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Revise the Big Story with our Classic Course based on the methods of the all-time bestsellers at just $315 for exciting, expert insight into what makes readers tick.

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The Big Edit USA

Get your novel ready for submission to literary agents with our unique three stage process.

  1. The Editing Course 
  2. A  Year's Membership of The Novelry 
  3.  The Three Stage Process

RED. After taking the first two phase of the four phases of the course, your outline for your revised draft will be assessed with feedback via an online live working session with Louise Dean to direct your new draft. 

AMBER. Feedback on your first three chapters from our writer members.

GREEN. Feedback on your first three revised chapters (or 5000 words) from Louise Dean

Your manuscript pitched to literary agents when we agree it meets the standard for submission.

The Novelry does not ask for any commission for our submission on your behalf, but we will only present work which meets our standards.

You will be given direction to revise your work to meet the standard and can repeat the process during your access period of 12 months with additional bolt on calls priced individually. While you are a member you are eligible for our submission on your behalf.

What will happen when I sign up?

You'll have immediate access to the entire course.

You'll get an email inviting you to join us at our closed social group on Facebook, and our private members' workshop site too. You'll receive a very warm welcome.

The course will guide you with what to do when, and you can book that first chat with me as soon as you like (via our About/Chat page). Exciting times ahead!

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