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The Novel Development Plans


Happy writing.

The Novelry is the online writing school with more independent five star reviews on Trustpilot than any other in the world.

Write and complete your fiction novel to publishing standards.

Progress and hone sophisticated writing skills in at least one genre of fiction, engage in critiquing and reviewing works of fiction to an advanced level and prepare a substantial piece of work to a professional standard. 

Practical and professional skills are taught throughout the program in a cumulative way. You will be producing potentially publishable creative work for submission to our literary agency partners.

You can take each course, lesson-by-lesson, at your own pace and the course allows for pauses and breaks during your year with us. Review the suggested time allocations by course below.

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The Ninety Day Novel Course:

Over 100 lessons and six coaching sessions to guide you step-by-step day-by-day through writing your novel to stay on track to The End. With The Novel Development Plan you have access to all lessons immediately to take at your own pace.

In the first lessons of the Construction Phase, you will have time to evaluate and examine your proposed storyline from every angle to further develop your outline. You will be nudged to book a first call with your writing coach to check your storyline plan before you put pen to paper so that you can write onwards with confidence. Allow one hour a day for your writing. 

The Big Edit Course:

50 lessons. Phase One - Turning Professional: discover what you need to do to raise your game to become a published author. (6 lessons). Phase Two - Developmental Edit: plan the pitch-perfect storyline based on the story you found in your first draft, a complete re-boot for publishing success. The Big Edit First Session: a working session with our editorial team to review your new story outline plan and agree the direction for revising your manuscript for success. Phase Three - The Line Edit: drilling down into the technical skills to deliver your story chapter by chapter, line by line. Feedback - get feedback on your chapters from the best beta-readers at our members-only workshop and finesse your writing. Phase Four - Submission: get ready to pitch your novel to literary agents. (10 lessons.) The Big Edit Second Session: submit your first 3 chapters, sample pitch letter and synopsis to our editorial team in advance of a full report and a 45-60 minute session to find out if you’re ready to have your work pitched to our literary agency partners.

Take the course at your own pace.


The Writers’ Group:

The Novelry Live. An online closed and secure social group for novelists open 24 hours a day worldwide with writers in every genre, every time zone, every stage and every age.

Writing Classes. We offer a busy program of live group sessions by Zoom every week. Drop in to one of our Story Clinics for the opportunity to tackle any problems arising in your writing that week. Offered in time zones suitable for those from Los Angeles to Sydney. Join our regular weekly author tutor hosted Group Workshops by fiction genre: Crime, Historical Fiction, SFF, Children's Fiction, Young Adult fiction and more. Meet the Founder every month at Team Chat.

Guest Sessions. Join us for sessions with global bestselling authors, literary agents and publishing professionals. Guest sessions are recorded to watch in your own time at your convenience. You can watch the library of recorded sessions in our Catch Up TV area.

Members have access to our Help & Support hub, Graduate Access extension plans and can book extra Paid Calls and Paid Feedback Calls with our team, and receive invitations to online and IRL events. Subscribed members are eligible for our Submission Service to literary agents.


6 Author Tutor Sessions of 30+ minutes live by Zoom to work on your storyline development with an author for creative development, direction, plot problems, motivation and troubleshooting. Schedule and reschedule at your convenience to support your writing. You will be guided on how to choose the author tutor for you in the Ninety Day Novel Course when your coaching begins and in most cases you will be able to work with the author of your choice. Coaching is available for all time zones. Calls are recorded for you to keep.

Literary Agency Submission:

Our Submission Service happens by invitation when your manuscript is considered ready for successful submission by our Editorial Team and our Course Director and Founder. We will give you our best advice to get your manuscript ready for successful submission based on your ambitions. We take no commission for the service. We will make a submissions plan with your agreement, recommend you to appropriate agencies, and we will keep you posted and informed as to feedback and next steps and guide you as to making the right choice for you and your career as a published author. Your success is very much at the heart of what we do and we want the best for you.

A Year's Access and Easy Extension:

Enjoy 365 days of access to your course, coaching and community. Take your time over the courses. 

You can easily extend your membership, and access to your courses and coaching thereafter with our Graduate Plans available to subscribed members in our Membership area. (You will receive a warning in advance of expiry.) So relax and enjoy happy writing! 


(✨ If you are seeking extra feedback on your work as you write, why not consider The Finished Novel Course Without The Classic Course which offers all the ingredients of The Novel Development Plan plus 3 feedback sessions and a full manuscript read? Find it here.)


Subscription Plans:

By choosing to pay for your course in instalments you hereby commit to making all payments. It is your responsibility to ensure your card details are up to date and that payment can be made on the monthly due dates. We reserve the right to cancel access to your plan should payment fail.


We operate a community of trust. We ask you to use your first and second name across our sites as part of our policy of 'Fair Dealing' to work together in good faith. We protect and preserve your privacy and copyright by asking all members to hereby agree upon purchase to our terms and conditions including our confidentiality policy when they join us. Our course content and community content are bound by copyright laws. No content, whether it belongs to The Novelry or to other members, is to be shared outside of The Novelry's online communities and websites in any circumstances. 

Happy Writing Guarantee:

You have seven days from the date of purchase to try The Novelry. If for any reason at all it is not for you, we offer a complete money-back guarantee and a refund with no questions asked available simply by emailing us at hello @

Terms and Conditions:

We operate a People before Profit Policy for happy writing for all and as a way of maintaining a safe community of trust. Your use of our site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of Use and your agreement to be bound by them. It is our great pleasure to work with writers we enjoy working with and we may refuse access to those whom we cannot help, who are unable to use the online platform and resources, who breach our rules, or who conduct themselves in a manner we deem unreasonable.

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