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How To Write A Classic

Learn how to write a Classic. An adventure into your imagination and beyond to prepare your own work of wonder.

The inspirational bootcamp for writers planning to write a big book. 45 lessons, exercises and downloads and access to the course for one year.

What People Are Saying:

“I now have an outline and a clear idea of what I'd like to write. The experience has been positive, fulfilling and exciting.”

Susie Nott-Bower (longlisted for The Bath Children's Novel Award after taking this course to write her book.)

“45 days of mind-expanding exploration that will change how you write forever. I have specifically written to friends and colleagues to recommend this course to them. I think it's the perfect extension of the Faber course, which I'd describe as beginner level, whereas this is more like an intensive high-level university course.”

Jenni Muir

“'Life-changing, and life-enhancing. It's easy to get an idea for a book. What's truly exciting is growing and developing that idea in the company of others, and with such a generous and supportive guide as Louise. A wonderful analysis of what makes a Classic, and what makes it so successful. And I've come away with a really interesting and engrossing idea of my own that I can't wait to pursue.' ”

Cate Guthleben