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Mahsuda Snaith was an Observer New Face of Fiction in 2017. Her debut novel ‘The Things We Thought We Knew’ (Black Swan) was released in 2017 to great praise. Her second novel ‘How to Find Home’ (Black Swan) was chosen as a BBC Radio 4 ‘Book at Bedtime’. 

Mahsuda was the winner of the SI Leeds Literary Prize 2014, the Bristol Short Story Prize 2014 and has led creative writing workshops in universities, hospitals, schools and a homeless hostel and has worked as a writing mentor for a variety of writing organisations. She is a commissioned writer for the Colonial Countryside project and her short story ‘The Panther’s Tale’ is included in Hag: Forgotten Folktales Retold’ (Virago) which is also available as a podcast from Audible. Mahsuda lives in Leicester and is currently working on her third novel.

Writing Contemporary Upmarket Fiction? Mahsuda's the writing coach for you.


Mahsuda Snaith has triumphed over many forms of adversity including having undiagnosed dyslexia until her early twenties to find her uniquely warm and original voice as a writer. Mahsuda has a special interest and knowledge of folklore and fairy tales, is an expert storyteller and is keen to help present voices from all backgrounds. If you're writing contemporary upmarket women's fiction, literary fiction, domestic saga or a coming of age story, you'll find Mahsuda a wonderful and encouraging tutor. 

“Persistence plus passion will eventually pay off.”

Mahsuda Snaith

The Things We Thought We Knew  

Ten years ago, two girls’ lives changed forever. Now one of them is ready to tell their story.

Why, all those years ago, when two girls pulled on their raincoats and wellies and headed out into the woods but only one of them returned.

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How To Find Home

Molly has lived on the streets for nearly a decade. She has close friends but spends most of her nights sleeping rough in dangerous places. So when a new acquaintance invites her on a journey across the country, she decides to go along. He is searching for treasure while she is searching for hope.

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