, day-by-day. Use them, try them, pick...

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9 Signs That You’re a Good Writer editing your novel novel writing techniques Oct 07, 2018

For many people, the writing process involves regular crises of confidence and ‘realisations’ that you’re a terrible writer. Even commercially successful writers who’ve won...

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When Is It Time To Give Up On Your Novel? Aug 12, 2018

Anyone who’s tried to write a novel has probably wanted to give up on it at some point (or at many points!). But usually, these are just hiccoughs – blips of self-doubt in which we need...

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The Great Gatsby Writing Style hero books Aug 05, 2018

Few novels hold a place in our culture as bright and distinct as F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. With its enigmatic and magnetic protagonist, Jay Gatsby, the intriguing narrator in...

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Writing The Modern Novel: From Scott Fitzgerald to Sally Rooney hero books Jul 29, 2018

Have you considered the connections between the great Sally Rooney and the writings of F. Scott Fitzgerald? Our founder, Louise Dean, has! And in this blog post, she explores how one of the...

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Philip Roth and Writing Fiction May 27, 2018

In this blog post, our founder Louise Dean shares why she chose Philip Roth’s Everyman as her book of a lifetime. Philip Roth was an American novelist and short story writer,...

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The Morality Tale and the Premise of Your Story starting to write Apr 28, 2018

Any tale of any kind told to humans by humans is and has ever been a morality tale. Before the novel we had the morality play or allegorical play, with personified virtues and villains exhorting...

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Why Writers Should Pay Attention to Fables Apr 22, 2018

We’ve all heard of fables, but they may not be something we consciously think about very often. In fact, many people pay no mind to fables after they close their big book of Aesop’s...

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The Purpose of Fairy Tales Mar 25, 2018

We are storytelling animals. We are raised in a nursery of fairy tales, and they teach us how stories work.

In our storytelling foundation course to help you come up with a...

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Writers Need to Play More novel writing process Dec 03, 2017

Playtime as children is partially a rehearsal for growing older, for trying on lives. As children, we put on the clothes –  the ties and high heels – of our parents and try them...

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How to Write the Middle of Your Story novel writing process Nov 30, 2017

Many writers have questions about how to write the middle of a story. It can be a really exciting section to write; your characters are developed, your protagonist is beginning to transform, and...

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Average Daily Word Count for Writers novel writing process Aug 14, 2017

When writers write, we often get fixated on productivity and our daily word counts. And it’s normal! It’s work where quality and output are often intangible, and there are so many other...

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Meeting Gore Vidal Jul 30, 2017

In this blog post, our founder Louise Dean recounts a meeting with Gore Vidal, a conversation they had on the topic of Empire, and some of his great quotes. Whether you are a huge fan of the late...

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