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 Have you got a book in you?



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1. Why you should write your book 

2. How do you begin?

3. Storytelling: things change

4. Becoming a writer


To write your story, you’re going to need to do two things: first, to read books and second, show up to write. Ideally, daily, just for an hour. No more, no less.

Writing a book does not require education or privilege. It’s not about the words. Nobody ever stayed glued to a book for the complexity of its vocabulary. The story doesn’t happen to you; you happen to the story. You don’t need to be wise or have all the answers. Stories are about questions. One question after another. What happens next? Why did she do that? What will he do to escape? You won’t see all the way to The End today, but tomorrow you’ll see what happens next. When you write, you write to tell yourself the story. Writing is about storytelling, and readers and publishers want stories. And here’s a secret – storytelling can be learned. Hey, guess what? You might just be very good at it. Why not find out?

5. Living the life

Our unique approach to writing a book 

The hard work behind every big book happens at the idea stage.

A strong idea (almost!) writes itself. Publishers routinely pass on ‘good’ books in favour of standout stories – books that are packing a great hook. 100% of your publishing success comes from 0.001% of your words: the one-line pitch, the idea.

There’s never a good time to write a book. You make time. An hour a day for a few months is how many well-known authors got writing.

We are seeking beginner writers on behalf of our literary agency partners. So, this might be the very best time to get writing.

At The Novelry, we put the story first. Your storyline will be signed off by your writing coach before you start writing meaning you can write with confidence.

Then, simply dip into the online lessons to guide you step-by-step to help you come up with your idea, build and plan your story, and write it in small manageable chunks in each hour-long writing session. (We do the heavy lifting so that you can experience pain-free plotting!)

Lean on the one-to-one coaching sessions for advice specific to you and your story. The group classes and workshops are great fun where you will find you can be yourself, only more so.

You’ll be surprised by a very warm welcome.

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