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We are the online worldwide creative writing group for novelists open online twenty-four hours, seven days a week, worldwide. Your first choice for beta-readers. All the support, encouragement a writer needs to maintain good spirits and build confidence. Get fast, helpful feedback on your writing from writer readers.

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Live Lodge

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'The Novelry is my favourite place on the internet, and I think it might become yours too.'

— Anna Brandt, Oslo.

'This is a group of writers who are serious about what they do but not about who they are (which means there's always room for a bit of light hearted banter as well as solid support). I have learnt so much about myself as a writer in the last few months and gained so much in confidence. Cannot praise The Novelry highly enough.'

— Sally Miller, Scotland.

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Sunday Evening Live Chats

Join us from wherever you are in the world every other Sunday at 8pm GMT, for a live online team chat for members to share and troubleshoot any writing problems before the next working week. 

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Home Retreat Week

One week every season, we take a week off work, down tools at the day job and stay home to write. With live online evening team chats and online support, it's a way to be add word count fast.

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Join us for our events and parties. Enjoy a cocktail and banter with your fellow writers. Come to one of our residential retreats and spend time with your fellow writers too. Ghost stories, shaggy dog stories and tall tales included.

'The Novelry provides you the tools you need to get in the right mindset to write a novel. With support, instruction, guides, inspiration, tips from famous writers, that pie-in-the-sky idea of writing a book can become reality.'

— Lauren Passell, New York

Find out why our members call The Novelry the 'best place on the internet'

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'That community has been and continues to be my rock, my inspiration, my much-needed giggle on a slow day.'

— Rashmi Sirdeshpande, London.

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