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June 30, 2024 12:00
Writing dream snow globe.  Candle lt desk with books and growth imagery.The Novelry -Achieve your writing dreams in as little as a year
Write happy

We grow writers

Finish your book with the world’s best-loved online writing courses. We’ll show you how to start, coax your story into shape and cheer you on to type ‘The End’

Time for your story

Welcome to the home of happy writing

Our unique approach turns aspiring writers into published authors.

With our radical new way to write a novel, you’ll save years of frustration, use your time wisely and write a book that readers will love.

Self-paced and super smart, our courses were created by Louise Dean, Founder. With daily lessons to pace your progress, you’ll get expert, insider craft skills to fast-track your writing. Plus, you’ll work with an all-star team of bestselling authors and top editors to guide you through every step of your writing journey.  

With flexible fully online courses, one-on-one coaching and a community of fellow writers, The Novelry is the world’s top-rated and best-loved creative writing course program. Sign up and start today!

Writing journey diary. Women putting pen to paper surrounded by books.
Writing group discussing authors happily

A clear path to publishing

Or simply write for the joy of it!

Just getting started?

Can we let you in on a little secret? Storytelling isn’t all about talent. In fact, it’s mostly about learning the trade. And you don’t have to wait for a grand sign from the universe, or that elusive big idea to find you.

Storytelling can be taught. Voices can be shaped. And brilliance can be crafted.

Welcome to our safe and supportive writing space. It’s where we grow writers.

Want to take your writing to the next level?

Simply put, you love to write. In fact, it’s less a thing you do, and more a part of who you are. You’re just wired that way.

You’re bursting with big ideas, and your notebook with one-liners. There may also be a few abandoned writing projects just waiting for their moment to shine. (Or for someone to find them in the trash.)

Time and budget are tight; family and work demands are high. So, a lot is riding on the writing training you choose to take.

And while you want a flexible, fun and playful course, when it comes to your final novel–you’re not playing.

Welcome to The Novelry. We’ll give you the roadmap to writing success. And you’ll have fun on the ride too.

Ready to get your book over the line?

You’ve tried many courses. You have the story (and it’s not bad). But your novel has never quite managed to find its final destination.

Maybe you need a little help on the editing front? Perhaps you’ve dabbled in self-publishing? Or you’re looking for your first agent.

Whatever the reason, the complex realm of literary agencies and publishing houses can feel half a world away. A closed book. Impenetrable.

You brave the journey, you finally find the door, you knock, and… Silence.  

Well, not anymore. Welcome to The Novelry. We’ll help you find the keys.

We grow

Why invest in your writing with The Novelry?

Courses. Coaching. Community.

one on one training
Your authors

One-on-one coaching from bestselling authors

Their books have hit the New York Times and Sunday Times bestseller lists, have been adapted for screen, and optioned for major motion pictures. Every one, a master in their genre. Each trained in our Positive Coaching Method ™. 

Enjoy regular personal coaching sessions to stay on track to finish your book. Plus, you’re not tied to just one author coach—you can switch and swap to get the right advice as your story develops.

Imagine having a prize-winning, bestselling author on your team. What difference would that make to your writing?

Your editors

Editors from the world’s major publishers

Including the Big Five—Penguin Random House, Hachette, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, and Macmillan. Get the right advice to ensure you are writing a marketable story and to finish your book to publishing standard.

Our editors work together to harness their expertise, and all have established relationships with literary agents, by whom they are held in high regard.

We’re the only online writing course with direct submission to literary agencies.

Collage of books
Literary agencies

Fast-tracked submissions to the top global literary agencies

We make a bespoke plan for submission with each writer individually and manage the entire pitch process, allowing our graduates to select their preferred literary agent for representation for major publishing contracts, TV and film rights. But we neither ask for nor accept commission; it’s all part of our service.

Literary agencies representing the big names of fiction trust The Novelry because they’ve come to expect brilliant manuscripts from our course graduates.

We’re the writing course recommended by leading literary agencies. 

Lady holding her book
Our method

Discover if your story works before you begin writing

Page-turners don’t happen by accident. They’re created, carved and chiseled thanks to unique knowledge of the market and exclusive insight into commercial viability.

Our Story First Method™ ensures the tale you want to tell is likely to excite publishers, agents and readers before you begin. Saving you a whole lot of time and trouble, and allowing you to hit the page writing with confidence.

Our method is a more efficient way of working, and stacks the odds of publishing success in your favor.

The team at The Novelry
Book Covers from user of The Novelry
Kate Gray. Critically acclaimed. Author of The Honeymoon

Published books from our course graduates

We’ve taken complete beginners all the way through to secure world-class literary agency representation.

Beautiful tales, boldly told.
Dream Hunters
Clever Little Thing
The Fog
Dream Hunters
Clever Little Thing
The Fog
The Last List of Mabel Beaumont
There’s Nothing Wrong With Her
When One Of Us Hurts
The Last List of Mabel Beaumont
There’s Nothing Wrong With Her
When One Of Us Hurts
The world's best-loved writing school

More 5* reviews than any other 
writing course

Write for pleasure at The Novelry and you’ll be rewarded with far more than you ever imagined. But don’t just take our word for it…

‘The Novelry is by far, hands down, the best online writing school ever. Why? Because they are brilliant, smart, supportive, honest and understanding. But most importantly, they made me feel safe as a writer. I got the best support, the best advice and a lifetime of knowledge.’

Rachel Lui

Rachel Lui

‘The Novelry is not just an amazing writing course, it is so much more. It is also a community of ambitious writers, authors, mentors, editors, and all-round lovely people who will be with you on your writing journey.’

Talitha McQueen

Talitha McQueen

‘Why is The Novelry the best writing course in the world? Resources, community, world experts, and here’s the big one—they’ll help you get an agent.’

Brooke Hardwick

Brooke Hardwick

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Fun. Flexible. Formidable.

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Created by a Booker Prize-listed author

Praise from the New York Times to the Sunday Times. Acclaimed by a Nobel Laureate.

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Write with the best in the business

Award-winning authors. Publishing editors. Leading literary agencies.

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A supportive online writing community

The worldwide writing group dedicated to novelists, with 40+ workshops a month.

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