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Come up with an idea, plot a novel-length story, write a full draft and revise your book to publishing standard in a year. Sound good? At just £99 or $149 a month? You’re in the right place. Welcome home.

The Novelry is the online writing school with more independent five star reviews than any other in the world.

You’re in safe hands. We love what we do, and we’ll be keeping a motherly eye on you during your year with us and helping you to ensure your story’s success right from your very first tutor session. 

Enjoy every phase of this magical year in the company of our membership community and relax, we won’t leave the success of your STORY to chance.


1. CREATE. Where do authors get their ideas? The Big Idea course will show you how to come up with your story idea.

2. SCHEME. Scope out your story with the Classic course of 45 'mind-blowing' lessons to discover how big stories work. We pair your unique experiences, emotional attachments and desires with key elements of great storytelling. You'll create a unique and original idea and a solid foundation for an outstanding story. 

3. PRODUCE. At the start of the Novel course, we fine-tune your storyline to check it meets your ambitions. We'll keep you on track every step with 100+ daily lessons and your regular tutor sessions. We'll get that novel done! 

4. CRAFT. The Big Edit is where you get to look good on the page. Here's where your first draft becomes 'art'. Working with our editors you'll raise your manuscript to publishing standard. When your book is ready, we will pitch it to our leading global literary agent partners on your behalf.

Enjoy every day of this life-changing year in the company of our worldwide writers' group with weekly writing classes and famous guest author sessions. And don't worry, you can stay on with us after your year. Most writers do. 

You'll have 4 tutor sessions and 2 editor sessions during your year with us, and you may use one call every 2 months with this plan. (If you'd like more sessions with our tutors and editors, see our other plans.)

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