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Need to crack the big idea?

If you're in need of inspiration or unsure how to plot and plan a great story, or you're writing Children's, YA, Fantasy or Historical, add the Classic Course. This 45-lesson course will guide you to how prepare to write a best-selling book. You will leave it with a complete plot outline and material for your novel. Bolt on to your daily writing plan for just £129 a month for 2 months. Make the most of this writing season!

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The Ninety Day Novel ® Standard Plan

Everything you need to write a novel. 

  • over 100 lessons drip-fed daily by video and text on a beautiful online platform
  • 3 one-to-one lessons online with author tutor Louise Dean
  • six month's membership and access to the novelists' community

What will happen when I sign up?

You'll be welcomed with ten lessons on arrival to warm you up (The Inspiration and Preparation Phase). Read those at your own pace. The daily lessons unlock at one a day starting the moment you sign up.

You're going to start writing on Day 7, so just 6 days from reading this today. Plenty of time to get ready.

You'll get an email inviting you to join us at our closed social group on Facebook, and our private members' workshop site too. You'll receive a very warm welcome.

The course will nudge you daily with what to do when, it's all there, and you'll have a welcome email a day for five days to make sure you're all set, including an invitation to book that first chat with me. Exciting times ahead!

(Make sure you opt-in to mail to receive all the guidance.)

What writers say:

“Writing my novel with The Novelry has been a liberating and revelatory experience, which I'd recommend it to writers at any stage of their career. I can't recommend The Novelry and Louise Dean highly enough. The Novelry has changed my approach to writing for the better. If you're contemplating joining us, just do it!”

Tracey Emerson. (Author of 'She Chose Me.' Published by Serpent's Head.)

“The Novel in Ninety Days Course helped spur me to complete my second published novel on time and to deadline... as well as the motivation to actually push on to type 'The End.' When joining The Novelry you can also join a community of like-minded writers with lively online chats and real-life meet ups. Writing can be a lonely business and The Novelry is a wonderful (and educational!) tonic.”

Katie Khan. (Author of 'Hold Back The Stars' and 'The Light Between Us'. Published by Transworld.)

“I did the Ninety Day Novel course while writing my third novel. A fascinating and absorbing experience... thoughtful erudite coaching. Would recommend wholeheartedly to anyone at any stage of their career.”

Helen Callaghan (Author of 'Dear Amy' and 'Everything is Lies'. Published by Penguin.)