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Before joining The Novelry, Lily Lindon was an Editor at Vintage, a division of Penguin Random House, home to authors including Margaret Atwood, Toni Morrison, Ian McEwan, Jeanette Winterson, Haruki Murakami, and Salman Rushdie. 

With experience across three incredibly varied publishers at Penguin (Children’s, Transworld, and Vintage), and intensive training in both publicity and editorial teams, Lily brings an unusually broad range of expertise to the publishing process. At Penguin she was known for bringing enthusiasm and a sense of humour to all her projects, and for tirelessly publishing every book to exacting high standards. She champions the work of creatives across the industry with gusto.

As well as a host of award-winning contemporary authors, Lily worked on refreshing Vintage’s iconic red spine Classics, from Jeanette Winterson, Sapphire, Stella Gibbons and Derek Jarman, to an international ‘Heroines’ series showcasing female protagonists. She commissioned and edited books such as The Love Letters of Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West, the first ever English translation of a rediscovered novel by Simone de Beauvoir (The Inseparables), and Selected Diaries of Lou Sullivan, the first trans author on a Classics list. 

At The Novelry, Lily brings her creativity as an author and her expertise as a publishing editor to our authors' books - in any genre - to ensure the highest publishing standards.

“The most important and pleasurable parts of being an editor are helping writers craft their unique voices, and championing great storytelling.”

Lily Lindon

As an Author

Publishing in 2022

As an editor and an author, Lily brings writers bang-up-to-date knowledge from both sides of the publishing process. Lily's first novel Double Booked was sold as part of a two-book deal in a four-way auction, and will be published in June 2022 by Head of Zeus/Bloomsbury. 

She also hosts Wit Lit, an interview podcast about funny books, and believes the best tragedies are often the best comedies. A member of the queer community, she is a passionate advocate for LGBTQ+ voices and helping to publish underprepesented stories.

Advance praise:

‘This is right up my street - hook it up to my veins immediately, please.’ Laura Jane Williams, author of the internationally best-selling Our Stop and The Lucky Escape.

'Double Booked is a double whammy of wit.’ Helen Lederer, comedian and founder of the Comedy Women in Print Prize

'Brilliant. Whip-smart, horribly relatable and so perceptive. You will love it.’ Hannah Tovey, author of The Education of Ivy Edwards. 

Double Booked

Two lives, twice the fun?

Georgina has a routine: 1) teach piano to bored children, 2) schedule dates with long-term boyfriend, 3) feel guilty about not visiting her mum, 4) repeat until dead. 

Until one night she sees the cult lesbian pop band Phase and she realises she longs to be just like them - to perform again, and to be proudly out the closet.

But Georgina’s convinced neither the straight world nor the gay world would accept someone who’s only half gay like her. 

So she splits herself in two. By day, she’s the same Gina; by night, she’s George the gay musician. It’s going to take painstaking scheduling, a versatile wardrobe, and an ambiguous haircut, but maybe she really can have both?

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