Times have changed.

(Here's how to get published if you're serious about your writing.)

Leading literary agencies have buddied up with The Novelry to get their hands on The Novelry's writers' work because the standard, thanks to the process, is so high. We ask that they fast track our members' work, giving a response in one to two weeks. It's a VIP pass.
Writer members working across all the fiction genres - Literary, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Historical including Young Adult and Children's - get matched to literary agents under the careful stewardship of The Novelry. It's all part of the service.
The Novelry's courses have been named in the top creative writing courses online worldwide by The Bookfox, winner of 'Best Course to Write Your Novel' and 'Best Editing Course'.
The Novelry offers online writing courses and residential writers' retreats with guest tutors including bestselling award-winning authors Kit de Waal and Sophie Hannah.

How to Get Published.

Our Five Steps.

  1. If you love reading and would love to raise your writing game to publishing standard, you might like to explore what's on offer here at The Novelry. Plenty of free advice at the blog and a free mini-course.
  2. The Classic Course teaches writers how to build a world in fiction. Learn the techniques and methods of authors like JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, JK Rowling and more. Delve into your own unique life experience and find the story inside you. You’ll leave the course with a plan for your novel and plenty of material. 
  3. If you have an idea and need to write it, write it fast. So write it in a season as Stephen King advises with the Ninety Day Novel ® course. It’s an online course, available worldwide, you can sign up at any time and you’ll be guided step-by-step, daily, and supported all the way to ‘The End.’ With one-to-one troubleshooting sessions and plenty of encouragement from fellow writers, no one gets left behind. 
  4. Put that pen down! Leave that novel in a drawer for at least a month and read other great books again, then return to the novel and produce a second draft using the Editing Your Novel course.
  5. Submit those first three chapters one by one to the novelists' community for warm wise feedback. Then when you’ve taken on board all the constructive and cheering praise, you send it to Louise Dean, founder of The Novelry who will submit for you to their leading literary agency partners.

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