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Don't miss it. Our members make The Novelry a very special place. 

Get detailed feedback on your work and the support of the novelists community at our working members' forum - The Novelry Lodge - and our closed group on Facebook too for daily support and the more social side of things. With membership you'll have 24/7 support worldwide, early access to our retreats, events and cocktail parties and get on track to be published. Members' work goes through a happy process to be submitted by The Novelry to literary agents for consideration.

It's the kindly community of working novelists. Warm-hearted, useful and fun.

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What People Are Saying:

“A community of like-minded writers with lively online chats and real-life meet ups. Writing can be a lonely business and The Novelry is a wonderful (and educational!) tonic.”

Katie Khan. (Author of 'Hold Back The Stars' and 'The Light Between Us'. Published by Transworld.)

“The Novelry is finding that the best friend you ever had has moved permanently inside your head and evicted your inner critic with raucous laughter, needle-sharp advice and great gobbets of self-belief. The neighbourhood parties have just stepped up a gear too!”

Gilli Fryzer

“This Novelry journey is first class travel. The surroundings are plush and beautifully designed. The view every morning is new, your energy is high, you travel fast, trust the voyage to reveal what it needs to and leave behind the voices that have held you back.”

Sam Hudson

“It is highly motivating to be part of a literary movement whose promise was to not let anything stand in our way. Thanks to Louise and the rest of the Krew for their ongoing support. ”

Babar Javed

“Best writers group ever! Led by Louise Dean, this is a group of writers who are serious about what they do but not about who they are (which means there's always room for a bit of light hearted banter as well as solid support). The course itself offers advice and guidance that is practical, down to earth and based on solid research and experience. I have learnt so much about myself as a writer in the last few months and gained so much in confidence. Cannot praise The Novelry highly enough.”

Sara Bailey

“This is just an excellent product. It transforms the job of writing utterly. Support, friendship, encouragement and the joy of people actually being interested in what you're doing creatively. Inspirational texts and posts, sound advice and a great work ethic from Louise and all the writers. Loving it!”

Romla Ryan