The Firestarter.

Our annual members' competition for the best first chapter of a work of fiction.

The Winner Is Decided by Members’ Votes.

All subscribed members have one vote and submit them to The Novelry for counting. It will be a first past the post system.

Everyone’s a winner as all writers get kind useful feedback on the all-important opening scenes.

The deadline and closing date for submissions and posting of entries is 1st March at midnight.

Entries are posted in The Firestarter room at our Members Lodge.

All members will be asked to vote by email before midnight 13th March. All votes will remain confidential. 

The winner will be announced in the Sunday blog to follow on 15th March

The prize is a £150 voucher for use at The Novelry against any course or retreat.

The winning entry will be submitted to our literary agent partners along with the entire manuscript, if ready.

Write, revise, rewrite. Rinse and repeat!

“The Novelry is my favourite place on the internet, and I think it might become yours too.” Anna Brandt, Oslo.

“This is a group of writers who are serious about what they do but not about who they are (which means there’s always room for a bit of light hearted banter as well as solid support). I have learnt so much about myself as a writer in the last few months and gained so much in confidence. Cannot praise The Novelry highly enough.” Sally Miller, Scotland.

“That community has been and continues to be my rock, my inspiration, my much-needed giggle on a slow day.” Rashmi Sirdeshpande, London.

Find out Why Our Members Call The Novelry the ‘Best Place on the Internet’.

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