How to Write a Book.


How come the top ten bestsellers of all time have so much in common? Why they typically have 'ordinary' heroes and heroines marked out by fortune or misfortune through no fault of their own? How come these stories all have a 'cosy' start? Why do they have so much fancy food in fantasy stories? Isn't the villain just a little pitiful? What's with the snow?  

Discover the success factors of seven of the top ten best-selling books of the last hundred years.






Create a Powerful and Original Book With Our Online Course. 

Discover how the great stories work.

This is the course that will unlock the story inside you.

Walk in the footsteps of the bestselling authors of all time to learn the secrets of how to write a book that will become a future classic for adults or children.


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“Mind Blown.”


Author and University Creative Writing Lecturer Sara Bailey.


We'll combine the essential ingredients of a big story with your own unique life experience to create a narrative driven by strong emotion. We're going to dig deep into the first stories that touched you first to unearth the story only you can tell.

You’ll leave the course with your story idea and plot mapped out, ready to write the book you're meant to write.





Success Stories.


“If it hadn't been for The Classic Course it wouldn't have been written.” Susie Bower.

Susie took The Classic course and wrote her book with us. We found her a prestigious literary agent - Peters Fraser + Dunlop - and her debut novel is being published by Pushkin Press in 2020.

”A magical and enlightening experience.” Rashmi Sirdeshpande.

Rashmi took The Classic Course and secured a two book deal with Penguin Books.

The Plot Thickens.

Step-by-step lessons to help you create a big story.

1. Once Upon A Time.

You will learn the great story structure that is the blueprint for the bestselling classics. Get a working model to use to start planning your story immediately. Find out where ideas come from and how to develop them from something small and innocent into something exciting with commercial potential. 


2. Find the Story Within.

Draw upon your own experience to create the main characters of your big story. Put ‘memory’ at the service of ‘desire’ in a combination commonly known as ‘imagination’. Exercises that will help you discover that you have all you need inside of you. So many great stories originate from the author's wound.

3. World-Building

What are the things you should include to create a reading experience that works a powerful magic? These lessons examine the mechanics of the epic adventure - the cozy start, the portal, the garden, the guide, temptation, decency, the battle, treasure, and noble sacrifice.

4. Heroes & Villains.

In adult fiction, the conflict is within, in the classic bestsellers it's externalised  and there are clear agents of good and evil. You'll need the 'special' hero or heroine, singled out by fortune or misfortune, and villains who exude charisma. Learn why they need to have something in common and how to pit apparent opposites against each other for page-turning excitement.


5. The Reader.

You are your first reader. Locate the child within and draw upon your own favourites and heroes. Spend time with the old you. Remember the person you wanted to be. Attribute parts of you to your characters. Discover how to take readers on a thrilling adventure whilst keeping them safe in your story.

6. Become an Author.

Find out how the great authors told their stories, and why. Walk in their footsteps and plunder their toolkits. The sources of inspiration and the working methods are revealed. Leave the course with a big idea, colorful material, a plan, a plot and the confidence that you’re about to write the book of your life. 

Where Your Story Begins.

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