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When you select one of our fully-tutored courses you can choose to work with the creative writing tutor who is right for your book. The online one-to-one working sessions are warm, encouraging, helpful and fun. You'll get problems solved and some new exciting ideas for your story. There's no better way to learn to write and to get the absolutely right advice for you and your book.

 Feel free to swap tutors for your one-to-one coaching sessions and benefit from their combined professional expertise while you write your book in any genre. We're here to keep you on track.

The home of happy writing. 

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How Our Creative Writing Tutoring Works


Your writing tutor will be with you all the way through writing your novel. You can schedule your online work sessions at your convenience. We offer times suitable for writers in all time zones worldwide. All sessions are recorded for you to keep.

You’ll meet for the first time with your tutor after you sign up for a Book in a Year plan for a welcome call with your chosen tutor. At that first meeting, we’ll explain what’s in store, how it works and answer any questions.

You'll kick off with the amazing Classic Course, a self-paced course of 45 lessons to ensure you're packing a big story idea. After the first seven days of the Novel Course, when you have had time to use the first lessons to assess your idea from every angle, you’ll meet with your tutor to take a look at your proposed story idea. (Don't worry if you need to swap tutors at any stage, that's perfectly fine.)

At your very first session, we ask you this question - what is your ambition? What do you want? That's because we want to give you the very best guidance and support to achieve your ambition.

You’ll have working sessions with our professional publishing editorial team when you come onto The Big Edit, the last phase of the Book in a Year Plan to prepare your novel for successful submission to our literary agent partners. 

What makes The Novelry so different is that we set our sights on your ambition from the outset and we help you spend your time wisely to write with confidence and joy. 

Our Positive Teaching Method

At the heart of The Novelry is our positive teaching method. We offer a collaborative environment, not a competitive environment. We believe all writers, at all stages of their career, are always learning their craft. We work as comrades. It takes a working writer to have the humility and sense to practise gentle, positive care. We want the best for you and your story. Our one-to-one sessions with our writers are lively and exciting. We love what we do. 

We will help you grow as a writer and build your skills and confidence so that you get stronger without losing the vulnerability that makes your work truthful and affecting. Don't take risks with your work. Don't suffer needless setbacks. Come on over to The Novelry. It's a safe place, and we get far better results faster with our positive and collaborative teaching method.

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The Writers' Community and Writing Classes

Drop into our weekly writing classes. The Story Clinic is the place to pop in to see your fellow writers and get fast advice from an author every Tuesday. You'll find genre-specific workshops for you online too, and the Sunday evening Team Chats with the Founder. You will enjoy support from our worldwide community online at our dedicated closed secure site. The Novelry offers writers a full-body immersion in the profession of a working author, and the chance to develop the skills, working practice and confidence for a lifetime of happy writing.

Yes! You can write a novel and hold down a day job. We'll show you how. You'll never look back. 

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