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I Write Because... Adele Parks

guest authors novel writing process May 30, 2021
adele parks on writing

Adele Parks is the author of 21 novels, all of which have been bestsellers. She has sold over 3.5 million UK edition copies of her novels and her books have been translated into over 26 languages. Lies, Lies, Lies was shortlisted for the 2020 Fiction Book of the Year in the British Book Awards. Lies Lies Lies and Just My Luck were Sunday Times #1 bestsellers. Her new novel, Both of You, was described by Lisa Jewell as: ‘Yet another stick of literary dynamite from Adele Parks: chilling, gripping and entirely unputdownable’.

Here, Adele tells us why she writes.


 I write because:

  • Life is complex and I am always trying to make sense of it.
  • I like to entertain, be useful and have a role.
  • I think I like being the centre of attention.
  • I also hate being the centre of attention.
  • I’m not great at acknowledging pain in real life but I find I’m excellent at acknowledging it on the page.
  • Writers are interesting.
  • Reading is empowering.
  • I have a hunger to be known and understood.
  • I have a desire to make connections and feel less alone.
  • I cannot not.

I’ve found writing is best if:

  • I don’t think about my mother reading what I have written.
  • I don’t think about prizes, chart positions or reviews.
  • I do think about being honest.
  • I redraft and edit as I go along.
  • I am disciplined and write regularly, by which I mean every day.
  • I risk being unpopular, so I don’t chase a tide of popularity in terms of genre.
  • I don’t copy other authors’ styles.
  • I challenge myself.
  • I doubt myself.
  • I believe in myself.

I’ve managed to write 21 novels in 21 years because:

  • I’ve been given the opportunity to do so, it would be madness not to.
  • I find writing the most consistently fulfilling experience of my life.
  • I am incredibly disciplined.
  • I have the good old-fashioned quality of being hard-working.
  • I don’t care what others are doing, I’m only in competition with myself.
  • It’s my job, and a great job. Why would I take a year out of a great job?
  • I constantly challenge myself in terms of new ideas and genres, so I don’t bore myself or my readers.
  • Being busy is important to me. Being idle fills me with dread and horror.
  • I have a lot to say.
  • Writing for a living was my dream, I am living the dream!


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