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Make sure your novel is pitch-perfect with the Editing course created by an award-winning novelist. For just $125.

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✍️ over 30 lessons online to revise your novel step-by-step created by Booker Prize list author Louise Dean to get you ready to pitch to agents and a year's access

✍️ a guide to literary agents and publishers accepting submissions and their email addresses

✍️tools and downloads for the perfect plot structure

 “I shall be using the Editing course when I construct my next novel. It’s the only ‘reversible’ course I’ve ever encountered!” Susan Bower. 

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Just $199 a year.

“Best writers group ever!”

“Best Writing Group ever! Led by Louise Dean, this is a group of writers who are serious about what they do but not about who they are (which means there's always room for a bit of light hearted banter as well as solid support). The course itself offers advice and guidance that is practical, down to earth and based on solid research and experience. I have learnt so much about myself as a writer in the last few months and gained so much in confidence. Cannot praise The Novelry highly enough.”

Sara Bailey

“ It transforms the job of writing utterly. Support, friendship, encouragement and the joy of people actually being interested in what you're doing creatively. Inspirational texts and posts, sound advice and a great work ethic from Louise and all the writers. Loving it!”

Romla Ryan