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We cannot reimburse travel costs or other losses incurred by you in the event of cancellation by us or you. You are strongly advised to take out travel insurance to cover potential loss arising from cancellation or other eventuality affecting your booking, including course fees and travel or other consequential costs. You should check that any policy you purchase meets your needs.

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Changes to the programme

The Novelry reserves the right to make changes to the advertised programme and tutors. As we plan the programme in advance, changes will inevitably occur to some courses, and occasionally the original tutors are unavailable. We always endeavour to replace tutors with someone of similar experience, and to give you as much notice as possible. On rare occasions we may need to cancel a course; in this case we will offer you an alternative course or return all of the fee paid. Please note that where we have to change tutors, you do not have additional rights of cancellation and our standard terms still apply. We cannot reimburse travel or other costs, which you may however be able to reclaim from your travel insurance policy, and our liability to you in case of a cancellation by The Novelry is limited to the course fee you have paid.

Conduct and safety on site

The Novelry reserves the right to ask a writer to leave the course or retreat if the tutor judges that it would not be in the interests of the participant or others in the group, or that it would be otherwise unsafe for that person to remain on site as a result of their mental or physical health, behaviour or apparent state of mind. Any refunds made in these circumstances will be at the sole discretion of The Novelry.

Damage and cleaning

Our provider's buildings and grounds are your home during your stay; please treat them with care and respect. You agree to reimburse us promptly on demand for all reasonable costs incurred by us as a result of any damage caused by you to the centre or excessive cleaning required as a result of your stay.


Please note that with the exception of assistance dogs, pets are not permitted anywhere at The Novelry's residential courses. There are dogs who reside in the host accommodation and therefore the courses are not suitable for anyone unable to tolerate the presence of dogs.


A place on a course or retreat may be used only by the participant named in the booking. It may not be transferred to another person without agreement in advance from The Novelry. Please note that you are not permitted to have guests or visitors on site during your stay.


The Novelry cannot accept responsibility for any loss, damage or expense sustained by participants on courses and retreats as a result of an event or circumstance whether arising from natural cause, human agency, or beyond its control otherwise. Where The Novelry is unable to provide a course or retreat place to you for any reason, our liability is limited to return of the fees paid.

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The Full English Course 2020

The seven day coached course. Bliss for writers!

2 - 9 February 2020.

Rooms (and sessions with Louise Dean) will be allocated on first come, first served basis. Half-board.

What People Are Saying:

“One of the top ten best creative writing retreats in the world.”

The Telegraph

“The standard of the writing is so high and the teaching is so focused on your personal needs. It was completely different to any other writing retreat or course I had been on. It is wonderful to find such camaraderie whilst going through the very personal, isolated experience of writing your first novel.The undisturbed writing time, the formal and informal discussions with Louise, and the great conversations with the other writers on the retreat. The lovely sofa with blankets, perfect for reading... I completed my synopsis and found inspiration and focus to help me progress with my story. I was also hugely inspired by the other writers. I have returned home with a whole section of my head and space in my life unexpectedly dedicated to my story.”

Gabrielle McLaughlin

“Meeting the other writers and having one-on-one time with Louise was invaluable. It made me feel part of a group, gave me a stronger sense of belonging to the community, and reinforced my joy and excitement for my own novel. The Bridport Retreat has left me feeling warm and fuzzy for my novel again. Musings with the other writers over tea & cake gave me a much better understanding of how the writing can work. I feel inspired and excited now for my plan to get this novel of mine to the next stage.”

Niki O'Callaghan

“This was by far the most productive writing 'class' that I have attended. Its magic lay in the particular mix delivered of close guidance and individual progression. I was very pleased with the momentum achieved on the retreat, which continues to drive me at home. An all round excellent experience.”

Babar Javed