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Your writer will love this very special gift, the gift of their own novel.

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Simply purchase the course for your writer, and you'll complete our online form with details of who, what, where and when and we'll do the rest, and send them an electronic gift card to let them know you care.

Start writing a novel
The Editing Gift

If your writer has a draft novel, help them revise the manuscript to pitch-perfect publishing standard with our winning formula. This is the course for writers who want to be authors. More here£95 or USD $125 here.

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The Novel Course
The Memoir Gift

Help them write a memoir. Enjoy 15 lessons online from Tim Lott, the author of a prize-winning memoir, a Penguin Modern Classic. Help them tell their real-life story to a publishing standard. More here. £149 or $179 here.

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Editing a novel
The Novel Box Set

Over 100 lessons to guide a writer step-by-step in the creation and completion of a novel. From the desk of a Booker-listed author. To enjoy at their own pace for one year. (Does not include coaching.) £399 or $499 here.

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Start writing a novel
The Classic Gift

The cult classic for aspiring authors. Their story starts here. How to come up with the idea for a novel for adults or children. A box set of 45 inspiring lessons. Read more about the course here. £259 or buy in USD $330 here.

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Editing a novel
The Ninety Day Novel Gift ®

Our famous course in the standard format. Over 100 lessons over 90 days to start and complete the first draft of a novel on fire! With 3 tutor sessions and 6 months membership. Read more here. £600 or $799 here.

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The Novel Course
The Luxury Novel Gift

To write and complete a novel in fine style with 6 live coaching sessions with an author mentor of their choice. Over 100 lessons to guide their writing step-by-step. Read more about the course here. £750 or buy in USD $950 here.

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The Book in a Year Gift.

The very best gift you can give that special someone with a book in them.

A year of complete guidance and VIP support to write their novel and fulfil their ambition to become an author. We will lead them through the creation of an exciting story idea onto writing a novel, then revising and editing the first draft. They will complete and hold in their hands a manuscript to professional standard for us to pitch to literary agents on their behalf, when ready. Recommended for beginners or those who need complete refreshment and step-by-step guidance and one-to-one care. Suitable for those writing in any fiction genre and memoir. (The Memoir course can be bolted on by arrangement.)

With their own dedicated tutor to guide them to stay on track. Your writer friend can set their own start date. The best year of their lives!

They will never forget the gift you have given them. Thank you.

Editing a novel
The Book in a Year Gift.

All 3 courses - to plan, write, complete and edit a novel to publishing standard  with complete care and guidance and a year's support from their coach and community. Read more here. £1250 or $1650 here.

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Inspired Content

Game-changing, original, practical guidance daily, created by award-winning authors.

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Bestselling Tutors

Complete support and guidance from your author tutor in live online personal sessions.

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Worldwide Community

Open 24/7 with an online workshop and forum. 

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Literary Agencies

The fast track. Get your work presented to leading global literary agencies.

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Five Star Reviews

The home of happy writing. Kind, constructive, creative. Dedicated to your success.

The Home of Happy Writing.

Inspired content, and a sense of achievement. 

Whether they're a complete beginner or an old hand, we are here to support your writer every step of the way. They will enjoy support on a beautiful interactive platform with practical step-by-step story creation guidance to take at their own pace. Created by Booker Prize listed author Louise Dean.

The perfect gift for the writer you love. 

The Care of an Author Tutor.

We will treat your writer like royalty. 

When you choose the Luxury Novel Gift or The Book in a Year Gift, your writer will be able to choose the mentor tutor of their choice for personal one-to-one coaching online sessions they schedule at their convenience to support their writing over the course of a year with us. We look after our writers and keep them happy and on track.

The perfect gift for the writer you love. 

Live Author Sessions and Online Writing Classes.

The program for members of The Novelry includes live sessions with bestselling authors, Louise DoughtyHarriet TyceRuth WarePaula Hawkins, and Jessie BurtonWriting classes are available to members.

(Membership is included in the Luxury Novel Gift, and the Book in a Year Gift.)

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The “Life-changing” Courses with Five Star Reviews.

Most serious writers take courses or apprenticeships with published authors. 

Stephen King learnt from John Gould. Ian McEwan, Kazuo Ishiguro, Anne Enright, Gillian Flynn and Tracy Chevalier all took classes. The list is long. Few are the authors who didn't study their craft. Learn from an acclaimed author. Write with confidence.

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writing course reviews
“It has changed my life.”

“This experience woke me up inside. It gave me something to look forward to in the lonely world of writing. That is what Novelry gave me: direction. I would recommend The Novelry 100%. Because it works. It is real. And Louise Dean is honest and genuine in her approach. For me this has been a game-changer.”  

Laura Krohn, USA.

writing course reviews
“The Novelry delivers. Not just theory but a real novel at the end of it.”

“I completed my novel on the 90th day after beginning the course. The Novelry has an uncanny ability to provide material at the precise moment roadblocks and concerns emerge in the writing. With a solid first draft in place, I now feel that I have the tools and confidence to take the novel to the next level. Five stars. Absolutely recommended.”

Geoff Parkes, Australia.

reviews writing courses
“It’s been a life-giving, powerful experience.”

“If you are thinking of signing up, don’t think twice! It’s one of the best decisions I ever made. After six years of labouring on my book, I ended up with a story that blows my mind. My tutor was not only an expert on the craft of writing, but also incredibly smart, witty, creative and an absolute joy to work with. The Novelry is my favourite place.”

Anna Brandt, Norway.

“I wrote a novel and that feels good.”


“I've written countless short stories (all gathering dust in a drawer) but a novel, it was like the equivalent of an ultra marathon and I thought I didn't have the legs for it. Turns out, I did! All I had to do was have a little bit of faith and show up at my desk for one hour every day. It wasn't a big ask and before long, I was looking forward to that golden hour. The course is SO well put together. It's professional, it's intelligent, inspiring, fun and I don't want it to end! My one-to-one sessions were invaluable and my tutor gently stopped me from racing down the wrong path at high speed and helped me find the heart of my novel. So now, when people ask 'What did you do during lockdown?', I say 'I wrote a novel', and that feels good!”

Sally Brockway.


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  • “The best course to write your novel.” The Bookfox. 
  • “A place for writers to develop their work quickly.”  The Bookseller.
  • “The ultimate productivity hack.” Forbes Magazine.
  • “One of the top ten creative writing holidays in the world.” The Telegraph.
  • Rated "Excellent" on Trustpilot.

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Writing Course Completion Certificates.

Your writer can proudly display their achievement on their professional profile with our digital certificates and badges issued upon completion of the course.

It's an achievement which is 'high stakes' and demonstrates tenacity and staying power. An accomplishment which has been overseen by a respected professional. They'll have a testament to writing skills of a high standard.

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