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'Memoirs are the hot publishing trend' Financial Times. 

You’ll enjoy the original, practical guidance from an acclaimed author and memoirist via video and text lessons. Lean on the step-by-step guidance to compose your own successful memoir.

Author Tim Lott will show you how to write a skilful and affecting memoir in 15 lessons. Tim Lott is the author of the Penguin Modern Classic 'The Scent of Dried Roses' a memoir which won the prestigious PEN/Ackerley Prize.


“The best memoirs are always transgressive. They are alternative history – voices you didn’t expect to hear; candour that breaches the norms of polite society; episodes that seem shocking till you recognise their truthfulness. They allow self assertion. But they aren’t selfish. They have a unique story to tell – a story that resonates with everyone else’s story.” 

Blake Morrison

What is a Memoir?

A memoir is not the same as an autobiography.

It's not a chronological account of one's lifetime. A memoir is story-shaped and the author selects material from experience suited to its story purpose. A memoir is carefully composed to be as page-turning as any work of fiction and derives its wit and energy from its purpose which is to give a first-person account of a particular individual experience of interest to readers.

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The Memoir Course

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“I believe that the memoir is the novel of the 21st century; it’s an amazing form that we haven’t even begun to tap…we’re just getting started figuring out what the rules are.”

Susan Cheever, recipient of the PEN New England Award.

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