Katie Khan

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The Book to Movie Author

Translated into more than 20 languages

Katie Khan's first novel, Hold Back the Stars, was published in the UK by Penguin Random House and in the U.S. by Simon & Schuster in 2017, and has been translated into twenty-one languages around the world. It was a finalist for the Romantic Novel Awards and shortlisted for Brave New Words, which celebrates originality in genre writing. A film of Hold Back the Stars is in the works at studio Lionsgate. Katie’s second novel, The Light Between Us, was published by Penguin Random House in 2018 and is a story of unrequited love — and time travel. 

“I spent three years writing at midnight. There are no shortcuts.”

Katie Khan

Writing Speculative Fiction?  Katie's the Tutor for You.

Katie Khan has worked in film and television for 13 years including 4 years as Head of Digital at Paramount Pictures, before joining Warner Bros. in 2017 to work on a magical globally renowned British film franchise. Named in The Drum's Top 50 most influential people working in social media in the UK, Katie was selected as a rising star by The Media Eye. If you're writing fantasy, Sci-Fi, speculative, romance, Young Adult or genre fiction, you'll find Katie an imaginative and exciting tutor. 

Hold Back the Stars 

Ninety minutes.

A few years from now, not too far in the future, two people meet. It is a classic story of boy meets girl. Except that it's not. When we find them, they have an hour and a half left. Unless they can save themselves, they won't survive. The clock is ticking. (Soon to be a major motion movie from Lionsgate.)

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The Light Between Us

Thea and Isaac have always been friends, despite his constant jokes, despite her stubborn belief in time travel . . . despite the distance between them. But when Isaac returns home from New York when their friend goes missing, suddenly things aren't as they were. Something is different. Thea and Isaac have always been friends. But maybe that wasn't how it was supposed to be.

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